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11 hours ago

Liam Hallahan


I'm looking for a decent sim card so I can have a Czech phone number (for a bank account etc.). Pay as you go will probably suit my needs just fine. What's the best/most cost-effective one to go with? I was looking at O2 Predpladenka with the Den Volani tariff; does anyone have experience with it?
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Vodafone does a pre-paid. It's 200 kc to buy the SIM and then I think the first time you upload money to it, it needs to be 200 (It's been so long I don't recall that amount) Then you can top up at an ATM or vodafone store when needed. Staff in the two places in Palladium speak English

Vodafone PAYG card costs 200 & you get 150 credit 🙂

I have Vodaphone pre-paid. It's 250/month for very basic service. I often have to add kcs (on-line or in-person) to cover SMS to services other than Vodaphone. Also, Jindrich Kopta sells lines from a bundled corporate Vodaphone account for 450kcs/month. You can reach him on FB.

Tesco has a good pay as you go.

Don't go to Vodafone. They are specialised in being pain in the ass. I left Vodafone in September and since then I still receive bills to pay monthly sometimes they double it for some fake reasons etc... If you want to have peace of mind avoid them. Without talking about all your Internet used in about 3 days etc

I just dealt with this last week and went to Vodafone, o2, and t-mobile. I find the data plans here really excessive and I didn't want to sign a contract. If you're like me and don't need a ton of data, it costs me 23 bucks CAD (I think it was 399 CZK but can't remember) to prepay for 4GB for one month. You can also add money for texting and calling which is good if you're not going to be using it much - I think it's around 2CZK per text and 5 CZK per minute. I hope this helps but feel free to PM if I can explain better!

2 hours ago

Astrid Elektra

Best vegan restaurants in Prague? Go! ... See MoreSee Less


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check out vegetka, my fav for greasy snacks/comfort food and moment for the little bit more refined stuff. also, try belzepub for vegan smazeny syr and nice vegan burgers! 🌿

1 hour ago

Scott A. Cline

Heya Saucers, I need a Czech-English speaking personal assistant, perhaps shared with a colleague or two. Minimum 200kc per hour, office on Wen Sq. PM if interested. References great but awesomeness required. ... See MoreSee Less


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What is general task?

You may want to specify: what skills are required, how many hours per week you will need her/him to work, if the pay is netto/brutto and if that is on ŽL or employed. If there are benefits or paid holiday if you want full time person... 🙂

6 days ago

Drew Carson

Hey ya'll lads,

I have this cool sliding door in my apartment. The felt came off and peeled away some of the wood paneling with it. I have no idea how to fix it. Does anyone know if I could pay someone to do this for me? I don't want to mess it up anymore than it already is.
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Hey yall lads,

I have this cool sliding door in my apartment. The felt came off and peeled away some of the wood paneling with it. I have no idea how to fix it. Does anyone know if I could pay someone to do this for me? I dont want to mess it up anymore than it already is.Image attachmentImage attachment

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so does anybody have a guy I could call?

James Contact details DIY Praha 722 478 171 • Mobile

13 hours ago

Shalev Man

Čau saucers, Looking for a place at or near Prague 6 with a large indoor swimming pool,
thnxs for the recommendations
a heykz den 🙂
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Biggest (indoor) in p6 is probably the one in strahov stadium.

Hotel Pyramida. But it's not that big.

There is the sports centre in Suchdol agricultural University. Only really open at weekends though.

7 hours ago

Howe Rokofsky

I'm in the market for a VOIP provider. Skype has failed me for the last time. Thanks if anyone can recommend... ... See MoreSee Less

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I've been using Google Hangouts on my iPhone for years for all international calls and it's excellent. For me it's a no-brainer as most of my calls are to the USA and calls to the USA are free on GH. Check it out - to me the quality is much better than Skype and reliability is strong to very strong.

Yep me too. And WhatsApp.

Whatsapp or even Facebook messenger both encrypted and both sue lightweight protocols for audio and video. Skype just chomps bandwidth.

Whatsapp doesn't let me voice via PC. GH isn't good for my old & lay friends :/ I don't mind paying for the hands +wire free comfort

GH I use to dial real #'s though. The hangouts dialer app on IOS lets you do that.

i have been using Google Hangouts for VOIP calls ... bit of hit and miss at times but generally getting better ... it s quite risk free though as remaining credit can be refunded at anytime (and calls to the US and Canada used to be free - not sure this is still he case)

I didn't know that GH had a paid plan. Hope it's good

not a paid plan but you can add credit and use it to call mobile and landlines the calling rates can be found here >

i found it quite nice that i can call from any device laptop tablet or phone and the rates are competitive

I cannot use my phone number as caller ID? Seems I have to choose a new number, and cannot use Firefox.....

smart voip

Zoom. Great quality, flawless connections, easy to use.

I have Viber, WhatsApp and use FB Messenger, all too accommodate different friends/family. All are good!

