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6 hours ago

Lilly H. Tran

Law regarding petty thieving in stores:
So a new busy season gonna come for us in retail, and i'm wondering what we can do against the little naughty quirky people.
Our items can cost from 190kc - 1350kc per se, and we are losing lots of everything every season which create a big gap in our inventory. I don't think calling the police would be an option every 10-15 minutes, so what we shop keeper can do if we catch them stealing red-handed? (fine them on the spot by making them purchase without giving the items etc..)
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How are you planning on forcing people you have caught to pay? More likely they’ll throw it at you and run off if caught, or just run off with the item. Physically restraining them and forcing them to pay without calling the police might end you up in more trouble than them.

Well, you can’t literally steal from people who are trying to steal from you. Only option is to call the police.

Get track of their habits and have the police waiting?

Have you noticed that old ladies are mostly guilty of this? Follow everyone around instead of the Czech style of following just foreigners 😉

nothing you can do seeing as you're a civilian. i dont even think you're allowed to physically hold them

Respect the law, call the police. Applying your own “punishments” can land you in jail.

many retailers account for theft in the pricing

5 hours ago

Larissa Bu

Hey guys! I am having a birthday party in Prague in February 15-17. Many guests will be coming from abroad. Group of 10-12 people. What group activities do you recommend for those who have never been in Prague before apart from the obvious sight seeing? Any breweries to visit? Anything special happening that weekend? The guests are coming from France and Switzerland if it makes any difference. Thank you all! ... See MoreSee Less

13 hours ago

Jane Dunn

Hello All I have a friend who has a permanent residentcy here . She is wanting to buy a flat in a basement . It seems this is not really allowed and that banks do not give mortgages for this . Does anyonre know more about ths ? ... See MoreSee Less


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Why anyone would like to live on the basement?

The basement probably isn't classified as living space, so no mortgage. Nothing to do with residency.

Speak to this man. He helped with mine 🙂

Mortgage lenders need to know that the property is in suitable condition, before they lend the money. The property is the security for the loan, that's the deal. And unfortunately basements flat can often have structural issues due to damp and subsidence.

I got a mortgage for a ground floor flat (and it is not classified as a living space). What is the problem? Is it that the flat is not classified as a living space? Not every bank has the same rules about this. If you want to get the right info, I recommend my friend Šárka at Broker Consulting. Tell her I sent you (their services are free and they can save you money on your mortgage too).

Jane, the question needs further investigation. All above written can be true, but I do believe there is way to solve it. Actually you can always get the mortgage, if you have property as pladge (can be different property than you are planning to buy). I would investigate how is the space defined in the cadastral register at the moment (flat/comercial premises...etc). Is it flat already? What kind of ownership - can this be owned as a property or is it cooperative ownership (means you only own the shares of the property....)...I have been working on local R/E market over 15 years. If your friend is willing to discuss more question regarding the purchase/mortgage, she is Welcome to contact me.

2 months ago

Elizabeth Mills

Man with a van on short notice? Trying to move today or tomorrow, including an IKEA trip for a mattress. Please pm hourly rate ... See MoreSee Less


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Mike Utevsky, the best guy!

Henry Rott

Scott Page

hey Liz - did you end up buying an IKEA mattress? do you like it/is it comfy? I need to buy one. thanks 🙂

Honestly, the most I can appreciate about my ikea matress is whenever I get back home from trip . )

Where are you moving?

17 hours ago

Zuzana Chudoba

Hi all, I´ve got 3 years old daughter and I am looking for English speaking friends for her or English lessons for her age. She understands and speaks decent English as she was visitng English - Chinese kindergarden. Any hints? Thanks a lot. ... See MoreSee Less


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Check out Class Acts Many activities for little English speaking children. Make friends for years. Parents meet other parents for life long friends and support

What part of town are you in? We’ve got a 3 year old also, speaks en cz ru.

Organic English is a great program for this.

7 hours ago

Ashley Smith

Anyone know where I can buy a suction shower head holder? Preferably cheap or for a good price, thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

Anyone know where I can buy a suction shower head holder? Preferably cheap or for a good price, thanks!

