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Spectacular Whale Skeleton Installation Lights Up Wenceslas Square

The three-canvas construction was chosen as the winner in a competition sponsored by National Museum and a cable company

Signal Festival kicks off tomorrow, but another illuminated art installation, debuting yesterday, may steal some of its thunder: a glowing whale skeleton that has popped up in Wenceslas Square beneath the statue of St. Wenceslas.

Artist Jiří David’s installation depicts the famed skeleton that was suspended from the ceiling of one of the National Museum’s historic hallways for 125 years. 

Entitled “The Whale is Missing” it’s based on the idea that the museum’s signature whale skeleton hasn’t been seen by the public since 2011 when its building renovations began.

Photo via Facebook / @Časopis NAŠE PRAHA

David’s large-scale three-canvas construction was chosen as the winner in a competition sponsored by the Pražská kabelovna company whose cables were used for the reconstruction of the historic building of the museum, due to re-open on October 28.

The installation consists of digital panels that are interconnected by a set of cables. At night, the piece lights up, creating the illusion of movement in the process.

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Photo via Facebook /Časopis NAŠE PRAHA

“Besides being a symbol of a museum, the whale is associated with many other meanings. It is an animal that contributes to the equilibrium of the ecosystem, it is musical and is a symbol [that] intelligent beings can survive without destroying their environment for their own purposes,” David told

The piece will be on view for the next two weeks until the grand re-opening of the museum.

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