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Hello, if i open a czech bank account in USD, can i easily withdraw USD at the branch or can i only withdraw in CZK? Is there a waiting period for larger sums? Thank you! ... See MoreSee Less

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Yes. Raiffeisen offers that.

Regular sum (of few hunderds or perhaps thousands or so) of USD is no problem, larger sums (in any currency incl. CZK) must be pre-arranged. The limits vary bank to bank and also branch to branch - if not sure and it is more than some “pocket money” it is advisible to call few days in advance. Raiffeisen also has a form for “over the limit cash widthdraw request” in its internet banking.

5 hours ago

Jesse Cameron Baker

Does anyone know of rentable workshops? The kind you can work on a car in? ... See MoreSee Less

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I found this google for hodinovy dilna auto

1 hour ago

Alex Tintea

Dear Saucers, need your help! 🙂

Would like to purchase 2 SD Cards, 16GB each, Samsung Evo or Evo+, manufactured before 2016, so 2015, 2014, etc.

Does anybody know where I could find them? 🙂
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3 hours ago

Gil Goldman

Hello everyone!
Imagine you need to get from one end of Prague to another.
Your journey amounts a veeeeery long metro ride, or a surprisingly short train ride!
How would you check if your Prague public transport pass is valid for this train ride? Can you even ride trains using just the public transport pass?
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You can as long as you don´t leave the city and use the state-trains (no regiojet for example). The ticket isn´t valid for long-distance trains, but often times when I asked the staff they took me anyway (from Smichov to the main station for example...). Yes you can use České dráhy trains in zone 0 with public transport ticket.

If the train station has "Praha" in the name and the train is of category Os (osobní vlak), then your PID pass is definitely valid. They are also valid on some long distance trains like the fast ones to Děčín that stop at Podbaba and then Roztoky.

Yes, you can use your transport ticket for all kind of trains (second class) in Prague area. I always do it! There are a lot of small train stations in Prague.

Exactly what everyone is saying and I have done this for 2 years from Hlavak to Smicak which is a major time savings. You can take any CD train. I’m sure I’m not supposed to take the Pendolino or the ALEX train from Munich but I’ve taken both and never had issue

not for all kind 🙂 it is very confusing because some of the R - Rychlík trains are included and you can use your card. But most of them aren´t. Basically, they have to be the S system trains and they have to STOP not only go through the different Prague stations (that´s new since January 2017). Look here for more details: (oh sorry, the link has been posted already)

if you take a train that you are not "allowed" to take with just your transport card, mostly nothing happens cause the conductor will never come to you soon enough to charge you. many people wait on the platform to avoid meeting the conductor that usually hops on the front or the very back of the train - in which case they hop on in the middle. if you get "caught", you will have to pay the price of the transport and 40 CZK as a "fine". but maybe if you look like you don´t speak a word in czech then you are excused :)))

my favourite train goes from Vysočany to Vršovice (spectacular 13 minutes ride). They are R trains but included in the PID system. Some of them are Os trains and go as far as Strančice on the Benešov line - passing through Praha Strašnice, Hostivař, Horní Měcholupy, Uhříněves and Kolovraty 🙂

I’m pretty sure the SMS tickets are NOT valid on trains. But the paper ones and Litacka should be.

What others said! Plus be aware that some (most, e.g., all the double-decker CityElefants) of the trains have also 1. class parts where you have to pay a supplement to your regular transport pass. You can pay it on the spot to the conductor, however, and it is usually just few Kč worth the seat if the train is otherwise overcrowded.

24 hours ago

Jimmy Drift

Hi saucers, our new neighbors across the street decided to leave their bright office lights on all night, every night. I called, but they say we just have to get used to it. I bought heavy curtains, but it still isn't enough. Is there such a thing as light pollution laws? It seems very wasteful, there isn't anyone in the building at night. Is there any recourse except move? ... See MoreSee Less


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Moving seems a little extreme. Get thicker curtains?

There are liners you can put under the curtain to black out light, Im unsure where you could find them? Perhaps amazon

I'm going to look into the blackout ez window cover. It's just a pain, I don't want to live like a vampire

Office or private?

Office building

It looks like cubicle hell. They don't have any blinds and I swear I saw Bill Lumbergh walking around with his coffee cup looking for cover sheets on TPS reports

What the town hall says to it? Not sure how much is “light smog” regulated but give it a try (the dept. to talk to is “odbor životního prostředí”). Also find a list of elected town hall representatives (“zastupitelé”), and email them.

They probably don't give a monkeys if you take to social media and newspapers radio etc to badminton them but shaming them is normally what works for me. Especially if it's a foreign business

My company had to turn off illumination of our logo on the building, cause people in the flats around were complaining. We had to turn it off starting 10pm. So there is some regulation, I guess.

Not really helping, but at least have a laugh 🙂

there is a law indeed (civil code). you can complain and take them to court. it is called "sousedská žaloba". you would not be the first to do so 🙂 in the meantime you can get the obscuring or filtering curtains - even Ikea sells them: And many other companies, just google "zatemňovací závěsy" - a terrible expression in czech, you can also buy the obscuring tissue in the shops like this one: and make your own curtains or have them made 🙂 GOOD LUCK!