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obi or bauhaus

8 hours ago

Zuzana Chudoba

Guys, I am looking for a native Russian language teacher. If you can recommend someone, I’ll apriciate it. ... See MoreSee Less

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Same here! So far no great luck

15 hours ago

Sean William Havel

An odd question but does anyone know where to buy soundproof foam in Prague?

Trying to dampen thr echo in a room for recording and streaming.

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These guys are also really good and have a shop in Germany you can order from. I have a bunch of their panels I brought over from the States with me. They'll also give you advice on the best way to treat your room.

Ikea has it too

9 hours ago

Melissa Yadira

Anyone know where I can get my nails done for a relatively cheap price? Some of the places I stuck my head in were pricey. ... See MoreSee Less


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The place in Flora mall on the ground floor is decent

Thanks Katie!

11 hours ago

Sani Hadek

I'm considering studying Russian, and i'm quite good at self-studying, but i have zero knowledge of the language (apart from having worked with plenty of Russians along the years!), so i believe taking classes would be better to get started. Any good places to recommend, please? My Czech is okish but faaaar from fluent, if that matters. Thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

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I can recommend a tutor if you want

9 hours ago

Beny Ben

Hi guys! Anyone can recommend a nice physical store where I can look for some modern/retro furnitures? Ikea,Asko,XXX Lutx are not having what I am looking for.Something like but physical (Show room) to go and look at the products.Thanks 🤗 ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

Kae Piller

I need a document in English translated and notorized into Russian. How do I go about that? ... See MoreSee Less

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And by "notarized" you mean what exactly?

In other words: Do you need a notarized copy of said document, do you need to notarize a signature on the document or do you expect to obtain any other result?

I'm not entirely sure, it's what the Russian consulate website says. But I don't need a signature on the document - I need a translated copy of it, and I need that translation notorized.

OK. This does not make much sense, there is nothing to "notarize" here. I very much believe that what they want is actually a translation by a certified translator (i.e. a person publicly authorized to provide official translations) as opposed to a translation done by a guy who speaks Russian.

A notary could reasonably come into play only if you were to provide a COPY of the document or if you needed to validate a signature on the document.

That's the feeling I get, too. Exact words are "нотариально удостоверенный перевод", I could possibly be mistaking what the Russian means.

You are not. "a notary certified translation".

The thing is, notaries do not certify translations 🙂

Certified translators do.

I'm thinking the official transistor needs to sign off that they translate it, and the notary notorizes their signature?

That would be most unusual.

Anyway, here is what I think it is they want:

Too many bureaucracies in too many languages 🙁

Take the document, bring it over to an official translation agency, like... or some such and tell them that you need a certified translation ("překlad s ověřením" or "úřední překlad"). You will get a very officially looking document with a lot of big stamps which is what the Russians like. Give it to them and be done with it.

Only see a notary (any of them, walk-in service) if you need a COPY of the document either prior the translation or after.

Thank you for your help!

If you happen to use the notary please be aware of two things:

1) If the copy is to be used abroad, it needs to be certified by the notary themselves, not the notary assistant as per usual. You need to tell them, they will know what you are talking about.

2) If you are presenting a notarized copy of a document abroad, the receiving party may require that the document also bears an apostille which is yet another bloody stamp. If that is the case, shout. I'll tell you where they give out these.

You're very helpful, thank you.

If you need a notarized copy of a document such as a marriage certificate we can do it at the US Embassy. We cannot translate it unfortunately or notarize a document that has been translated. You can make an appointment online at it costs $50 per notarized signature

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11 months ago

Dominic Bignall

Hi there - for those that play squash - what would be a good entry level brand/ price to pay for a squash racket (and place to buy one locally?) ... See MoreSee Less

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You wanna play squash? I'd be down for that.

Tennis too now the weather is nicer.

Niice. I need instruments of whackness too. Will look about.

Buy a used one on bazos or aukro. You can get a good and light one for 200kc

Prince, Dunlop, Technifibre, Wilson, Head, Harrow, Oliver. I have an Oliver raquet and like it. Go for light.

I'll play tennis just need a fixed time and place

app 1000czk

Good thinking, Saedat. Congratulations!

