Bar Review: Žlutá pumpa

A look at this Vinohrady restaurant & bar

Žlutá pumpa (The Yellow Pump) is located on the corner of Belgická and Záhřebská, close to the Náměstí Míru metro station (Line A). The fairly small and intimate bar has a balanced Czech and expat clientele, giving it a really relaxed and multi-cultural feel.

The actual bar area, located at the front of the building, is pretty small (standing room for a maximum of 20 people), but outside seating for drinkers and diners provides ample space during the summer months. Žlutá pumpa specializes in Mexican cuisine for foodies and cocktails and beers for drinkers.

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For my first drink, I decided upon the “Quiet Sunday”: Vodka, Amaretto, Orange Juice and Grenadine at 80 CZK. The drink was served quickly by a friendly English-speaking waitress. On arrival, the ‘Quiet Sunday’ looked more like a ‘Friday night’ – a colorful yet understated Friday night in a glass! The cocktail looked like a tequila sunrise and had a similar kick. The drink had a nice mixture with just a hint of Grenadine.

Next up, the short drink: Chipito. They managed to cram white rum, lime juice and a cocktail cherry all into one shot glass for a small 55 CZK price. The drink was pretty sickly sweet but satisfying nonetheless. Having more would result in grinding teeth due to excess sugar, but one was pleasant enough.

Bar Review: Žlutá pumpa

For beer drinkers, Žlutá pumpa offers Staropramen 10° (0.5 l – 28 CZK/0.3 l – 19 CZK),  Pilsner Urquell 12° (0.5 l – 37 CZK/0.3 l – 23 CZK),  Svijany “Kvasničák” (0.5 l – 33 CZK/ 0.3 l – 23 CZK) plus Hoegarden (44 CZK), Stella (31 CZK) and the Mexican beer Corona (77 CZK). The beers were served quickly and replenished efficiently. I was starting to feel the affect of my two cocktails so decided to order some light food from the extensive Mexican menu. I decided on the Vegetarian Enchiladas (108 CZK).

The English menu seemed quite confusing, mixing English and Czech language badly with weird and wonderful sounding ingredients!

I ordered myself another drink, the masculine-named Chi-Chi (Vodka, Triple Sec, lemon. juice, pineapple, coconut, lime juice). The drink tasted sweet and full of flavor, not dissimilar to the first cocktail. A well-mixed coconut drink with plenty of lemon and pineapple juice.

I also ordered myself the non-alcoholic American Lemonade (33 CZK) to sample the non-intoxicating beverages on offer at Zluta Pumpa. The lemonade was perfect after the series of sweet cocktails. The long drink came with ice and fruit. It was both delicious and refreshing and, most importantly, cheap!

Bar Review: Žlutá pumpa

I chose to sit outside during my visits to Žlutá pumpa. The interior is “interesting” – the walls are decorated with colorful, almost psychedelic illustrations of landscapes which were not really to my personal taste. The cozy seating area was well occupied, with lots of happy customers chatting and socializing. The structure of the interior means that often the main seating area can be loud, with the general hubbub of conversations bouncing off the psychedelic walls, creating a really noisy atmosphere.

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Žlutá pumpa is a relaxed and friendly bar with a wide range of alcoholic and non- alcoholic drinks. The outdoor seating is good for summer months. The bar’s toilets were dated and had no lock on the cubicle door. Despite the dated appearance they were fairly clean.

I enjoyed my visits to Žlutá pumpa. It’s well located with a well-stocked bar and accommodating, friendly staff. My light snack was not so tasty, and my waitress took my food order incorrectly (which she apologized for profusely and rectified immediately). The beers and cocktails are priced fairly and the atmosphere was relaxed and yet vibrant.

Key Points
Smoking Policy: Smoking (Well-ventilated in the summer months)
Location: Belgická 11, Prague 2
The Crowd: Mixed ages & nationalities
Atmosphere: Friendly atmosphere/staff; multi-cultural
Attire: Casual
Price Range: Mid-range cocktails: 80 – 90 CZK; standard beers: Staropramen 10° (0.5 l – 28 CZK/0.3 l – 19 CZK),  Pilsner Urquell 12° (0.5 l – 37 CZK/0.3 l – 23 CZK),  Svijany “Kvasničák” (0.5 l – 33 CZK/ 0.3 l – 23 CZK) plus Hoegarden (44 CZK), Stella (31 CZK) and the Mexican beer Corona (77 CZK)
Entrance Fees: None
Size: 80 – 100 people (around 75 seats)
Music Policy: Relaxed (sometimes none)
Service: quick & friendly.
Restroom Check: Clean but dated. No locks on cubicle door.

Žlutá pumpa
Belgická 11, Prague 2
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 11.30-00.30
Sat-Sun 11.30-00.30

Bar Review: Žlutá pumpa

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