On a totally unrelated note, high powered air rifles don't require a license. That's cool!

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11 hours ago

Adrienne Hutchison

Ahoj! Does anyone know if there is a Czech equivalent to Goo Gone, De-solv-it, or other sticky-stuff removers? For removing labels from jars! ... See MoreSee Less

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Idk but try hair spray.

I usually boil jars in a large pot, removes the labels and softens the glue for easy removal. Wear gloves 😊 when handling jars

You may be surprised, but put a little vegetable oil on a paper towel and rub. Works just as well as Goo Gone.

WD 40. They have it at hardware stores. Definitely at OBI I ran out last year and found out they sell here. I haven't ordered as I haven't needed but will likely order this year.

Thank you so much, everyone! I have sooooo many ways to do this now! 😍😍

Kofola ?

14 hours ago

Hana Morris

Long shot but does anybody understand high school chemistry and is willing to tutor my 16year old?
Kinda desperate
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try , although it is more for language courses, you might find someone who knows enough chemistry to teach it.

In Czech or English? Maybe try some university students groups on FB, they will be higher level, speaking English and willing to make some money.

If you're okay with online learning you might try Khan Academy.

Breaking Bad

Depends on what type of chemistry 😀

Tomáš, couldn't Tereza help?

Peter Hanney

Could you send me the assignments she's working on? I may be able to help but it's been a long time for me so I'd need to prepare.

Anorganic chemistry ?

5 hours ago

Irina Kon

Has anyone recently built/renovated a kitchen and would recommend a kitchen studio that makes quality wooden kitchens at reasonable prices? ... See MoreSee Less

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I can help you. I've sent you a PM

11 hours ago

Justin Wady

Any tips for good quality kids (age 8-10) ski mitons...that really keep the hands warm. Loads on offer but near impossible to work out which ones really keep hands warm. Is there a proven quality brand? ... See MoreSee Less

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Our kids complained all the time, until we bought Hestra gloves in Finland. Great for kids!


3 hours ago

Charlotte Spears

Does anyone know where to buy good quality piping bags and nozzles?

I know Fiala and it's fantastic, but it's an hour's journey each way so hoping for something more central!

Thank you ☺
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Does anyone know where to buy good quality piping bags and nozzles?

I know Fiala and its fantastic, but its an hours journey each way so hoping for something more central!

Thank you ☺

13 hours ago

Todorovska Marija

Can somebody, please, share own experience about registering/ changing the current address with new one in MOI of the CZ. Which documents do we need and how long does it take?
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I took a proof of accommodation signed by the owner of the flat. It is called doklad o zajisteni ubytovani ( Sorry, I don’t have accents in this phone :() since it was the same moi office for both addresses, they just changed the data right there in the system. I waited about 2 hrs. I came at noon. - doklad o zajisteni ubytovani - passport or ID card - residency document (it will be updated on the spot)

See my recent post 🙂

Hi! I am going to jump on this and ask a question as well (sorry)... I have an appointment at MOI to collect my long term residency permit, and they asked me to bring documents to support my proof of accomodation. Given that I am just sub renting, what does this mean I need to do? Do I need to get a specific document from the owner? Or will a letter that states that I am residing there simply do? Thanks in advance 🙂

Thanks to all of you! All the info was very helpful! Cheers 🙂

6 hours ago

Anne Getz

Ahoj! If you used a service to help get your trade license (zivno), who did you use, how much did they charge and would you use them again? Diky, Anne ... See MoreSee Less


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Actionvisa, 1500

I recently used Visaforce, they're super helpful with anything you need + speaking great English. Same price, 1500 Kč

Take a Czech friend to the zivno office. It'll cost you 100 to apply for the license. Someone here can likely link you to the page which lists all the professions which are eligible that you need to list. It'll take about an hour of you don't have an appointment.

1 day ago

Ana Salopek

Hi everyone 🙂 I'm looking for a recommendation for a travel agent that can book flight tickets with specific layovers and flexible tickets? Do you know of any agencies? I know of all the sites like skyscanner, but we need really specific flights with 2 layovers in specific cities, so we need somebody that can dig a little deeper 🙂 thanks for the help ... See MoreSee Less

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Large sites like Expedia, Travelocity and Orbits have options to book multi-city routes. Might help give you an idea of pricing before talking to someone in person

I use They are good about getting the itinerary you desire for a competitive price. Email them and see what ya think, there is no obligation to book with them and no fee.

We use Air Marine from time to time. They have an office right in the centre on Wenceslas Square:

Ask Letuška?

4 hours ago

Zsolt G. Gálfalvi

Hey Saucers, does any of you use this TVIP S-Box? It was working fine for a year or so, but then I fiddled around with the settings and now it doesn`t connect to the stream server anymore. If any of you has the same, would you mind to send me some screenshots on how it is setup? Thanks a lot! ... See MoreSee Less

Hey Saucers, does any of you use this TVIP S-Box? It was working fine for a year or so, but then I fiddled around with the settings and now it doesn`t connect to the stream server anymore. If any of you has the same, would you mind to send me some screenshots on how it is setup? Thanks a lot!