When is squash club starting then? 🙂

17 hours ago

Meredith Stevens

All day there have been loudspeaker announcements in Prague 5 near Andel. I can't make out what they're saying each time. Anyone know what's going on? I hope it isn't about the water (already lived through that once here). ... See MoreSee Less

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no cutting of water supply is planned for the next days in Prague. And there is currently no issue with water in Prague 5 either

1 day ago

Keiko Yamamoto

Hi saucers, do you know good dermatologist? (I remember I saw the posts, but can't find it now). Preferably somewhere near Namesti Miru, IP, JZP area.
I speak Czech a little bit. Thank you!
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Mezibransks poliklinika, dr Iličová Mudr Junášek, he's nice + speaks english 🙂

11 hours ago

Pramod Dasan

I am looking for Tulasi ( Indian herb) ..anyone knows where to get this ? It's not basil. ( As the chemical properties are different) ... See MoreSee Less

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Did you try Indian shops in Prague?

Have you tried any of Indian grocery stores? 1) Shalamar foods - Lipanska 3, Prague 3 2) Best Foods - Libusska 126 3) Capati - Budecska 35 4) Swagat Indian grocers. Koubkova11, Praha 2. Near I. P.Pavlova 5) ‪ 6) Farah, Myslikova, Prague 11

If you are talking about the Holy basil (Ocimum sanctum), the name in Czech would be "bazalka posvatna". there is a small garden center in Prague 6 that grows them: If you are looking for dried leaves to make teas out of them, I don't have any sure supplier.

Tulasi is holy basil. What form do you need? Himalaya is one option:

Himalaya do they sell in Albert?

Shantiya has all Himalayan herbs and many others like Baidyanath, Vyas, etc..available in Prague direct from India.

1 day ago

Lilly H. Tran

Utopenci <--- Where can i get a good one, and i don't mean at the restaurant but in a jar or can, need to bring them away as a gift.
Thanks guys !
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Here you have the test of the ones in the jar. It says you should only buy number one - the rest was a fail. They will have them in supermarkets or on

your are looking for this: They are taste amazing and are locally made in a sheltered workshop by mentally disabled people! 😀

you might be able to find them in Česká stodola Dejvice - (the one in Nusle has been closed since November). In Potraviny Karel Vávra at Francouzská 77/8, 120 00 Praha 2-Vinohrady or Lahůdky Valda at Seifertova 683/83, 130 00 Praha 3-Žižkov. But to be certain, just drive to Davle and get them right at the workshop! 🙂

here is the selection, the do not feature in any competition - but I am pretty sure they would leave the other brands far behind 🙂,13

now I remeber I actually once ordered the utopenci on-line and picked it up at Uruguayská street in Vinohrady for free. You can also have them delivered home 🙂 btw the pickled camembert is also excellent!

14 hours ago

Sarah Kiser

Can anybody recommend a wig shop where I can buy high quality and realistic wigs in various styles? ... See MoreSee Less

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Let me know.

There is a wig shop next to Lucerna. I think Štěpánská.

I saw a shop on Zlatnicka ( off na porici ) but beware some charge you to try them on we found out

this is the one in Štěpánská:

this is the one at Zlatnická 5 (you find the same shop at Národní 19)

15 hours ago

Aren Ock

why have the bells in the old town and petrin been ringing and ringing the last 10 mins? What did i miss? ... See MoreSee Less

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It’s because I got married today

it´s because of the Epiphany - 19th of January according to the orthodox calendar 🙂 end of Xmas, semi-naked Putin´s dipping in the freezing water and bells ringing in Prague. It is all connected 😉

2 days ago

Joshua Mensch

What’s the best way to send money (e.g. $100) to someone in the US from Europe? ... See MoreSee Less

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TransferWise. Really!

Thanks for the recs!

Ltc, eth..

Paypal works too, but is a pain because they will only allow accounts in the local currency, which means you have to accept the exchange rate they give you. Which isn't very good.

Transferwise works well. I transfer money to the USA often. PM

Transferwise or Revolut or Currency Fair. Check all to see which comes up as the best cos it can change and depend on the amount your sending etc. 🙂

transferwise or bitcoin 😀


Moneygram or Paypal

2 days ago

Callum Voge

Anyone know where I can buy this? I used to buy it at kshop but they stopped stocking it. Somewhere in the center is preferred. ... See MoreSee Less

Anyone know where I can buy this? I used to buy it at kshop but they stopped stocking it. Somewhere in the center is preferred.

