10 Must-Try Cold Drinks from Prague Cafés

Enjoy a refresher course in iced cascara, macerated tea, chili-mango lemonade, and more

10 Must-Try Cold Drinks from Prague Cafés

A variation on the classic cappuccino you love during the year, tweaked for hot summer days. One shot of espresso, ice cubes, and cold milk foam served in a whiskey glass – best enjoyed sitting on a bench outside of this typically swarming café.

Slow drip, Dos Mundos

10 Must-Try Cold Drinks from Prague Cafés

This coffee method comes to us from Japan and has slowly gained popularity among Czech coffee geeks. Just a few cafés in Prague offer it. It’s made by letting cold water slowly drip onto ground coffee for more than 8 hours. The result is a curiously sweet cup of coffee that reminds me more of a liqueur than an iced coffee. The lengthy brewing process really brought out the dark chocolate and hint of Brazil nut in the delicious Guatemala San Lucas Toliman slow drip I sampled (this drink is prepared in advance and stored in a bottle).

Iced Rice latte, Můj Šálek Kávy

10 Must-Try Cold Drinks from Prague Cafés

At first it looks like something just for those poor people with lactose intolerance, but, trust me, this drink really deserves your attention. No need for sugar, just savor the pure espresso with cold rice milk and enjoy the sweetness of the rice and balanced coffee taste in this refreshing caffeinated long drink.

Iced filter, Kafe Karlín

10 Must-Try Cold Drinks from Prague Cafés

This summertime pick-me-up will be your new breakfast drink, the perfect partner to your morning cereal or eggs and bacon. Forget the orange juice and try some single origin filter coffee brewed on ice cubes. Simply the best, fruitness and sweetness in one cup with your daily dose of caffeine.

Iced cascara, I need Coffee

10 Must-Try Cold Drinks from Prague Cafés

Cascara is the skin of the coffee cherry, the best kind of fruit in the world if you ask me. You can prepare delicious tea from it which tastes like rosehip with a hint of tobacco. It’s not necessary to add sugar but if you’re missing the sweetness try honey or a little orange juice instead.

Macerated Iced tea, Tea Mountain

10 Must-Try Cold Drinks from Prague Cafés

If you are really thirsty and need an energy boost all at once this new tea shop’s cold macerated teas are just the remedy. Nothing like boring iced tea with a slice of lemon and tons of sugar. Just pure water and tea leaves left to steep in a bottle for a few hours. A daily special of fresh iced tea is on offer; I had the chance to taste cold sencha and Chinese oolong and found it superior to the usual hot tea. 

Shakerato or Cucumber lemonade, Mezi zrnky

10 Must-Try Cold Drinks from Prague Cafés

If you are looking for the perfect short coffee drink to start your day, just grab your Doubleshot shaken with ice cubes and run, run, run! Should you have more time, stay for a refreshing homemade cucumber lemonade, read the newspaper, and get your iced espresso to go as well.

Strawberry lemonade, Original Coffee

10 Must-Try Cold Drinks from Prague Cafés

Strawberry Fields is my favorite song and strawberries are my favorite summer fruit. If you are not interested in hot or cold coffee here, do not miss this sparkling glass of sweetness and summer memories.

Iced Chai Latte, Coffee room

10 Must-Try Cold Drinks from Prague Cafés

Thinking about a ilttle dessert but feeling guilty? Try this cold variation of the popular Indian tea-based drink. Sweet, milky, and spicy thanks to cinnamon, clove, cardamom, and black tea, this is a great choice for a lazy summer afternoon.

Chili-mango juice, Alchymista

10 Must-Try Cold Drinks from Prague Cafés

This combination really surprised me. So much so that I want to drink it every time the sun just touches my skin. A well-balanced drink that consists of sweet mango juice, spicy chili, and a hint of lime. My tongue adores the smoothness and intensity that blends together in every single sip. 

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