Truffle Season at AmiciMiei

Truffles are truly the gem of Italian cuisine and every year the season of truffles is celebrated in Italy and worldwide. AmiciMiei isthe first restaurant in Prague that can offer the delicious truffle delicacies to its guests, of course combined with first-class wine and the unbeatable VIP service. AmiciMiei holds the title of the best and most upscale Italian restaurant in Prague, and with the service standards as well as the menu and attention to detail, it is easy to see why. When a guest arrives to the restaurant, he or she is treated as a king and any wish of the guest is meant to be fulfilled. A restaurant concierge will go out of the way to re-park the car, bring back the best cigars in town and much more. The wine collection oncludes the famous Massetto, which is imported in Czech Republic in very limited quantity, only about 50 botthles. For those who would like to be in a very private atmosphere, there is a room downstairs that can be closed out for a private dinner for a couple as well as for a group. In AmiciMiei each guest is bound to experience the true Italian class and…

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