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If you go across the tracks at hradcanska there is a market that sells a lot of items like this. Try there. Tram stop hradcanska. Cross the train tracks, on the left- first market with a green and red sign. I don't remember the name. If anything, the trip won't be wasted. They have great produce and asian goods.

What is it

We buy this all the time! It is so addictive. The Lee Kum Kee shop on Korunni carries it.

The Korean shop at Namesti Republiky , I think its called K-Shop

11 hours ago

Mairi Claire McManus

Hi any suggestions on where to buy some new fitness gear? I'm on a new Jan health kick and need some new kit 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

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Nike or Adidas shop, sportissimo or decathlon if want something cheaper. Worth to check Lídl and Tchibo

12 hours ago

Aaron Ott

Are any bars showing Spence vs Porter? ... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago

Antonya Paz

Hi guys, can you recomend me cheap stores for goods here , such as Target or Walmart in US ? Not chinese/vietnamese stores please ? ... See MoreSee Less


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But doesn't everything in Walmart/Target come from China?


pepco carry also some home stuff


Also looking for similar department store 🙂 somewhere I can find cheap appliances (toaster etc) or other kitchen bits and pieces

I head out to Globus. It’s more old school Walmart (think 90s/early 2000s) than Target, but I can get a lot of random things for a reasonable price.

Primark, but it will be open probably next year or hopefully this year 🙂

For cheap goods also look online Alza as some nearly news there as well

I am so glad they dont have Wal-Mart's or targets here. You can find better deals online here at

Albert at Chodov mall and Tesco Extra and Pepco at Eden. Flying Tiger has small items for decor.


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2 days ago

Teodora Domanizsa

Hi everyone, before im going to my landlord, I would need an advice. The washing machine in my flat is not working well anymore. I live in that flat for 8,5 years and this particular washing machine was already there with the previous tenants. In your opinion, will i have to pay for fixing the washing machine or buying a new one or thats the landlords task? ... See MoreSee Less


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Very much depends on whether the washing machine is included in the lease pursuant to the lease agreement or is it was just casually standing there.

A friend of mine had te fridge go out in his flat. He and the roommates split half the cost and the landlord paid half and it will stay when people move out.

In my personal opinion, this is something the landlord suppose to pay. Some landlords pay even for the lightning bulbs you buy.

well, i do have the contract of the previous tenants (cuz i lived with them for few months before they all left) and there was a list of things in the flat incl. washing maching...then i got the whole contract on my name and there was no specific list...however, when our fridge broke down, he immediately bought a new one...not sure if washing machine can be considered as an absolute necessity in his eyes like a fridge.

I also do need to mention that in the contract is that for repairs until the value of 500 CZK the tenant should pay. I guess then it applies for this case as well.

Our landlord replaced ours at no cost to us.

Depends on the contracts, according u are liable up to 1000kc, but 8.5yrs says u are very decents tenant, even if it was new..u do not get it fixed for 500kc, no way, no.worries

Thank you all for the replies..i will try to fix it first myself and then go to the landlord 🙂

We paid for a new one and the landlord paid us back the money. Though we paid for the installation cost.

Sorry I digress a bit, but you should have mortgaged a flat, and instead of paying to landlord should have payed to bank for such a long.

Our landlord replaced ours when it broke down. And the dishwasher and fridge freezer 😀

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2 days ago

Matt Valenza

Does anyone know where I can watch the Eagles v. Vikings game on Sunday? ... See MoreSee Less


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Also the Patriots - asking for a friend. I've read that BARFuD in Zizkov and Lion and Bar show NFL games but don't know for sure.

James Joyce Irish pub.

Barfud in Zizkov usually shows games.

Yeah, my friend got to watch the Eagles at Barfud last weekend

Yah, Barfud usually shows the games. But you might want to call ahead to reserve a spot. It gets crowded fast on game days.


So who's going? We can reserve a table maybe?

I am going, but the game doesn’t start until after midnight, so I still haven’t received a confirmation that any bar is showing it

Rocky O'reillys

Chris Ledvina

barfud for cheap beer and good wings

The game isn’t starting until 12:40 am. Will Barfud be open?

