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19 hours ago

Kath Burke

Where to buy portable whiteboards for the best price? Any ideas o wise ones? ... See MoreSee Less

12 hours ago

Gustavo Bonanno

Something bad is happening now in dittrichova ... See MoreSee Less

Something bad is happening now in dittrichova


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Hotel burning 😱

Unbelievable!! The city is very unsafe!!!!

My RT News app told me this the moment it happened. Good old Russian news, always ahead of the the rest of the news channels and Facebook groups.


12 hours ago

Tiziana Lucato

Hi guys:) do you know any good english speaking nutritionist in Prague?
thank you
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I am also curious about the answer:=)

I would recommend Sam Thorne and Enka Perinaj

Canadian medial has a English speaking nutritionist

Hana Lang

Keely Fraser


13 hours ago

Pej Man

Hi! I am looking for a "Carpentry Shop" in Prague that I can go by person and order some small custom parts to make. Anybody can help, please? ... See MoreSee Less

Hi! I am looking for a Carpentry Shop in Prague that I can go by person and order some small custom parts to make. Anybody can help, please?


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Martusza Epoksydova ?

Celso, follow the post

I’m interested as well.

Try googling truhlarstvi - stolarstvi near you.

I am a carpenter/joiner myself what is it you are after ?

Check out DIYPraha

I was quite happy with these guys, made some small items to order.

I've been looking for as well.. Let's share it.!

I am looking for something like this. Can anyone direct me to a shop or e shop where I might find one? ... See MoreSee Less

I am looking for something like this. Can anyone direct me to a shop or e shop where I might find one?

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Aliexpress might have it

3 weeks ago

Carrie Overton

Anyone use Slavia Insurance? Does it cover any hospital? How are the Doctors? ... See MoreSee Less

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No, it doesn't. Only certain doctors (very few) accept it. If you have an emergency and go to the hospital it's fine, but if you just need regular care, you need to find a doctor who accepts it. Slavia should have a list.

I will PM you the list of places

You can go to any doctor, but you have to pay yourself and then Slavia will refund the money later.

Here's the (very small) list of contractors: Someone flick me if they think this is unethical, but if you do make the mistake of having Slavia insurance like me, avoid one specific general practitioner on their list. It's the only guy in the list for Prague 6. I found him to be very unprofessional and rude.

16 hours ago

Jenny Šaufl

Does anyone know where to buy larger panels of rigid foam (styrofoam) I'm looking for 3 pieces measuring 150x100 or 150x150, and about 3cm thick. It is going to be for a lightweight/moveable room divider. (I've tried Obi and Baumax and they are only 100x50. ... See MoreSee Less

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Frame them and cut to size ?

1 day ago

Lilly H. Tran

Law regarding petty thieving in stores:
So a new busy season gonna come for us in retail, and i'm wondering what we can do against the little naughty quirky people.
Our items can cost from 190kc - 1350kc per se, and we are losing lots of everything every season which create a big gap in our inventory. I don't think calling the police would be an option every 10-15 minutes, so what we shop keeper can do if we catch them stealing red-handed? (fine them on the spot by making them purchase without giving the items etc..)
... See MoreSee Less


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How are you planning on forcing people you have caught to pay? More likely they’ll throw it at you and run off if caught, or just run off with the item. Physically restraining them and forcing them to pay without calling the police might end you up in more trouble than them.

Well, you can’t literally steal from people who are trying to steal from you. Only option is to call the police.

Get track of their habits and have the police waiting?

Have you noticed that old ladies are mostly guilty of this? Follow everyone around instead of the Czech style of following just foreigners 😉

nothing you can do seeing as you're a civilian. i dont even think you're allowed to physically hold them

Respect the law, call the police. Applying your own “punishments” can land you in jail.

many retailers account for theft in the pricing

Hire security, give him a commision for everyone arrested.

You are not an authority that can create any kind of punisment or force people to do anything. It actually gives me creeps just thinking about it... Call the police. And if you have items in that price range, instead of loosing money via theft, get secured against it. Security guys or some detection system.

