Russia blames Czech politicians for mocking WW2 victory symbols
The statue of Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev. via Raymond Johnston

Russia blames Czech politicians for mocking WW2 victory symbols

Moscow, Sept 11 (CTK) - The Russian Foreign Ministry today blamed Czech politicians for waging wars against symbols of victory over fascism and called on them to stop ridiculing the Prague monument of Marshal Ivan Konev, in a statement it posted on its website. Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky, on his part, called the Prague events linked with the Konev memorial "a spit in the face of Czech citizens" in an interview with Rossiya Television. "Once again we are calling on the initiators of the 'war' against the symbols of the victory over fascism to stop mocking the Ivan Konev memorial. We have noted with satisfaction that many responsible officials and politicians share this opinion," the Russian ministry wrote, alluding to Czech President Milos Zeman who has stood up against the proposal to remove the statue from its place in the Prague 6 district. The Russian ministry reacted to the sharp dispute over Konev's statue. Ondrej Kolar, mayor of Prague's District 6, has proposed its removal as a step to prevent its repeated damaging by vandals. The ministry opposed the proposed removal of the statue to Russia, which the marshal's daughter Natalya Koneva is considering. It said similar memorials have sense…

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