Bar Review: Ron Bar Sbohemrozume

A hidden treasure trove of icy cocktails!

Ron Bar Sbohem rozume


Ron Bar Sbohemrozume is located in the Prague 2 Vinohrady area. It’s set in the pleasant Záhřebská Street with plenty of neighbouring bars and restaurants.

The closest metro is Náměstí Míru (Line A) with tram numbers 4, 10, 16, 22, 51, 57 and 59 all taking you within walking distance.

Sbohemrozume boasts a well stocked selection of Rum and a finer selection of cocktails. So I readied myself for a possibly intoxicating visit to the Vinohrady bar.

On arrival I was met with an extremely relaxed and laidback attitude from both the staff and the customers, many of which were sitting outside enjoying the August early-evening sun.

I took a seat inside the bar and began perusing the hefty double sided drinks menu.

Bar Review: Ron Bar Sbohemrozume

The bar’s interior comes with a pirate-slash-swashbuckling theme. The walls are decorated with tasteful pirate-style treasure maps and anchor-filled murals, which sounds tacky but works well in my opinion. The bar area was pretty quiet but this was due to the weather and the majority of customers deciding to sit outside. Everyone seemed at ease, happily chatting and drinking.

Most of the other customers inside were smoking but the well-ventilated space meant that the indoor area was pretty much smoke-free.

Bar Review: Ron Bar Sbohemrozume

After being greeted by the smiling staff I was left to my own devices for quite a while, toing & froing through the various exotic beverages on offer.

I decided to sample some of the light bar food Sbohemrozume offers while I made my drink choice. The minimal snack menu made for an easy choice: Nacho’s baked in cheese with a salsa, which arrived quickly but lacked the promised melted cheese. The naked nachos were nice enough and the salsa was spicy and authentic. The light bite gave me the push I needed to stick to a beverage decision.

A Honey Rum Swizzle (90 CZK) was made with Eldorado dark Rum, Lime juice, and sugar cane, with what felt like a bucketload of ice. I know that the Swizzle should be served with a healthy amount of ice, but the ice and alcohol inbalance ruined the drink slightly.

Next up I ordered the attractively named Painkiller (99 CZK). The painkiller was a tasty mixture of Pussers Rum, coconut milk, and pineapple & orange juice, with nutmeg. This was much better than the previous cocktail: a light and palatable cocktail with a nice balance of juice, nutmeg, and rum. Money well spent.

Bar Review: Ron Bar Sbohemrozume

Next up I ordered a Banana Split (70 CZK) and a Margarita (80 CZK). The split looked totally uninspiring and colourless, I almost thought twice about drinking it. But, in true adventurous style I decided to give it a go. It had a surprisingly strong taste with plenty of Malibu & Baileys. Perhaps my friendly waitress felt guilty for the over-icy Honey Rum Swizzle!

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The Margarita was equally ugly, but tasted fantastic! Yet again, it was a strong, sweet and sour salt-less cocktail with a definite authentic taste.

Bar Review: Ron Bar Sbohemrozume

I really like Sbohemrozume: the relaxed atmosphere and clean surroundings make a nice setting for a quick drink or two, a venue to settle in for long drinks.

Aside from Cocktails they serve Svijany 11 degree beer for 29 CZK (0.5l) and 22 CZK (0.3l). For those wanting stronger beers, they serve Pilsen 12 degree for 36 CZK (0.5l) and 25 CZK (0.3L).

For the non-alcoholic drinkers, they provide a wide range of virgin drinks at fairly reasonable prices as well as the standard Coke, Fanta, and Sodas.

In conclusion, Sbohemrozume is a great bar in a nice setting with a pleasant staff and a wide range of drinks at pretty standard cocktail prices. Some more iced-out than others!

Key Points
•    Smoking Policy: Smoking
•    Location: Záhřebská 32, Prague 2
•    The Crowd: Mixed ages
•    Atmosphere: Friendly atmosphere/staff
•    Attire: Casual
•   Price Range: Mid-range cocktails: 85 – 120 CZK. Cheap beers Svijany 11°: 29 CZK (0.5l). Svijany 11°: 22 CZK (0.3l). Pilsen 12°: 36 CZK (0.5l). Pilsen 12°: 25 CZK (0.3L).
•    Entrance Fees: None
•    Size: 70 – 80 people (around 75 seats)
•    Music Policy: Relaxed and eclectic, soul and funk. Motown hits.
•    Service: A little slow, but friendly.
•    Restroom Check: Nice, clean and fairly new.

Ron Bar Sbohemrozume
Záhřebská 32, Prague 2
Telephone Number: +420 604 456 666
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 16:00 – 24:00 Saturday 18:00 – 24:00

Bar Review: Ron Bar Sbohemrozume

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