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Hello. As far as I am informed if this box is one of those not very legal ones then you have a problem because Europol arrested people and shut down some servers some days ago. So no IP TV with channels from all over the world for plenty of people.

Hi, it can be used for IPTV service too, but mine has just Kodi installed for online stream and that was working fine.

download 'downloader' and use it to download the last version of kodi .. if it does not work try to create a new account using a new email@ if needed and do the steps again

11 hours ago

Jared Thomas

Hello I received a reply from customs about my package from USA. I dont understand it is there anyone who can? ... See MoreSee Less

Hello I received a reply from customs about my package from USA. I dont understand it is there anyone who can?

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I posted 3 boxes with Christmas gifts to be send to Canada. After 3 weeks they all came back ! Loll i know i will never use these guys for shipping packages in the future FedEx is what i am using for those from now on 👍

I think Ceska posta will send you a request for details for customs clearance sometime in the future. Once this is done they can decide how to proceed.

My understanding of this is that they haven't yet got your package and don't know what will happen with it, so you need to wait until they send you a request (or maybe they won't - it might just be delivered as usual). You cannot send them documents in advance as they have no parcel entry in their system to pair them with.

So what I got from the comments is just wait for the letter nothing I can do.

I can tell you personal experience from just today. Shipped something from US on Dec 11. USPS told me they got it to Prague Airport on Dec 18. Czech Post says they don't have it. No one really seemed to want to investigate on either US or CZ end. and guess whaat happened today? It showed up! and now the CZ post website says they received it on January 14 and delivered it today.

5 hours ago

Sebastian Paiza

guys i lost the bolts/screws to my ikea bed while in storage and now i cant find sames ones in Železářství. Does anyone know any hardware stores where you can buy Ikea replacement screws & bolts? 🤔 ... See MoreSee Less

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Hornbach / OBI will be the best shot

Just write to IKEA, I did when I lost parts during a nmve and they actually replaced at no cost to me.

It happened to me and I went back to Ikea where they gave them back FOR FREE! 😉

In the UK you can go back to IKEA and they'll replace the hardware for free. I guess it's the same here

Go to Ikea they have a counter near Customer services where you can get spare bolts etc.

4 hours ago

Liezl Farrales

I have (4) Prague transit monthly transferable pass expiring on Jan 26. 150kc per pass. Pm me. I live in letna and work mornings in Tesco Eden for pickup. ... See MoreSee Less

8 hours ago

Carlos Guasch

Hello beautiful people! My gf is thinking of teaching yoga full time and leaving her current job. However, she would be working with zivnost and would not have access to maternity leave down the road. Do any of your freelancers know of another option for this? ... See MoreSee Less

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It´s rather a complicated question, as it depends if your girlfriend is Czech, European or a third country national, whether you mean "mateřská dovolená" o rodičovský příspěvek" etc. You can get social counselling completely free of charge at our NGO (Poradna pro integraci/Counselling Center for Integration) where one of our social workers can explain to you all your options. Feel free to schedule your appointment by calling at +420 603 281 269 🙂

It is quite simple. She would still be entitled to some money - based on her income and insurance paid towards the system prior having the baby - but as most freelance people keep their income taxed with 60% paušál, it won´t be much. ŽL and maternity sucks. She is better off getting pregnant a giving birth when employed and can start her freelancing once on maternity leave. Also there is that 200 k thing - that is the same for everybody - you just decide over what period of time you want to claim it. More info here:

She can receive it on freelance but has to pay extra insurance (basically sickness insurance). I’m on zivno, and didn’t know this so missed out unfortunately when I had my baby. But I was also informed a minimum needs to be paid into it/ a length of time. I’m not certain but I think it was 2 years. So complex!

If she pays extra social insurance, she will have access to maternity benefits.

8 hours ago

Petr Supertramp

Ahoj! I would love to buy some Turkish Lira. Anyone selling? ... See MoreSee Less


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hello, if you will go to turkey and you need there just withdraw from any atm at the airport. banking system is perfect at turkey dont worry 🙂 bu if you need here i dont have much enough for you i think

1 years ago

Sheena Lo

Hello saucers. Does anyone know any not so expensive and English speaking personal trainer to train me and my friend so we get a general idea of what to do and not look like complete tools in the gym? (P.s.this is not a new years resolution, I've been paying for a gym membership for ages..but perhaps I should start using it now 🙈) thank you. ... See MoreSee Less


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I ain't a personal trainer Sheena, but I can help you guys if you want. 🙂


Vaclav Rubas -+420 774 218 331. Great guy. Speaks english.

Sarah McAulay

Javier HS & Juanvi Martinez are very qualified.