Also if you have security footage of repeat offenders, print that and paste it near the shop's door, then get your security guard to refuse entry to them

Disregard the pussies who are too scared to guard their goods. If you catch the thief, you can hold him and lock him in your shop until the cops arrive and I promise you our Czech police will be happy you did that 🙂

I have experience with retail. I imagine you cannot afford a security guard, and besides their presence can hurt overall sales. You need a good security camera system, and at least one prodavacka on the floor all the time. She should follow suspicious people, especially ones that are near the high cost/easily liquidated (black market) items. If you get a bad feeling about someone, you are within you right to ask them to leave the store. If they are suspicious, 70-80% of the time your intuition is right. Don’t bother calling the police if you catch them. Just take back what they were trying to take and kick them out. The key (and investment) is in a security camera with good coverage. It will worry many potential thieves. Also, take note of those repeat customers who buy little or nothing, or those suspicious people who are making small talk at the cash register with a tiny purchase. They are often testing you to see if you noticed they have something concealed. Ideally, you should stall them, while you quickly review the security camera playback. I caught people this way, as I pretended there was something wrong with the poklanda (which for most people is your computer screen), while at the same time I was retracing their steps in the store captured with the camera. Besides the obvious druggies, my experience is that many thieves are women in their 40-50s and men/women in their 20s - and many of the latter have visible, unsightly tattoos on their hands, neck or face. Of course, it is without saying that mothers with kočárky should always be followed carefully, especially when visiting the first time. Through repeat visits and observations you will learn which ones are your real customers. Finally, the smell of cigarette smoke on their clothes/breath is not defining characteristic of thieves in the CZ because so many people here smoke, but I NEVER encountered a thief here who did not have the reek of a smoker.

In the meantime, everyone come check out my new band Little Naughty Quirky People.

Erin Currie Jane Margaret

at my last job someone stole someones bike which was inside the office and the police found it at a local pawn shop They also bought a ton of fans since the A/C didn't work during the summer time and by the end of the week most of the fans were gone as well. Also my desk was broken into many times and people stole my pay stubs and all my flexipasses/meal vouchers 😀 Sticky fingers are everywhere here

like most stores do, employ a guard. put up signs that the place is under surveillance, etc

Thanks for the comments guys, unfortunately, we do not have many local theft but rather tourists so gather evidence seem non-effective since the person would leave within few days. We usually have Italian customers all year long and especially in March- April, the young come for visit and they love to "take a peek" at our store. Following them around only work during the low season since during our peak season we are packed with hundred of them in the store at once (student groups).

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18 hours ago

Brian Mattison

Hi saucers, Can anyone recommend someone who can assist with selling a used car? Many thanks in advance! ... See MoreSee Less

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Did you post it on

Maybe but start with sticking it in on sauto and you'll have aaa and esa calling you in minutes. I sold mine to auto esa. Not too bad really.

20 hours ago

Bethany Adams

Has anyone bought an Instant Pot or electric pressure cooker from Europe (I mean NOT buying it from America or something while on vacation)? What did you buy? Are you happy with your purchase? Where did you buy it from? TIA! ... See MoreSee Less

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Ok, I actually just found a similar question in a search on here - but I’m going to leave this up here because I’m more interested in reviews (ie “I bought X & I love/hate it”) than where to buy it. Love it.

I bought Instant Pot from It isn't as intuitive as I hoped. To be fair, I mainly bought it to replace my rice cooker, which is a single-task machine but easy to use. Because it isn't as intuitive as I hoped I simply don't use it often. However, my husband finds it easy to use and makes delicious soups among other things. Disclaimer: I'm more of a baker than a cook.

I got an Instant Pot from and I love love love it. I use it to make quick soup/stew on late-home evenings, rice, potatoes...

No regrets with our pressure cooker. Bought a top-of-the-line breville-rebadged from Amazon uk...

Delia Herea

16 hours ago

Kath Burke

Oh resourceful ones - where to buy goose eggs or duck eggs in Prague? I'm allergic to chicken eggs and I'm looking for a slightly more substantial alternative than the - admittedly wonderful – quails eggs I can get in BIlla / DELMART... Any ideas? I"m also looking for lamb - on Rohlik it seems to cost 600czk / kg. Is that about right? Seems a bit pricey ... See MoreSee Less


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Mark&Spencer has duck eggs

wow. posh. I will look thank you Mod.

lamb is expensive, but try sváček butchery, close to andel, they should carry it too

Robertson's won't have any lamb until the spring I was told by them. Frozen or fresh.

