Brian Eno to Open Spring Exhibit at Veletržní Palác

The former Roxy Music member will be in Prague this March to introduce his multi-media exhibit “The Ship”

British singer Brian Eno will be in Prague next month to open a new exhibit at the National Gallery.

The “Spring Grand Opening” of the Moving Image Department at the Trade Fair Palace will feature Enos’ multi-media installation “The Ship.”

The ambient music pioneer, known for his collaborations with everyone from David Bowie to John Cale joined the art-rock group Roxy Music in the seventies. He is currently a solo artist and record producer.

Eno will be in Prague to personally introduce the exhibition, based on his 25th solo album of the same name.

The exhibit runs from March 17-September 10.

Eno’s sound installations have been featured at museums around the world.

He describes the exhibit as a musical novel, a part-time collage inspired by the story of the sinking of the Titanic, First World War, and accidentally torn-out sentences of e-mails and his own failed writing.

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According to the NG site: “It includes Brian Eno’s seminal 14 Video Paintings, comprised of Thursday Afternoon and Mistaken Memories of Mediaevil Manhattan: the two works that are to the video format what Eno’s audio pieces are to music; ambient musings on the nature of the medium.”

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