Czech National Museum to Help Rescue Syrian Monuments

The museum has just announced its plans to help restore and protect the treasures of Syria from the degradation of war

The Czech National Museum has announced that it will contribute to the preservation and restoration of cultural heritage in war-ravaged Syria.

In an intitiative approved by the Czech government in June, the museum would deliver materials for the preservation and storage of historical and archaeological artifacts, as well as provide training to Syrian experts in the areas of restoration and digitization of cultural heritage.

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According to a statement by National Museum General Director Michal Lukeš, “Syrian monuments are being permanently harmed as victims of military operations and targeted destruction. Syrian heritage preservation workers, with great effort and often at the risk of their own lives, are trying to save them.”

Lukeš, who met with the Director General of monuments and museums during a visit to Syria, also said: “Right on the spot, I could see that…besides the human suffering is the sad sight of deliberately destroyed monuments that are part of the cultural heritage of the whole world, many of which are on the UNESCO list.

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The musem reports that it is planning an upcoming photographic exhibition of destroyed Syrian monuments next year; in 2019 it hopes to exhibit historical and archaeological objects from the country.

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The civil war has taken its toll on all Syria’s six UNESCO World Heritage Monuments, including the ancient al-Atroush mosque in the old city of Aleppo and the iconic Arch of Triumph in Palmyra.

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