Saw lamb on Friday at Řeznictví Kosina, Kaprova 7, Prague 1. Also saw it at

Iceland used to carry inexpensive frozen lamb chops. Worth checking! Also when the JzP farmers market opens up they often have lamb

it might be only M&S in Prague for duck eggs. In the Czech Republic, duck and goose eggs are considered "dangerous" because of the higher risk of salmonella germs so they are not much on sale. Some farmers have them but rarely sell to individuals and rarely have them in winter time.. 🙁 actually, it is easier to get the empty goose or duck egg for Easter decorations than a fresh egg.. 😉

mmm. chicken eggs cause my pulse to shoot up above 100 bpm and wheezing... maybe it's the corn the chickens are fed on. I will try M*S

Lamb > spend enough and they deliver free >

2 days ago

Antonya Paz

Hi guys, can you recomend me cheap stores for goods here , such as Target or Walmart in US ? Not chinese/vietnamese stores please ? ... See MoreSee Less


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But doesn't everything in Walmart/Target come from China?


pepco carry also some home stuff


Also looking for similar department store 🙂 somewhere I can find cheap appliances (toaster etc) or other kitchen bits and pieces

I head out to Globus. It’s more old school Walmart (think 90s/early 2000s) than Target, but I can get a lot of random things for a reasonable price.

Primark, but it will be open probably next year or hopefully this year 🙂

For cheap goods also look online Alza as some nearly news there as well

I am so glad they dont have Wal-Mart's or targets here. You can find better deals online here at

Albert at Chodov mall and Tesco Extra and Pepco at Eden. Flying Tiger has small items for decor.


You can also try - it's an online store with interior design and practical items. Interesting variation. They present different campaigns every day which only last for a few days and sometimes have very nice discounts.

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11 hours ago

April Mislan

Looking for english text to read/learn more about CZ history...any interesting reads out there??

Serious recommendations, please.
... See MoreSee Less

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If you're interested in 20th century history, I can recommend the works of Canadian historian, Gordon Skilling.

The Czechs in a Nutshell is interesting - has some historical info and also cultural specifics. Seems to me like a lot changed since 2003 or so when it appeared, but it's still a fun and easy read.

10 hours ago

Tricia Gray

Hi Saucers,
My daughter wants to buy a reconditioned/ second hand Wii with her birthday money. Where’s the best place in Prague please?
... See MoreSee Less

13 hours ago

Tricia Gray

Hi Saucers,
My daughter wants to buy a reconditioned/ second hand Wii with her birthday money. Where’s the best place in Prague please?
... See MoreSee Less

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For Prague specifically, don't know. I'd try

Keep a look out on the buy/sell FB groups. I got ours through the PBS one. Maybe even worth asking if anyone is selling one on there.

Wii or Wii U, if it’s the second one we have one for sale used literally a handful of times.

1 day ago

Larissa Bu

Hey guys! I am having a birthday party in Prague in February 15-17. Many guests will be coming from abroad. Group of 10-12 people. What group activities do you recommend for those who have never been in Prague before apart from the obvious sight seeing? Any breweries to visit? Anything special happening that weekend? The guests are coming from France and Switzerland if it makes any difference. Thank you all! ... See MoreSee Less


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There is a restaurant with a brewery on Vodickova, almost in front of McDonalds, they have good Czech food and offer tours in their brewery with beer tasting. Ive done it with some friends from abroad.

Take them for a karaoke night

Iam taking my abroad friends to Zizkovska tower. The view of Prague is amazing...

Escape games;-)

If the weather is not favourable for walking take them to National technical museum - people are usually a bit sceptical first then love it 🙂 Another tip: Karel Zeman museum at Kampa: And I second the Žizkov tower. If they are a bit in architecture then walk there from Jiřího z Poděbrad along the Plečnik’s Church there.Église_du_Sacré-Cœur-de-Jésus - if they are really in architecture or generally in cultural things try securing a visit to Villa Müller

We had many friends coming over trough the years, we often did the walk from up top all the way to museum. Basically take tram 22 get off in pohorelec and start your way down, we often stoped at the really good beer then went to the monastery library, check the view from that side and then continue down to the castle via Pohorelec and loretanke namesti , check the castle out once done continue down to charles bridge via nerudova , pass the bridge continue the walk towards the clock and when done go to mustek Thats a way to do some nice sightseeing for people that haven’t been 🙂

15 hours ago

Patrick Fell

Hi folks - anyone know where I can buy twine in Prague? Some art store in the centre maybe? ... See MoreSee Less

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Bauhaus has different thickness, maybe other diy stores too

try the shops called PROVAZNICTVI: one in Nusle, another one in Újezd:, or the DYI shops in Florenc - just opposite the tram stop and the one in Dlouhá 🙂

I’ve bought it at a paper store on Palackého before.

In t’wine shop or t’supermarket chuck

there's one right by Florenc metro that has every kind of "thing you might use for binding" from string to ropes for mountain climbing

There’s a wonderful old fashioned hardware store at the Ujezd tram stop opposite Cafe Savoy. Not open until Monday now.