They normally are.

BARFuD are you open for the philly game?

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4 days ago

Adrienne Hutchison

Ahoj! Does anyone know if there is a Czech equivalent to Goo Gone, De-solv-it, or other sticky-stuff removers? For removing labels from jars! ... See MoreSee Less

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Idk but try hair spray.

I usually boil jars in a large pot, removes the labels and softens the glue for easy removal. Wear gloves 😊 when handling jars

You may be surprised, but put a little vegetable oil on a paper towel and rub. Works just as well as Goo Gone.

WD 40. They have it at hardware stores. Definitely at OBI I ran out last year and found out they sell here. I haven't ordered as I haven't needed but will likely order this year.

Thank you so much, everyone! I have sooooo many ways to do this now! 😍😍

Kofola ?

I use lighter fluid.

Adrienne Hutchison have you tried any that worked, yet?

Hornbach sell a dozen different solvents, not expensive, in their paint dept, in convenient tins, I use several of them for thinning specific aircraft dopes, acetone would probably do it for you.

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1 day ago

Mod Chanankan

Can someone explain me how this thing work? So I just have to put a bait inside and turn its handle to close a whole under it? Or? Mouse would get in from a whole on top?
I just want to catch it without any harm thanks!
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Can someone explain me how this thing work? So I just have to put a bait inside and turn its handle to  close a whole under it? Or? Mouse would get in from a whole on top? 
I just want to catch it without any harm thanks!


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Then what are you going to do with it? If you release it, it will just find its way back.

So January 18th at 8:30PM 2 traps are set at a place where the mouse was last seen 😀

Few more years and people will ask how to use toilet paper 🙂

Hi guys, I’m looking for a Slovak native to teach me the Slovak language. Can someone help? Thank you in advance. ... See MoreSee Less

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Hmm, it might be tricky to find a Slovak teacher here... I am a Slovak myself, studied linguistics, but never really taught anybody my language. I would love to help you out, but I don't know any suitable books or literature to use... Do you already have some? If so, I could check them out and see. But I can always offer the "beer conversation" for practice ;)))

This ain’t a damn dating app! 🤣

1 day ago

Bryce Belcher

Does anyone know how to resolve the "payment by check or money order only" dilemma from here in the CZ to the US? I don't have a checkbook, and I'm not sure if Western Union International Money Orders will be acceptable.
I have to pay the State of Massachusetts for an original Birth Certificate, and they accept only "check or money order". It's best if the check or money order is in the same envelope that I send them (as opposed to having a friend in the US send a check separately, at the risk that the order and payment don't meet). No online payments, credit card, or bank transfers accepted... I swear, the US financial system is still living in the 1970's. Any advice is appreciated.
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Send your request to the friend in the states, and they can send it with their check (or money order).

Geoff Engel, that might be the only way to go, but time is an issue here and that would slow it down a bit. Angee Corvaglia, which bank check did you use? From a Czech bank? (resisting the temptation for puns here...)

Yeah, the US is definitely afraid of it's own shadow. Good luck. I'm still having major issues with banks there now.

This literally has nothing to do with US financial system & everything to do with the State of Massachusetts. I literally just paid the State of California by Visa online.

My sympathies! We have to pay the landscaper for our house in the US by check, and I always send it by registered mail. The lady at the post office told me that the workers pay more attention to registered letters than to “normal” ones. (!)

An American friend here who still has a checking account in the states would be easiest...

I wish they would get rid of the check system. Nothing worst than being behind someone paying with a check takes forever!

Even though its going getting rarer and rarer.

Hi I live in MA and would gladly write a check for you. PM me.

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19 hours ago

Miguel Suarez

Good morning everyone,
I have a question for people that rent flats in airbnb.
How do you manage your tax declaration?
I have regular job + during all year 2017 I rented my flat in airbnb.
Tax advisor from my company told me that as I have extra income, they will give me a tax paper and then I must
contact an external accountant to complete the tax declaration. (previous years my company made my tax declaration)

Do i must have a ZIVNO in order to declare this extra income from airbnb ?
If yes, what I should do now, as I dont have ZIVNO?
Would be nice to hear about some experiences .
Also please anyone could advice me an accountant that speaks english ?
Thanks a lot for your help 🙂
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you don't need a VAT number, even if you rented for more than a million Kc in a year, but you might need a zivno. not sure. we rent places out, but i have a zivno and an external accountant, so i don't know if the zivno is actually needed to rent real estate. but i think it's not, as my purposes for my zivno do not include renting real estate. better to just get the form they give you and find an accountant.

