Who Makes the Best Cup of Coffee in Prague?

The 2017 Czech Barista of the Year was revealed this past weekend along with awards for best espresso and best cappuccino

The finals for the Barista of the Year competition were held at Jatka 78 in Prague’s Holešovice district this past weekend.

Competitors were asked to prepare four espresso, four milk-based, and four custom coffee drinks under the scrutiny of an international jury in just a quarter of an hour.

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The competition was enlivened by workshops, panels, and tastings that are open each year to the public.

This year’s winner was Jan Škeřík of Double B Coffee & Tea; the cafe has two locations, on Anglická 15 near I.P. Pavlova and in Prague 5 Nové Butovice.

Škeřík also won in the signature drink category, whipping up a concoction of espresso, grapefruit juice, and cantaloupe syrup.

Runners up were Ondřeje Hurtíka (silver) a doubleshot roaster and barista at Misto; bronze went to Zdenek Hýbl of One Sip Coffee. Individal category winners included Jakub Nikel (Urban Café) and Hýbl who won for best cappuccino.

Czech champion Škeřík will go on to compete in the World Barista Championships in Seoul, South Korea in November. It is his second year as a professional barista.

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