Still a new year's resolution LMAO 😂😂😂 best advice: leave your phone at home to avoid the FB, IG temptation 😉

I am a Personal Trainer from t London now in Prague -

7 days ago

Kamil Çakın

Do you know any English speaking dietitian and personal trainer? ... See MoreSee Less

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Ally Templeton

Ally Templeton Are you still looking for clients?

8 hours ago

Richard Valtr

Hi saucers, anyone have any tips for where I should post a job for people with language skills? I’m not finding much joy through Expats at the moment. ... See MoreSee Less


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Simultánní blekotání

What kind of language skills? What kind of job? If you need an employee who speaks languages then I'd suggest trying is your best bet, and jobs for foreigners page here on fb. If you need a translation or something project based and heavily language focused then better to list that on a profession-specific site for the relevant profession (translation, interpretation, subtitling....)

Richard, remember your old school!

More details please!

I ve had good results listing positions through linkedin and it turned out also cheaper than

Wasn´t there something like Jobs for foreigners in Prague ?

If you need the languages: english, french and german message me !

7 hours ago

Patrick Kielty

Hello Saucers! Need PT Babysitting/Nanny help: Our family needs a part time baby sitter / nanny type person from about 3:30-6:30pm, 3 or 4 days/week, to pick up our kids from school and activities in the Vrsovice, P10 area. Language can be ANY one of, or mix of English, Czech, Slovak. Pay will be fair and negotiable. Can you recommend anyone or any source you’ve found helpful? Many thanks, in advance. ... See MoreSee Less

Hi all,

Looking for a barber to crop the old mop. First one in the Czech Republic. Nothing drastic required but I was thinking about a bit of colour too.

Can anyone recommend someone reliable and decently-priced please?


... See MoreSee Less

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I've been going to Eddie's Barber near Namesti Miru. Eddie's Barber Korunní 929/26, 120 00 Praha 2-Vinohrady 737 878 627 They speak English and you can make a reservation online. It's pretty hipster, but they do a good job.

2 weeks ago

Damen Dowse

Can anyone provide a resource for where I can locate tin/aluminum recycling bins in Prague, especially P-2/3? ... See MoreSee Less

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The tram stop at Hlavní nádraží has one. It's the little grey one in the pic.ádraž%C3%AD,+Nové+Město,+110+00+Praha+1/@50.0858279,14.4359803,3a,66.8y,195h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sfgm6pYIrkYRnZENSd1ChXA!2e0!4m6!1m3!3m2!1s0x470b9493ebed130f:0x1256ca8e8e03ba66!2sCentral+Station,+Nové+Město,+110+00+Praha+1!3m1!1s0x470b949422b8c303:0xa38e30b3de773175

Stolen from another post: The recycling bins for metal You can look up the nearest one to your location here

There's on near namesti miru - on slezska and blanicka in the center island in the road.,14.4392044,80m/data=!3m1!1e3

My husband said the garbage collectors pointed at the bin for plastic when he held up the aluminum stuff 😕 So we have been putting it there because I haven't seen any grey bins in P2

In Prague 3 there is one on the corner of Kostnické náměstí and Blahníkova. Or you can take them to hlavák, they have them on the platforms

Found another metal recycle bin at Přemyslovská 1914/21. It's not far from JZP, as you can see the church in the background.řemyslovská+1914%2F21,+130+00+Praha+3-Vinohrady/@50.0782428,14.4554128,3a,66.8y,246.53h,86.56t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sWXsTOnQWsXAvuPiWlQGHMQ!2e0!4m2!3m1!1s0x470b93629d94b085:0x87d734f564ade73b

There's also one near Olsanske Namesti

And now there's one at the corner of Slavikova and Vinohradska, outside of the Lekarna

I noticed a small one at JZP, outside the Alphega Lékárna u Krále Jiřího.

Small one spotted at the intersection of Šafaříkova 635/24 and Belehradska,+120+00+Praha+2-Vinohrady/@50.0722299...

1 day ago

Cheryl Bagnall

Could anyone tell me how long it takes for a letter to arrive in the UK using normal post please? ... See MoreSee Less

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Haha! That's a mystery still to be solved. I sent 3 large letters to the UK in the Midlands area on the 15th of December. One arrived on the 27th, one last week (7th of Jan) and one hasn't arrived yet and probably never will now...

In the past it has ranged from 4-10 days though

Ahh lovely thank you 😉

I ship to the UK several times a month. Of the over 100 parcels (small envelopes, to large 3kg boxes) all but 3 have arrived in around 1 week (5-7 business days) 2 took 3 weeks and one took 5 weeks,.

4 or 5 days (but not in December 2017!!!)

9 hours ago

Carmina Andra

Zivno - how can one change the address they have registered to?
The agent that made it for me asks for a lot of money but I am pretty sure it would be much much cheaper if I would do it. Anyone have any experience with this? Where should I go, what documents to take with me?
Thanks a lot!
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Urad on namesti miru . One form, few crowns, big achievement doing IT yourself.

its super easy, you can basically do it at every Městský úřad, preferably the one where is your adress. Go to Živnostenský odbor. You will need agreement from the oenwer that he is ok that you will register the adress as your bussines adress and thats it.

