Vintage Living Room Set Has Popped Up In Front of Prague’s Rudolfinum

An Amerian artist has set up a First-Republic living room in front of the Rudolfinum and is asking locals to pose for a pic

American artist Justin Bettman installed the latest edition of his Set In the Street project in front of the Prague Rudolfinum this past Monday.

Bettman, who creates elaborate interior spaces made from abandoned materials and furniture, shoots photos in popular urban locations then leaves the sets on the streets in the hopes that passerby will create a sitcom scene of their own.

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According to a Wired write-up, Bettman logs countless hours using Google Street View to scout locations. For the Prague set, he has recreated a First-Republic interior.

Since its inception four years ago, the project has grown to include numerous cities worldwide—humble living rooms appearing against the stunning backdrops of Big Ben, the Berlin Wall, and Times Square.


Bettman says his installations are designed to challenge perspectives; he chose the spot in front of the Mánes bridge for its iconic location and view of Prague Castle.

The sets have inspired everything from original music to wedding proposals and a short film.

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The Prague set will remain on the streets through Wednesday, April 18.

Locals are encouraged to enjoy a coffee and chat on the retro-look couch of this one-wall urban den..


Once the project is completed, the photos will appear on where you can view Betttman’s full collection of pictures

Participants can use the Instagram hashtag #SetintheStreet when sharing their photos.

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