18 hours ago

Faustus Infernalis

Guys i need ur help asap. Have a power shortage since last night 12 am. My neighbors have energy. Im 5 days late on my rent payment. Is it possible they cut for this reason? I have gas heating and water still. Asked a czech neighbor to help but he completely ignored me ... See MoreSee Less

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What do you have in the contract? Did you check fhe fuse box?

i have a fuse box in my apartment. tried switching everything on and off but no luck. i went in my kitchen, opened the light, then everything died on me. i cant find a central fuse box downstairs.

im really pissed, this never happened to me here. and i got assignments for uni to submit. Ive been late before on rent aswell and it never happened.

If it was after switching on the light then find the central fusebox

i dunn where it is bro, neighbors barely speak english. i found a big metal box downstairs but its locked

since i have heating and water i should have power still right? pretty sure they wouldnt cut it off for 5 days

i have gas for cooking too.

A lot for times those fuse boxes are locked with like a dummy key, can turn with a knife. And I know our fuse panel was on our floor, might be seperate ones

That i cannot comment on, however i believe that the central fusebox is your answer. At the same time i dont think the landlord can cut the power without informing you in advance

yup i know. plus it makes zero sense as i have heating and water like i said. had power the whole night until around 12 am, i said PM in my post my bad.

also c0mmunication is sparse from landlord. shes an old woman living on outskirts of prague

Probably you need a hex key for the box in the building, happened to me once, i stayed 2 days without electricity as it was the weekend and the landlord wasn't reachable, on Monday i called him and he instructed me where the fuse box is and what to do so found the box and opened with a hex key, switched the fuse from my apartment and voila...

This happened to me once. The breaker for just my flat was down. There's usually a metal box/door on the floor with a POZOR ZARIZENI whatever sign and it needs a special thingy to open it. Usually whoever takes care of the building has the "key". In my case there are construction workers in my building, however, and I managed to tell them I've no electricity in my limited Czech, they called the person with the key and that solved it. If you can get in touch with your landlord or use Google Translate with simple phrases... that's probably the cause of your lack of electricity.

so have you found the breaker? if you find it, make sure you put it up and down several times - especially if it looks like an old fashioned one. I had the same issue last week, found the metal box next to the balcony door on the staircase, opened with a kitchen knife (or whatever flat key you might have), lifted the breaker and nothinkg happened. So I looked for some other breakers but did not find any, returned to the original one, put the breaker down and up again and BANG! the light was back 🙂 good luck!

Pay your rent.

I had a big fake key for our fusebox in our old flat. Was totally hollow just a hex shape. You should have one in the flat.

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3 days ago

Claudiu Isar

Anyone here owns a Toyota in Prague (new or used) and is willing to share their experience with services and/or dealers?

Thank you
... See MoreSee Less


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I used Louwman at Zlicin for years for the service, then bought a used from their second hand shop and now i am servicing my car there again. Need more?

How 'customer friendly' are they, especially with non Czech speakers? And how transparent? Did they ever try to trick you, etc. Are the service prices reasonable? Thanks!

It is a certified toyota dealer, they never tried to trick me, and when i was buying my peugeot from the second hand shop they advised me quite well (wanted to buy a more expensive nissan but they said it likely will have an issue with the turbo soon), and i drove the peugeot for cca 140k kms before i sold it with only age and wear and tear related repairs. Not sure about non czech speakers though. However, you can check the prices on their sites (as on any other toyota dealer sites). I found the prices very similar to any other toyota certified dealer in Prague (i.e. Tsusho). The fact that it was my first choice for the new car repair (even though i bought it from Tsusho actually) should show how satisfied i was with them in the past and they never let me down

13 hours ago

Jamie Russell

Anyone know where I maybe able to find and buy “Twizzlers” from the US? ... See MoreSee Less

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Yeah, saw them yesterday at Candy Store.

Great! Thank you! Funny the things you miss

2 months ago

Elizabeth Mills

Man with a van on short notice? Trying to move today or tomorrow, including an IKEA trip for a mattress. Please pm hourly rate ... See MoreSee Less


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Mike Utevsky, the best guy!

Henry Rott

Scott Page

hey Liz - did you end up buying an IKEA mattress? do you like it/is it comfy? I need to buy one. thanks 🙂

Honestly, the most I can appreciate about my ikea matress is whenever I get back home from trip . )

Where are you moving?

this was a while ago! i live in podolí 🙂

3 days ago

Matt Valenza

Does anyone know where I can watch the Eagles v. Vikings game on Sunday? ... See MoreSee Less


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Also the Patriots - asking for a friend. I've read that BARFuD in Zizkov and Lion and Bar show NFL games but don't know for sure.

James Joyce Irish pub.

