Prague’s new breakfast “tasting” restaurant is all about Eggs Benedict
(c) Vojtěch Tesárek

Prague’s new breakfast “tasting” restaurant is all about Eggs Benedict

Kavárna co hledá jméno is famed for its Eggs Benedict, the signature dish of chef Ondřej Kynčl. Kynčl has recently branched out and opened a joint venture with the owners of that cafe and Vnitroblock, a unique breakfast-tasting restaurant that specializes in variations on the Eggs Benedict theme.“Guests can look forward to multi-course breakfast tastings straight from the chefs who have developed the dishes and know every single ingredient,” said Kynčl who promises Croque monsieur, boudin noir, and semolina porridge. HIs popular eggs Benedict souffle and eggs Florentine souffle are also on the menu with a starter of asparagus, avocado, and salmon. While currently open from Tuesday to Friday from 8 to 12 and on Saturday from 9 to 13 hours, the restaurant will soon launch a dinner service, offering a 4-7 course tasting (foie gras, catfish tartare, poached lamb shank, veal cheeks, ash and sage ravioli, and horseradish tiramisu). With its austere interiors and gritty Smíchov location on Elišky Peškové Street, the goal, says Bockem’s founders, isn't to create an inaccessible restaurant.  “Rather a local [establishment], in which the simplicity and austerity of the bistro are combined with a gastronomy experience that is typical of the much more expensive…

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