9 hours ago

Ananth Sai Reddy

Hello guys! Can anyone tell me about sevanan business school prague ... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago

Josh Buchsbaum

Looking for a recommendation. I wanna order a pizza for delivery in Prague 1, but I'm looking for a place that has anchovies as a topping.

Anyone know a place?
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Try telepizza dude

No place should serve that.

Oh man that would be good, but very few places nowdays serve anchovies bet to add them yourself at home...

This place has one pizza with anchoves:

Try bacon

Hello, I learnt today that it is best not to be the first person in the queue at the Ministry of Interior!

So I arrived at the crack of dawn, before the birds awoke, at 6.50 am at Cigánkova 1861/2 Chodov Praha 4, at the No Appointment (Neobednani) entrance for EU citizens and was very chuffed to be the first in line. Shortly afterwards at least about 30 people arrived. But time passed quite quickly. It was not so cold.

The door eventually opened (8.00 am) and I made sure I was the first to get a ticket. The announcement board almost instantaneously invites me to come to desk X.

What could go wrong you may ask? Well the clerk was evidently still waking up... I came with a simple request to update my address on my Permanent Residence Permit. First he struggled to find the property address in the contract document, claiming it was mentioned nowhere (!) so I had to help him locate it! 🙂 So he enters the Číslo popisné but the computer somehow offers him a Orientační číslo which does not match my address! So imagine the Číslo popisné is correct, but the Orientační číslo and street name are wrong, and he merrily goes and updates my Residence Permit, stamps it and hands it over to me. Of course I check it and I immediately see that it is the wrong address. So there I am trying to persuade the guy that there is a mistake somewhere in the system and that the address he just printed on my Permanent Residence Permit is NOT my address! Fortunately he spoke English because I eventually had to switch over from Czech... So he says he will try to check if my Orientační číslo exists and of course it does! So he comes up with some lame excuse that the Číslo popisné corresponds to the building and the building probably has more than one entrance! (Indeed the building is on a corner but there is no second entrance.) So he revokes with a big red stamp what he just did and proceeds to do it again just below on the same page. It looks like a right mess.

Anyway the guy was very apologetic and of course I tell him it is fine and I am just grateful that the Residence Permit now reflects the correct address. Finally, to top it all, the guy stamps the Residence Permit with a date stamp which is still set to the previous day!

So the moral of the story is: it is best not to be the first in line. If you are, you best offer your place to the person behind you! 😀
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Forgien Police? Making forgeries?

"The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese". 😉

can i asked completely something different? did you need any photocopies of any other documents than the one you were updating? Thanks!

Why are there 2 different numbers (Cislos) for your address?

Why do you need a “Permanent Residence Permit” as a EU citizen?? Does that happen only in Czechia?

This post made me want to laugh a bit and cry a bit. Many of us have similar stories... maybe it would make a good collection

‎Todorovska Marija

2 days ago

Carmina Andra

Did any of you purchase land for building your house in CZ?
Trying to find as much info as possible. Not sure if one must have permanent residency or that is necessary just for purchasing flats/houses with mortgage?
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Nick Marley or Robin Petrásek at Investment Solutions Group might know

From what I know the two most important things are 1 anything you do must be in Czech language to have legal grounds 2 you must form a legitimate SRO to buy property if you're not from the country

There is no requirement to have an SRO to buy property. That ended some time ago.

Hello, I have been helping expats buying properties in Czechia for last 5 years - no SRO needed neither any kind of residency. But it is importmat to do checkings on the exact piece of land, whether it classifies as building parcele, what are the regulations by the nearest city etc. Glad to help, please PM me for more info.

11 hours ago

Mia Rantipole

I'm looking for thrift stores with a lot of furniture / decor. Thank you so much for tips. ... See MoreSee Less


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Thrift stores here don't really sell a lot of furniture. The buy/sell/trade pages are better for that.

5 days ago

Justin Wady

any tips for the best video editing software (for windows)? Ideally something between free and pro. ... See MoreSee Less

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I used Lightworks and it did the job 🙂

thanks Ana. was thinking lightworks or pinnacle studio. there's loads and they all seem to look the same


Filmora... looks good ... anyone else used it? Looking for recommendations as well.

I use Cyberlink Powerdirector. I like it because it's one of the only ones I found that was a one-time cost and not subscription based. The trade-off is that you don't get updates and will need to buy a new version later if you want new features. But I use it all the time and don't regret it!