Barfud in Zizkov usually shows games.

Yeah, my friend got to watch the Eagles at Barfud last weekend

Yah, Barfud usually shows the games. But you might want to call ahead to reserve a spot. It gets crowded fast on game days.


So who's going? We can reserve a table maybe?

I am going, but the game doesn’t start until after midnight, so I still haven’t received a confirmation that any bar is showing it

Rocky O'reillys

Chris Ledvina

barfud for cheap beer and good wings

The game isn’t starting until 12:40 am. Will Barfud be open?

They normally are.

BARFuD are you open for the philly game?

So did we find where we can catch it? Also what about SB? Let get organized and reserve a table at Hard Rock or TGIF or a place where we can sit and enjoy the game vs those SB parties they do where no one is watching jack shit and don't let you enjoy it

BARFUD it is

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18 hours ago

Mihai Anton

Where do they efficiently vacuum pet hair from (older) car? Lots of hair....
... See MoreSee Less

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Barbora Hrubantova u

the place at novy smichov specializes in vacuuming cat hair from cars, but only newer cars. i recall hearing tell of a place west toward beroun that does dog hair on older cars tho. if i remember the name i'll post it.

20 hours ago

Jamie McDonnell

Hay Saucy people, what’s the name of the Czech service that comes and picks up stuff you want to sell and sells it at the best price they can get for you? Cheers me dears 😉 ... See MoreSee Less


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I don't think that exists here.

18 hours ago

Jay Paterson

Hey folks. I'm looking for a place in Prague where I can hire (or ideally buy) a kilt. I was aware of a place on Myslikova, but that has closed down. Do you any of you lovely people know of an alternative? ... See MoreSee Less


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Gil Goldman

19 hours ago

Sam Warren

Hi! Where can I buy coat hangers in Prague?? I can't find them... ... See MoreSee Less

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Tesco's, Ikea, Flying Tiger also has them

Jysk. Ikea. Tesco. Vietnamese shops.

Thanks! Is that any tesco or just the big ones?

Abert in Chodov had them, Ikea for sure.

thanks :). also, i cant seem to find blu tack anywhere?

Ikea, sconto, jysk

I've bought nice hangers at both kaufland and lidl. Wasn't happy with the ones from Ikea.

18 hours ago

Yankoa López

Anybody knows if there is any place at Lesna (krutny hore) for rent cross country skiis? If not maybe somewhere in Prague open today? ... See MoreSee Less

19 hours ago

Patricia Costa

Hi saucers! If I needed to replace my toilet flush, but didn't want to go out of Prague for the parts, where would I go? Cheers! ... See MoreSee Less


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holesovice trznice, there's a store near the big vegetable market that sells stuff to fix it. zelezarstvi

DIY stores

Bauhaus or hornbach

Bauhaus at pankrac is very easy by metro

20 hours ago

Amy Tobias

Has anyone seen a place that has a variety of nice choices for an indoor tabletop fireplace? I've only seen one at OBI and was very cheap looking. Looking for something nicer....thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

Has anyone seen a place that has a variety of nice choices for an indoor tabletop fireplace? Ive only seen one at OBI and was very cheap looking. Looking for something nicer....thanks!


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LABUTDESIGN makes nice ones of tree trunks

20 hours ago

Klara Olivia Sabi

Hi guys,io voglio practico Italiano.Is there any mom who would like to have a playdate or just meet with out of kids 🙂 Grazie. ... See MoreSee Less

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ok, i will. thank you

3 days ago

Kareem Mossad

Hey Saucers, any idea for tailors in Prague that can fix long jeans or stuff like that? I can't seem to find any. ... See MoreSee Less


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Tesco @MyNarodni, believe it’s 2nd floor in the women’s clothing area. They’ve done a great job patching some jeans where I blew out the crotch

I say sport the long jeans!