Following. Would you need a zivnostensky list to rent-out on Airbnb ? VAT depends on the amount you make on it (you need to vbecome VAT payer when income above 1 million czk I believe). I'm employed and have zivno next to it and indeed use a tax consultant. (In Jihlava, in Czech and cheap)

Sorry my mistake, by VAT i was meaning ZIVNO (i already edit the post). I dont have zivno code, what I should do now as I dont have ZIVNO? A friend adviced me to just make declaration without zivno and after that to request it inmediatly...but I dont know if is the correct thing to do

As far as I know you don't need a zivno, you just need to enter it in the other income sources segment

17 hours ago

Dylan McGeoch

Hey everyone, I’m moving away from Prague at the end of this month and I have some English students that need a new teacher! They are in-company lessons (not private) at metro station Smichovske Nadrazi. 5 lessons total, some on Wednesday and some on Friday but they’re usually flexible about the time. Also, they’re all really awesome and fun to teach! DM me if you’re interested in taking over. ... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

Ian Quigley


Sheri Ballard

Alaa Mashaal

Boga Varga Elisabeth Florence

LJ Thriepland


Please message me. I am qualified and experienced and have time and interest in more students. Thanks!

Laura Walker

18 hours ago

Brad Godette

Looking to rent a Thule roof rack (or something similar) that would fit on a Skoda Octavia for a one-week ski trip to Austria 3-10/2. Anyone have one they'd like to rent or know a place that rents these? ... See MoreSee Less

Looking to rent a Thule roof rack (or something similar) that would fit on a Skoda Octavia for a one-week ski trip to Austria 3-10/2. Anyone have one theyd like to rent or know a place that rents these?


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My local ski rental place rents them, but it is out if Prague. Google pujcovna-stresnich-boxu I have used them before uo in Prague 6

thanks guys, appreciate it.

4 days ago

Jennifer Parker

Greetings and Salutations

This is my first time filing taxes in Czech.

I have a little bit of an emergency. I just got notice I have to return to America for a court hearing on February 1 so I need to get my taxes done prior to my departure.

I’ve had 3 people recommended to me but none have responded.

Can anybody help with another recommendation of someone who could possibly do my taxes this week.

... See MoreSee Less

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If you still need someone PM me, I know a tax consultant, she is fast and charges 800 CZK for the declaration including health and social insurance declaration.

23 hours ago

Callum Reilly

Hey guys, I just got back from overseas and looking through my mail had a package slip that was supposed to be picked up by the 28.12.17. Would it still be in Prague? Sent back to the source? In package heaven? ... See MoreSee Less

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Sent back to the source


Happened to me....depends where to pick it up from. If from one close to you, then it got sent back - but from the main parcel post office, they may still have it.

Just call there, there is a chance they still have it

2 days ago

Carrie Overton

Hello everyone, I am wondering if anyone knows of any USA smartphones that work in CZ? I read that phones there are more expensive. Is that true? I'm trying to figure out if I could/should get a phone here to take over. ... See MoreSee Less

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It was either in 2014 or 2015 that all US cell carriers were required to globally unlock their phones. So any phone with a swappable SIM card from then on should work.

lol our phones are cheaper in the US, it's our plans that are expensive.

The phones are dramatically more expensive in CZ... I've seen close to double the price at times on major brands like Galaxy. The Samsung store was selling the S8 for almost 22,000kc (around $1000) while you could buy the same phone on Amazon for around $600. Anyway, if you own the phone (not a lease) then the carrier must unlock it for you upon request. I can also attest for Sprint, at least, that even if you lease the phone they will unlock it for an international sim (not another US one) if you just call and ask. Not sure about leases from other carriers. If your plan is to buy a phone though, buy an already-unlocked one in the states and bring it here. Then just buy the sim card from any carrier here.

My Samsung phone worked here when I brought it, a few years ago. I didn't have a contract plan in the USA.

