Va-Va-Voom! Sexy New Exhibit Opens Today In Prague

See an interactive vibrator connected to the world’s largest porn server and other modern-day erotica

Dancing House Gallery will open a kinky new exhibition on the third floor of the Kotva department store in downtown Prague this evening. 

Sexplicit Vol. 3 deals with the subject of sex, intimacy, and eroticism—but don’t call it lewd say organizers:

”The exhibition is not meant to shock. It exposes the intimate testimony of ordinary people which can become for others an inspiration in finding the courage to overcome their own barriers,” says curator and participating artist Prokop Bartoníček.

Market Kratochvilova
Market Kratochvilova

Fifty works by more than twenty artists including Pasta Oner, Adam Jilek, Alena Kupčíková, James Hubálek, Tatjana Warnecke, Barbora Maštrlová, Thomas Obermann, and Škapa highlight the uniqueness of human sexuality via photographs, paintings, installations, videos, and interactive objects.

Among the most compelling works displayed is the Prokop Bartoníček Vibrator: connected to the busiest porn server in the world it vibrates and lights up based on viewership of the most requested video sequences.

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Prokop Bartonicek vibrator, 2008
Prokop Bartonicek vibrator, 2008

Alena Kupčíková will also presents works from her cycle Hairy created using donated pubic hair. Works with an erotic theme by illustrator Kaja Saudek are on exhibit as well.

”The true sexuality of individuals, however, is unique and always at least slightly deviates from what is generally referred to as normal. And just as this joint exhibition is an opportunity to look at the unique differences of their beauty,” adds Bartoníček.

Adam Jilek
Adam Jilek

The exhibition opens today on the third floor of Kotva and runs until February 22, 2017 (open daily 9:00-20:00).

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