Giant Ice Sculpture Appears on Lesser Town Square

The grand unveiling of the four-meter, three-ton Malostranské náměstí colossus is planned for tonight

If you were passing through Malostranské náměstí yesterday, you likely stumbled upon a sight that had you feeling at least a little appreciative of this freezing Prague weather.

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That would be sculptors Artrur Margot, Martin Chlanda, and Jakub Rajnoch installing a frosty work of art in the former Lesser Town parking lot.

The four-meter ice sculpture weighs several tons. Comprised of giant cubes similar to a retro flash-bulb stick, the colossus is meant to gradually melt into a tank surrounding the bottom of the sculpture.

According to, the blocks carved for the statue came from a pond Kumšík in Sedlčansko. The artists assembled it on Lesser Town Square on Sunday using a crane.

, Giant Ice Sculpture Appears on Lesser Town Square, Latest News & Articles - Prague and the Czech Republic, Latest News & Articles - Prague and the Czech Republic
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Called “Process of Installation” the work is sponsored by City Gallery Prague and the Intermedia Art Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. The artists are calling it a “metaphor for transformation,” while its location on the square is also important to the sculpture’s meaning, say creators:

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“The square is a meeting space, historic place, the intersection of a number of cultural references, transport hub, and crossroads. It carries with it because the rich heritage of historical ideas.”

The icy statue could survive for up to three weeks if weather conditions are right.

The city has made an effort to revive Lesser Town Square with a number of activities and exhibits since last July when the parking lot was closed and the area was made a pedestrian zone. 

The ceremonial unveiling of the ice sculpture takes place today at 18:00. 

An unrelated Ice Scuplture Festival begins from February 4 at Galerie Harfa.

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