Have a look at for cheap phones

From memory, if its quad band, and unlocked you should be fine

We brought our iPhone 6's from the States and they work perfectly fine.

Thank you everyone. I looks like they will unlock your phone *if* you've had service with them for at least six months. That counts me out because I go pre-paid to avoid their ridiculous fees.

That is very good news then. My Samsung phone was a pre-paid phone from T-mobile and it worked just fine here. So bring your phone. 🙂

Like already mentioned the USA cell plans are pretty expensive compared to here. However with 21% vat compared to say 6% where I'm from phones are very expensive here. I have used a galaxy s4 works here but I only get speeds lower than 3g. My new phone lg v10 purchased in Berlin I get 4g or higher. Here they dont have specials on phone when signing a 2 year contract or tariff you must purchase the phone full price. Not surw why its like that here but I believe Germany does specials on phones if you sign a 2 year contract. You won't see many teenagers with 600$ phones here.

Also wanted to mention you can pay monthly for phones but not Sure what the requirements are probably be a long term resident or permanent resident and be here for so many years.

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1 day ago

Sergio Raygada

Hey guys, does anyone know of any cool dark alleys? I’m location hunting for a shoot. Or planning a heist. Either way, suggestions are appreciated. ... See MoreSee Less


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U live in the country?)

Why don't you just go to a bath house?

haha, take a walk - there are many

This is A1, the bike route by the river (south of prague) There are some graffiti too. Some of them are better others are worse. It's pretty dark out there but it depends in which part. There are a few places where you can stop your car too and walk on the bike lane to find a suitable spot. P.S. I assumed that you mean a photo-shoot... If you need to shoot somebody this may also be suitable because you can get rid if the corpse in the river

so try nusle)

You know this one?

Půtova 1/1, Prague 1-New Town

zizkov lol

6 months ago

Dorotea Kish

Where can I buy a cheap but comfy foam double mattress? Just rented a flat, my belongings including bed/mattress dont arrive for a few weeks. The current flat has a mattress that needs to be sprinkled with holy water and incinerated to put it out of its misery. Will need a cheap (new) temporary foam option. Suggestions on where to check? ... See MoreSee Less

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Mobelix and Sconto have some options and Globus has one on sale this week. But I think only the Cerney Most location has mattresses.

Or maybe an air mattress? Then you have a portable bed for guests...

I have the more expensive one from ikea and i'm very much satisfied


Hi Dorotea, I just sent you a PM.


Jysk was cheaper than Ikea when I was searching for mine last year

Hi Dorotea - did you end up finding a mattress? I am shopping for one now.. if you don't need your temporary one anymore, I'd buy it

1 day ago

Saara Zafar

Can anyone recommend good dental insurance covering dental surgery (root canal etc) and also a nice dentist? 😁 ... See MoreSee Less

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I've never used insurance - but nicest dentist in Prague is (And for tennis fan's she's Martina's sister!)

My personal dentist, Dr. Ben Rakušan Dentist / Zubní Lékař. or

2 days ago

Nichole O'Harrow

Looking for a small wooden ladder... Where can I find one that is not IKEA? ... See MoreSee Less

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Bauhaus, Hornbach, OBI?

Saw one yesterday in Pepco, it was more of a decortion though, for hanging pictures and stuff 🙂

I always wonder where this "not IKEA" comes from....

nice wooden things sold at this place (most made in Indonesia) good quality

2 days ago

Kevin Gestin

Hi, do you know where I can still use these? or they are good to put to the trash? ... See MoreSee Less

Hi, do you know where I can still use these? or they are good to put to the trash?

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Platnost = valid till...expired last month

I have a different company and they allow exchange till Jan 20th. Just check with the company that issued yours and possibly exchange.

How many u have ?

I no longer work for the company who gave it to me, i have around 2,000 CZK

Yes, try to contact the company that issued them. Dont know how it works with individuals but when I had left overs when ordering for work I was always able to send it back and they send us the money towards 'dobropis' (sorry dont know the word in english).

Thank you! I will contact them 🙂

I remember that Sváček in Štefanikova street (near to Anděl) used to accept meal ticket from previous year even in January. Ask them. They have very good stuff.