Even though Movie maker is officially discontinued, you can still use it and it works even on Windows 10:

Thanks Beth, went for your tip in the end:) Jason Harley reviews look good on Cyberlink Powerdirector. Its currently on sale (im sure it always is:) but if you buy it now its apparently 309 EUR reduced to 42 EUR. If you apply this coupon code: HBDCL21 It goes down to I think 35 EUR, which includes a load of bundled packages (AudioDirector etc). Seems like a good bet.

or you can get a cracked version of camtasia pro with a course to how to use it, it is one of the best and the easiest one 🙂

Adobe Premiere

incase anyone was following this thread. Some initial feedback on Powerdirector. Very happy so far. seems like a pro product and generally quite user friendly. Seems it can do a lot of stuff which not discovered yet, but 10 year old son was able to piece together a pretty good video inc audio edits relatively quickly. Certainly worth 35 Eur. Thanks again for the tip Beth Anne Katz

11 hours ago

Liza Dysch

anyone know where I can find a wheaty bag?
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Hi saucers,
I am planning to apply for a partnership visa with my boyfriend, who is an EU citizen. Has anyone done this and can provide me with some information? I have found the following list of required documents on the Czech Immigration website, but it seems like there should be more to it.
Documents required for the temporary residence:
Document confirming that he/she is a family member of an EU citizen or a partner
One passport size photo
Proof of health insurance
Proof of accommodation

Would appreciate any info/advice. Have a nice day 🙂
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Write a letter about your relationship and get a bunch of pics together, rental contracts, anything that helps prove you are a couple, that's it really.

You need to give them documents proving that your relationship is long-term and stable and basically equivalent to marriage. They don't specify what documents they want, but you guys should get a joint bank account, give them photos, tickets from trips abroad together, statements from friends that you are a couple, even personal messages, receipts of purchases you made together etc. You can also request an interview and they will visit your apartment and ask people living in your building if they know you. Just know that even though they theoretically have 60 days to process your application, it can take waaay longer. My bf and I waited for almost 2 years.

It took more than a year for me. Anyway, it was one degrading experience. Bring someone who speaks czech with you on ALL occasions. I've met one person that speaks decent english there. You will probably not get all documents sorted out in the first run, so you will have to go there and wait. Somewhere between 3 and 7 hours. They demanded some document besides the proof of accomodation, and we couldn't provide it. Our landlord never reported that there are any people in the apartment even though there is a valid lease contract. Anyway, they don't announce house visits anymore, so be aware.

ask sasha

Mine took 4 months (surprising, I know), but it was very simple. I gave the normal documents- employment contract, proof of joint bank account, lease, etc.. Also brought 4 reference letters from friends saying that we are a real couple and pictures from our travels. For me, it was pretty easy, others are not as lucky I see. My fiance (then boyfriend) came with me each time and translated everything.

I had to show like 2 years worth of pictures with the date written on the back of each of them. I also had to get a note from my parents and my gf's parents that we were together. I got them translated and notarized, with their passport copies attached. We also had to prove that we were living together. Mine only took a month and a half to receive. Although this was a few years ago

Hire Zlata,

+ contract for apartment for both of you joint bank account paper bunch of letters to each other, photos and flight and hotel reservations = I didn’t have letters from friends, parents and so on It’s quite easy procedure if you have all documents but I waited a lot of time for documents – 10 months. They come at your place once to check.

One piece of advice, MAKE SURE THAT YOU DON’T BREAK UP!! I just finished ending that partnership visa and it was a total bureaucratic nightmare to end that visa in order to apply for a long term residency visa (as a freelancer).Going from one category to the other is apparently quite the process. I would never get that status again unless you are really planning on getting married and being together for as long as you live here.

Make sure your rental contract is signed by the person who owns the accommodation. Subletting isn't accepted, we had to move. They rejected our application based on this, I'm in the appeal process for months now.

The burden of proof is transfered to you if you are an extended family member of EU citizen (partner, grandparents etc). In this case, you have NO right of residence under EU law. You can be denied if you are not able to argue your case... and if it is denied, you have no legal redress as opposed to a married partner who by law cannot even be easily deported. The relevant EU law considers a 'durable relationship' to be one where the applicant and EEA national have been living together in a relationship similar to marriage for at least 2 years. Evidence of this, such as evidence of joint finances, rent or mortgage agreements or other official correspondence must be submitted with the application. If your boyfriend has ever petitioned for a Schengen visa then it is a good idea to provide the copy of the official invitation (not a private letter of invitation)...

I've heard somewhere that people need to live together for at least 6 months. We have been together for almost 2 years and can provide proof of that, but the rent is only for the last 6 months. Is that really such a big issue? I've heard of people getting the visa when living together for less time. Also I've been on a student visa here at the time when we met, so he never issued any form of invitation for me as I didn't have any issues staying in the country until now. If it gets denied I guess we will issue an appeal and get married quickly in the meantime 😀

I am personally against using all those immigration services and companies as all they want is your money. But this process is one of those that I've heard a lot of people have actually benefited from using a company that knows what they are doing. That is to say, a company that has done similar successful applications before. I don't have any personal experience with any such company. But I have contacted two of them so far: (1) and (2) and I have been told by both that they have done such an application for many people and know how it exactly works. They also both confirmed that the process can take anywhere between 4 to 12 months. Adding photos of you both together (in front of known places) and tickets from trips you've had together helps a lot.

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12 hours ago

Hana Morris

Anybody knows a person who studies medicine at Charles university in English? I know they have an English section. ... See MoreSee Less

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I do 🙂

You can try asking on Medsoc, their official support group.