Noa Bar

18 possibilities for Alterations / Seamstress / Tailor 1) Elmine professional services 774 889 367 2) Sewing & Alterations Prague. Tailoring Services. ‪ 3) Strojovn on Krymska street. 4) Služby pro Vás Krakovská 19, Prague 1, 11000 602 858 989 5) Jiřina Tauchmanová. Tailoring for men and women. Website has English, Russian, Czech. 6) Jakub Mares Tailor at Lipanska tram stop in Zizkov. Normally there is someone there that speaks at a little English, though you can always point and show the problem. 7) Bespoke suits and custom shirts for men. 8) Hartl tailor, Verdunská 17, Praha 6, He speaks English. Highly recommended. Not open Wednesdays. ‪ 9) Krejčovství Oprava a oděvu. Information and pricing in Czech, English, Russian. Staff only speaks a little English. Vinohradska 126, Prague 3,near Flora metro Tel: 775 507 089 ‪ 10) Opravy oděvu is a small alterations shop in the Drutěva building on the ground floor in Prague 7. They don't speak any English but the staff is very nice and the prices are very reasonable. Dělnická 54, 170 00 Prague 7. Tram stop is Maniny. 11) Small Chinese clothes shop in Zizkov, on Seifertová street, Lipanska tram stop, walk down the road and across the restaurant called "Lavička" there is a very humble shop where for 100 Kč they repair any pair of jeans. Try to come with a Czech speaker. They don’t speak English and their Czech is basic. 12) Mala Stepanska 3, but lady who owns the place, probably doesn´t speak english. 13) Upravy oděvů Tailoring, Flora Metro, 4th floor, next to the food court. Open daily 10:00-19:00. Vinohradská 151, Prague 3. This location is highly recommended; English speaker there. well. ‪ (Click on “ceník našich služeb” for prices, and use a translation program if you don’t know Czech.) 14) Upravy oděvů Tailoring, Fenix Mall, ground floor, Vysočanska metro Freyova 945/35, Prague 9 Monday to Friday 09:00-18:00; Saturday and Sunday 10:00-17:00 (Click on “ceník našich služeb” for prices, and use a translation program if you don’t know Czech.) 15) Tailor at Kotva Shopping Center, Namestí Republiky, close to Albert grocery store 16) Chodov Mall, top floor, at the back of the mall next to C&A. Take the staircase and it's in that foyer. 17) Nový Smíchov shopping centre, Prague 5, close to Anděl metro. 18) Prosek Mall

Did you, by any chance, use the search function on this page, in the upper right hand corner, next to the magnifying glass? This question is asked fairly often, and several people, including myself have answered a few times. But then sometimes the search function doesn't work at all or sometimes you can't search from a mobile phone.

2 days ago

Jane Dunn

Hello All I have a friend who has a permanent residentcy here . She is wanting to buy a flat in a basement . It seems this is not really allowed and that banks do not give mortgages for this . Does anyonre know more about ths ? ... See MoreSee Less


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Why anyone would like to live on the basement?

The basement probably isn't classified as living space, so no mortgage. Nothing to do with residency.

Speak to this man. He helped with mine 🙂

Mortgage lenders need to know that the property is in suitable condition, before they lend the money. The property is the security for the loan, that's the deal. And unfortunately basements flat can often have structural issues due to damp and subsidence.

I got a mortgage for a ground floor flat (and it is not classified as a living space). What is the problem? Is it that the flat is not classified as a living space? Not every bank has the same rules about this. If you want to get the right info, I recommend my friend Šárka at Broker Consulting. Tell her I sent you (their services are free and they can save you money on your mortgage too).

Jane, the question needs further investigation. All above written can be true, but I do believe there is way to solve it. Actually you can always get the mortgage, if you have property as pladge (can be different property than you are planning to buy). I would investigate how is the space defined in the cadastral register at the moment (flat/comercial premises...etc). Is it flat already? What kind of ownership - can this be owned as a property or is it cooperative ownership (means you only own the shares of the property....)...I have been working on local R/E market over 15 years. If your friend is willing to discuss more question regarding the purchase/mortgage, she is Welcome to contact me.

It is going to be considered as "nebytový prostor" - so by law actually not supposed to live in - mainly used as a workshop, office or storage. The reason for banks not be open to giving her a mortgage is that it is non-living space with a price tag for a flat. If she has got a valuation done, it will be considerably lower, than if it was a residential space. And no bank will supply a mortgage higher than the value estimate. If you are interested, use google translate: Hlavní nevýhody ateliérů Když opomeneme nesplnění hygienických norem, protože upřímně rozdíl oproti klasickému bytu často nevidíme, hlavní nevýhodou je nízká likvidita takové nemovitosti. Na ateliéry se totiž neshánějí kupci tak snadno. Budete-li chtít svou nemovitost v budoucnu prodat, mohli byste se setkat s nedostatkem zájemců. Ateliéry také oproti klasickým bytům ztrácí na hodnotě. Jedná se totiž v podstatě o “zbytkové prostory”. Je tedy možné, že sice prodáte, ale pod cenou. Další nevýhodou je financování koupě. Ne každá banka poskytuje hypoteční úvěr na koupi ateliéru. Respektive nepovažuje ateliér za adekvátní zástavu. Proto by po vás mohla požadovat ručení jinou nemovitostí.

