Cool-Not-Creepy Coffins Now On Display In Prague

Cool-Not-Creepy Coffins Now On Display In Prague

Opening today, an exhibition of coffin design comes to Galerie 1 on Štěpánská street where a collective of designers and artists will present some rather unusual funeral fittings.

Designer and woodcutter Antonín Hepnar is the artistic force behind the exhibit of caskets which adopt the form of houses, rockets, boats, and other unconventional shapes.

His project Design Meaning has culminated in the new exhibition, also a part of Designblok 2017.

Contributing to Hepnar’s vision, a diverse lineup of Czech artists representing a number of mediums including Jakub Berdych, Ladislav Plihal, Martina Špinková, Jan Stolín, Hanuš and Zlata Lamr, and Jiří Ďuriš creator of a series of “optimistic coffins.”

Cool-Not-Creepy Coffins Now On Display In Prague

Hepnar aims to open a public dialogue about what he calls a “sensitive and revolutionary topic,” noting that the shape of the traditional coffin has not changed for several centuries and “maintains the ritual of maximum sadness with a profound effect on the survivor’s feelings.”

The author of the project also hopes to reinvent the coffin as an art object by giving it a more unusual appearance. The coffins presented at the exhibit should signify a more personal, positive guide to the sadness felt upon the departure of a loved one, he says.

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