1 day ago

Andy Bagnall

Ahoy! My daughter really wants to try Ice Skating. Can any recommend either a quiet ice rink she can go to and try it before I book her in some lessons. Thank you 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

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I take my kids to the rink at the tv tower. It's quite empty in the morning. Today we tried the rink at ovocny trh and there only 3 more people there from 14.00 to 15.00. If you can ice skate is quite easy to teach your kid.

Harfa have ice skating for kids 13:00-14:30 on the roof. Then from 15:00 for all

23 hours ago

Sri Harsha Phanideep

Hello Friends ,... 🙂
I want to learn swimming during the weekends in Prague... i know its a bit too late to learn ... but hey, better late than never ...
So can you please recommend me someone or someplace where they teach swimming during weekends in Prague ...

thank you very much for your replies 🙂
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Nice young lady called Karolina Parobkova 728 500 316 from works on saturdays 😉

Micah Plourd

I see many adults trying to learn now, so it is never too late 🙂 in hotel Olsanska there are teachings every day 🙂 good luck!

16 hours ago

Maria Wasilewska

Is there any place besides srbny dvur that recycles aerosol cans? Any local businesses that might take them, for example. Srbny dvur charges if you're not a local resident, I think. ... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago

Shay Dee

Hi saucers!
I'm looking to buy a one bedroom apartment in Prague.
could anyone recommend good real-estate agencies?
Thanks in advance! 🙂
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Hello Shay, hard to say. Each of them can sell something you might like. I am working as a financial advisor but usually helping clients to search the right property if I can help you let me know about your preferences.

2 days ago

Sergio Raygada

Hi! I need to get a new gym membership, any recommendations for a good gym with parking? Besides BBC Fitness ... See MoreSee Less


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Daily Fitness esta bien verga...pero no se que tan cerca puedas tener estacionamiento

Factory Pro bro, el mejor para mi.

Balance Club Brumlovka

If you can, get a Multisport card. Then you are not commited to any membership and you get big discounts in many gyms or you have them for free. And not just gyms - it includes everything wellnes and sport related. I have gym for free near mine and 50% off sauna world I like. And I can take it with me anywhere in ČR - when travelling. It gives me great flexibility. Yet I have my regular spots covered too. 🙂

I like the one in Kotva. I have received an annual membership for Christmas, it was 8999 kc. The gym is big, doesn't smell bad like the one at Flora for example and it's quite empty early in the morning. Kotva has a big underground parking.


John Reed

2 days ago

Amy Tobias

Best Budapest experiences? Traveling there for a few days.... What did you like best? Thanks!!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Free walking tours. I took the communist and night tour. both great

I would write "leaving" as a joke but my wife would see it 😀 so i rather stay away from this thread 🙂

The ruin bars in District VII

Thermal spas

tree of life

The outside thermal swimming pools on the island

Ruin Bars and Thermal Baths

Katie Matthews and Geoff at are living in Budapest and have a lot of good info:

Real langos, walking tours, thermal spas, the anquicum near Szentendre. Coffee, the people, the sites. You can't go wrong in Budapest. Enjoy.


As stated above the baths are great, take a ride across the chain link bridge and visit the castle district on Buda hill. If you like meat and traditional cooking, visit the open air market behind or near the parliament building. They sell lots of artesenal sausages and meat products. Ket Szerecsen in Nagymezo ut.14 had really great food.

Meeting up with friends.

Cafe Frei

There's a good all you can eat restaurant on Oktagon. I was gonna say burrito loco but i dont think they have that over there

The Atlantisz Book Island (Kiraly utca 2) is a real gem.

I went to a much smaller Turkish bath (Király) rather than the huge ones, which I really enjoyed. If you’re an animal person, check out Zoo Cafe! You need a reservation probably, but they all kinds of animals from cats to chameleon! There’s a cat pub too! One of my other favorite things was actually a Georgian restaurant (Hachapuri). Kind of expensive for Budapest, but SOOOOO good! For traditional Hungarian food I HIGHLY recommend Pipa étterem. It’s right by the Central Market Hall, which you should check out too.

If it's warm, hire bikes and cycle up the river. The Pest side is also very cyclable.

Boutiq bar

Simplaz ruin bar!

Szechenyi Baths. .and maybe a small one too, like Kiraly ..

Szimpla Kert, other ruin bars, Szechenyi Baths. Great food everywhere. Favorite: Indian at Indigo. The Ramen across from Szimpla is very good too.

For traditional Hungarian/jewish food this - not cheap but awesome food and great service

Wow thanks everyone!! Looking forward to the trip!

Haven't finished yet. In the summer some friends took me to Kopaszi Dam. A great place to eat and drink al fresco (so wait a few months).

Szechenyi Spa, all the way!

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Looking to purchase a durable laminator for medium size office -- so not a small personal model. Currently looking at Fusion brand but would be interested in any other recommendations Thanks in advance ... See MoreSee Less

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