20 hours ago

Scott Nixon

Hi Saucers. I'm looking to find a new silver chain, or any metal chain that won't turn black, for my cross. the old one keeps unlatching itself and I thought I lost my cross for good till a cafe called me today that they have it. So I need a new chain to keep it safe. Any suggestions where I should go? ... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago

Ashley Smith

Anyone know where I can buy a suction shower head holder? Preferably cheap or for a good price, thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

Anyone know where I can buy a suction shower head holder? Preferably cheap or for a good price, thanks!


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obi or bauhaus

5 days ago

Jennifer Parker

Greetings and Salutations

This is my first time filing taxes in Czech.

I have a little bit of an emergency. I just got notice I have to return to America for a court hearing on February 1 so I need to get my taxes done prior to my departure.

I’ve had 3 people recommended to me but none have responded.

Can anybody help with another recommendation of someone who could possibly do my taxes this week.

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If you still need someone PM me, I know a tax consultant, she is fast and charges 800 CZK for the declaration including health and social insurance declaration.

1 day ago

Zuzana Chudoba

Guys, I am looking for a native Russian language teacher. If you can recommend someone, I’ll apriciate it. ... See MoreSee Less

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Same here! So far no great luck

Olga Žílová

2 days ago

Zuzana Chudoba

Hi all, I´ve got 3 years old daughter and I am looking for English speaking friends for her or English lessons for her age. She understands and speaks decent English as she was visitng English - Chinese kindergarden. Any hints? Thanks a lot. ... See MoreSee Less


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Check out Class Acts Many activities for little English speaking children. Make friends for years. Parents meet other parents for life long friends and support

What part of town are you in? We’ve got a 3 year old also, speaks en cz ru.

Organic English is a great program for this.

2 days ago

Sean William Havel

An odd question but does anyone know where to buy soundproof foam in Prague?

Trying to dampen thr echo in a room for recording and streaming.

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These guys are also really good and have a shop in Germany you can order from. I have a bunch of their panels I brought over from the States with me. They'll also give you advice on the best way to treat your room.

Ikea has it too

1 day ago

Melissa Yadira

Anyone know where I can get my nails done for a relatively cheap price? Some of the places I stuck my head in were pricey. ... See MoreSee Less


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The place in Flora mall on the ground floor is decent

Thanks Katie!

1 day ago

Sani Hadek

I'm considering studying Russian, and i'm quite good at self-studying, but i have zero knowledge of the language (apart from having worked with plenty of Russians along the years!), so i believe taking classes would be better to get started. Any good places to recommend, please? My Czech is okish but faaaar from fluent, if that matters. Thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

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I can recommend a tutor if you want

1 day ago

Beny Ben

Hi guys! Anyone can recommend a nice physical store where I can look for some modern/retro furnitures? Ikea,Asko,XXX Lutx are not having what I am looking for.Something like but physical (Show room) to go and look at the products.Thanks 🤗 ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

Kae Piller

I need a document in English translated and notorized into Russian. How do I go about that? ... See MoreSee Less

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And by "notarized" you mean what exactly?

In other words: Do you need a notarized copy of said document, do you need to notarize a signature on the document or do you expect to obtain any other result?

I'm not entirely sure, it's what the Russian consulate website says. But I don't need a signature on the document - I need a translated copy of it, and I need that translation notorized.

OK. This does not make much sense, there is nothing to "notarize" here. I very much believe that what they want is actually a translation by a certified translator (i.e. a person publicly authorized to provide official translations) as opposed to a translation done by a guy who speaks Russian.

A notary could reasonably come into play only if you were to provide a COPY of the document or if you needed to validate a signature on the document.

That's the feeling I get, too. Exact words are "нотариально удостоверенный перевод", I could possibly be mistaking what the Russian means.

You are not. "a notary certified translation".

The thing is, notaries do not certify translations 🙂

Certified translators do.

I'm thinking the official transistor needs to sign off that they translate it, and the notary notorizes their signature?

That would be most unusual.

Anyway, here is what I think it is they want:

Too many bureaucracies in too many languages 🙁

Take the document, bring it over to an official translation agency, like... or some such and tell them that you need a certified translation ("překlad s ověřením" or "úřední překlad"). You will get a very officially looking document with a lot of big stamps which is what the Russians like. Give it to them and be done with it.

Only see a notary (any of them, walk-in service) if you need a COPY of the document either prior the translation or after.

Thank you for your help!

If you happen to use the notary please be aware of two things:

1) If the copy is to be used abroad, it needs to be certified by the notary themselves, not the notary assistant as per usual. You need to tell them, they will know what you are talking about.