1 day ago

Varun Prakash

Hello Everyone! Are there any sports bars/venues that are open till late (4 am or later) and usually show live UFC events? I want to catch UFC 220 live on early Sunday morning (main event starts 4 am) , but have been trying and failing to find such a venue. Any MMA/UFC followers that can point me in the right direction? Thank You! ... See MoreSee Less

Hi, does anyone know of a restaurant that serves hot pot? ... See MoreSee Less

Hi, does anyone know of a restaurant that serves hot pot?


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momoichi has a japanese version that is pretty good

Chinese Garden(?) on Keramicka is good

As a northerner (UK) that's what we call hot pot. Not helpful I know but just wanted to share...

Kiin Di Modern Thai Restaurant. Your Thai spot in Prague 4 does sometimes.

2 days ago

Claudiu Isar

Anyone here owns a Toyota in Prague (new or used) and is willing to share their experience with services and/or dealers?

Thank you
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2 days ago

Drew Carson

Has anybody ever seen a cheaper beer than this? ... See MoreSee Less

Has anybody ever seen a cheaper beer than this?


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Hah that's pretty good. There was a bizarre promo last year I believe at Tesco for some "off brand" beer for 1.9 Kc each. It was in the news. But otherwise this is pretty damn low.

same price for equivalent at lidl when it is on sale

and give me protivin beer over nachod beer any day 😀 (having drunk maybe more than my fair share of both)

Primator is good too. Are their ales also on sale?

And where exactly was this? {Grabs Ikea bag}

Albert in Pankrac

Aka hell on earth

David Denfield - Albert has a beer sale

They always have a beer sale. But my attentions have switched back to wine...

Every now and then Tesco will have some for around 4 czk

It's actually not a bad beer, thanks for the info 🙂

And when you return the bottle you get 4Kc back... so beer = 1.90

Yass Zal

should anyone want a 12 degree beer for a decent price, lidl has their argus brand (actually platan) for 7,90 plus deposit through this weekend

Over the summer Lidl had their Argus 10 for 4,90.

sometimes we would get 3.5kc on some sale stuff

Yeah, used to be you could get Bernard for 5kc, so you pay 10 with the bottle tax.

Mama mia

I miss Prague

Kevin Sundin Laura Elizabeth Prince

There is a reason it is only 5kc. Ive seen it in billa a few times for 7kc.. wouldn't touch the stuff.

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2 days ago

Lilly H. Tran

There must be some kind of sorcery going on here but i cant figure out how to seal this jar with the elastic band that come with it...
Anyone have a trick up their sleeve to figure this out ? :/ Must be some kind of rocket science i overlook
... See MoreSee Less

There must be some kind of sorcery going on here but i cant figure out how to seal this jar with the elastic band that come with it...
Anyone have a trick up their sleeve to figure this out ? :/ Must be some kind of rocket science i overlookImage attachment


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these type of jars have brackets that clamp the circumference of the glass to put pressure on the gasket (elastic band). It seems you've lost them.

There should be two clamps that came with the Weck Jar:

Thanks guys, probably bcs i purchased the jar with good inside instead of the canning set so it didnt come with the clamps :). Will try to get them somewhere, hopefully tesco have them

Tescoma would possibly be a more likely place to find them. They have more unusual stuff.

I suppose you could get it to seal if you put hot stuff in the jar and hold the lid while it cools down. The pressure difference might be enough to hold it in place.

Self seal with heat, the elastic band would never apply enough pressure to make that much difference.

normally you need special little clips like this - they attach the lid to the lip of the glass, with the rubber ring in the middle. 🙂

2 days ago

Marc Macaspac

hello everyone, my 9 year old washing machine broke, and I am getting ready to get a new (used) one. Where can I get rid of the old one? I live in Prague 1 and I'm not a citizen, I just have long term residence..thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

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If you buy a new one, the company that sells it to you will take the old one. If you buy a 2nd hand, you need to dispose it at your local Sberny Dvur. It is free with a permanent residency or last time i try , with the temporary , and a big smile and speaking Czech 🙂. Otherwise there is a few I guess.

I can do the big smile and speaking czech, I'll see if they accept the long term residency, or bring a friend with me..thanks Leila 🙂

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