Prague’s Pizza Nuova named among top 50 pizzerias outside of Italy

50 Top Pizza is an independent online guide to the best Italian and world pizzerias. Billing itself as "a real global mapping of quality pizza, as it has never been done before," its ambitious 2019 edition aims to review the best pizzerias in Italy, Europe, and the world. Now in its third year, the respected ranking has announced its best Neopolitan pizzerias outside of Italy and Prague's Pizza Nuova has made the list, ranking at number 22. 50 Kalò di Ciro Salvo Pizzeria in London claimed the top spot, followed by Paris's Bijou, Denmark's Baest, Paris's Obermamma, and Denmark's Pizzeria Luca. England (10), France (8), and Germany (5) took the biggest slice of the rankings, which represent an overview of 23 different nations. The criteria for inclusion on the 50 Top Pizza ranking range from quality of pizza to service. Wine list and atmosphere are factored in as well. "50 Top Pizza's work starts with an initial large survey open to around 150 inspectors in Italy chosen on the basis of their written declaration for not having any direct or indirect commercial relationship with the pizzerias," said the organization in a press release. Anonymous visits are also a part of the…

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Edison film center and café opening in central Prague

The Edison Filmhub will open in Prague on June 1. The new cinema, located in the city center, just a few steps from Jindřišská Tower, promises screenings of quality films and followed by discussion, as well as coffee and cocktails. According to Director of Film Europe Ivan Hronec: “EDISON caters to a cultural audience that wants something more and needs help in the form of a quality movie map. It offers a curatorial selection of films, debates on topics, and context." Edison Filmhub is located in a functionalist building, featuring state-of-the-art projection equipment, comfortable armchairs, and a design café. It is the very first cinema that opens not only as a traditional cinema but also a video-on-demand platform, or "virtual video rental," says Hronec. The Edison transformer station, where the cinema is located, is a significant functionalist building. In 1930 it was supplemented by one of the first kinetic sculptures in Czechoslovakia by sculptor Zdeněk Pešánek. The sculpture itself has not been preserved, but its image sets the tone for the interior of Edison Café. For English speakers, the venue will host the Film is Great British film series (from June 10-16), which will feature six premiere titles and ten…

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Prší, prší! 5 Czech idioms for heavy rainfall

In English, it's raining cats and dogs, or buckets of rain if you're a Dylan fan. What happens in the Czech language when a hard rain's a-gonna fall? It's raining as if from a pot. Venku lije jako z hrnce. It's raining as if from a watering can. Venku lije jako z konve. It's pissing and pissing. Chčije a chčije (Fans of the 1976 Czech film Na samotě u lesa will appreciate this one)! It's raining as if from a water pipe. Venku lije jako z roury. It's raining wheelbarrows. Padají trakaře. Misc. rain-related vocabulary Czechs even have a special verb moknout, or "to be out in the rain." In Czech, the verb rozpršet se: means “to begin to rain hard." When something begins to pop up uncontrollably, luxury condos, malls, for instance, this occurrence can be described in Czech as "springing up like mushrooms after the rain" (Rostou nám tak jako houby po dešti).

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