2) If you are presenting a notarized copy of a document abroad, the receiving party may require that the document also bears an apostille which is yet another bloody stamp. If that is the case, shout. I'll tell you where they give out these.

You're very helpful, thank you.

If you need a notarized copy of a document such as a marriage certificate we can do it at the US Embassy. We cannot translate it unfortunately or notarize a document that has been translated. You can make an appointment online at it costs $50 per notarized signature

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11 months ago

Dominic Bignall

Hi there - for those that play squash - what would be a good entry level brand/ price to pay for a squash racket (and place to buy one locally?) ... See MoreSee Less

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You wanna play squash? I'd be down for that.

Tennis too now the weather is nicer.

Niice. I need instruments of whackness too. Will look about.

Buy a used one on bazos or aukro. You can get a good and light one for 200kc

Prince, Dunlop, Technifibre, Wilson, Head, Harrow, Oliver. I have an Oliver raquet and like it. Go for light.

I'll play tennis just need a fixed time and place

app 1000czk

Good thinking, Saedat. Congratulations!

When is squash club starting then? 🙂

2 days ago

Meredith Stevens

All day there have been loudspeaker announcements in Prague 5 near Andel. I can't make out what they're saying each time. Anyone know what's going on? I hope it isn't about the water (already lived through that once here). ... See MoreSee Less

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no cutting of water supply is planned for the next days in Prague. And there is currently no issue with water in Prague 5 either

2 days ago

Keiko Yamamoto

Hi saucers, do you know good dermatologist? (I remember I saw the posts, but can't find it now). Preferably somewhere near Namesti Miru, IP, JZP area.
I speak Czech a little bit. Thank you!
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Mezibransks poliklinika, dr Iličová Mudr Junášek, he's nice + speaks english 🙂

2 days ago

Pramod Dasan

I am looking for Tulasi ( Indian herb) ..anyone knows where to get this ? It's not basil. ( As the chemical properties are different) ... See MoreSee Less

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Did you try Indian shops in Prague?

Have you tried any of Indian grocery stores? 1) Shalamar foods - Lipanska 3, Prague 3 2) Best Foods - Libusska 126 3) Capati - Budecska 35 4) Swagat Indian grocers. Koubkova11, Praha 2. Near I. P.Pavlova 5) ‪ 6) Farah, Myslikova, Prague 11

If you are talking about the Holy basil (Ocimum sanctum), the name in Czech would be "bazalka posvatna". there is a small garden center in Prague 6 that grows them: If you are looking for dried leaves to make teas out of them, I don't have any sure supplier.

Tulasi is holy basil. What form do you need? Himalaya is one option:

Himalaya do they sell in Albert?

Shantiya has all Himalayan herbs and many others like Baidyanath, Vyas, etc..available in Prague direct from India.

2 days ago

Lilly H. Tran

Utopenci <--- Where can i get a good one, and i don't mean at the restaurant but in a jar or can, need to bring them away as a gift.
Thanks guys !
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Here you have the test of the ones in the jar. It says you should only buy number one - the rest was a fail. They will have them in supermarkets or on

your are looking for this: They are taste amazing and are locally made in a sheltered workshop by mentally disabled people! 😀

you might be able to find them in Česká stodola Dejvice - (the one in Nusle has been closed since November). In Potraviny Karel Vávra at Francouzská 77/8, 120 00 Praha 2-Vinohrady or Lahůdky Valda at Seifertova 683/83, 130 00 Praha 3-Žižkov. But to be certain, just drive to Davle and get them right at the workshop! 🙂

here is the selection, the do not feature in any competition - but I am pretty sure they would leave the other brands far behind 🙂,13

now I remeber I actually once ordered the utopenci on-line and picked it up at Uruguayská street in Vinohrady for free. You can also have them delivered home 🙂 btw the pickled camembert is also excellent!

2 days ago

Sarah Kiser

Can anybody recommend a wig shop where I can buy high quality and realistic wigs in various styles? ... See MoreSee Less

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Let me know.

There is a wig shop next to Lucerna. I think Štěpánská.

I saw a shop on Zlatnicka ( off na porici ) but beware some charge you to try them on we found out

this is the one in Štěpánská:

this is the one at Zlatnická 5 (you find the same shop at Národní 19)

2 days ago

Aren Ock

why have the bells in the old town and petrin been ringing and ringing the last 10 mins? What did i miss? ... See MoreSee Less

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It’s because I got married today

it´s because of the Epiphany - 19th of January according to the orthodox calendar 🙂 end of Xmas, semi-naked Putin´s dipping in the freezing water and bells ringing in Prague. It is all connected 😉

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