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9 hours ago

Erida Prifti

Hi guys, I am looking for a 3+1 apartment to move in. Hoping someone can help with suggestions. ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

Anneke Stafford

Hello All,
Is anyone coming back from the US in the next few weeks? Wondering if you would be willing to transport a medium-sized book from the US (difficult and expensive to order from Germany). If so, PM me and I can have Amazon ship it to a US address. Thanks!
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What book, I have a friend coming and then we're going to Prague together so I can get it to you. (beg of April) I can check for you if that time frame works.

Have you tried to find the book on Book Depository? They have free shipping worldwide.

If you still need help, let me know. Tom is in the US one more week and I send an address to you.

Thank you Leslie! I will take you up on this, seems to be the best way to get it quickly. Can you pm me the address?

Marissa, I tried the Book Depository (love that site!), but they don't carry it.

Hi Jenny, will see if I can work with Leslie as I need the book sooner than April. Thanks though!

Let me know if you still need help....I am going to the US next week.

18 hours ago

Janez Kobal

Hi guys, urgent help! I'm a Vinohrady kinda guy, but today I'm organising pre-party-drinks for a hippie kinda gang + one weirdo Australian and I forgot all of the cool places in Zizkov.

So, Zizkov area, around Konjevova, nothing fancy but not a hospoda, Veggie snacks welcome.
Any tips? 😊
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Not sure it's still open but this place is as hippy as it gets take your own veg 🍆🥕🌶️🍅🥑 PS Konjevova = Koněvova

Bike jesus

U 7 Vlku, Chocobamba, Los Cypher, Akropolis etc etc etc

Hippie gang and one weird aussie? We'll need the story of how that went!

1 day ago

Mirela Munteanu

Where do you take your cooking oil for recycling? ... See MoreSee Less


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Eg. Toulcuv dvur has containers

In general, apparently every "sberny dvur" should have a container on the site. Check out the one for the part of Prague where you live.

I drop it at the petrol station in designated bins for oil drums

thank you!

Down the sink

If you have your own restaurant, you can buy ' lapac tuků'. It is a special machine, that separates used oil out from water.

1 day ago

Carrie Overton

Any one have experience with Waldorf schools in Prague? How much do they cost? Thank you! 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less


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Elementary school in Strossmayerovo has one class (public school)


I don't know anything about schools but there's a pub in Manchester called the Waldorf which I'd highly recommend. For food and drink that is, not educating your children

I found this! Now to get my brother in law to translate..

There is a school in Prague 5 and one in Prague 6, which is not so famous and also a high school and combined elementary and high school There are also many kindergartens in case you are interested.

18 hours ago

James Kvam

Are there any other parents here who find themselves constantly treating their children for head lice they caught at school? It seems that one of our children gets it 2-3 times a year from someone in school. Is it that common in other places in Europe?

For us, when it happens, it means hours of treatment, checking the other members of the family, and cleansing the whole house. Do other Czech parents treat it aggressively, or is it the case that a few treat it nonchalantly and continue to pass the misery on to others?
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No, it’s not common here and 2-3 times per year is really a lot... I recommend to talk to the headteacher...

I know that is is common here - that is for certain. I just don't know why ...

It's common world wide. You don't need to clean the whole house. You need to get rid of the lice and eggs from all family members. There are probably one or two classmates who are a little licey. They can't hurt you, or spread disease. They're just itchy.

I get the feeling that a few parents just accept that it is not a big thing if their children remain lousy during the winter. Some schools in the world will actually check children when there is a lice outbreak and send them home. It is for certain our school treats it as no big deal.

I used to teach kindergarten here and dealt with a few parents who were VERY nonchalant about it and as a result we wound up dealing with it for months on end. One of the parents actually yelled at my coteacher one day for telling him for maybe the 5th time that his child still had lice. My guess is that most parents take it seriously but that a few don't and cause trouble for everyone else

Anytime I hear anyone talk about getting lice, they feel extremely ashamed about it. I myself never had it, thank God, and I find it to be a generally rare incident. There are outbreaks in kindergartens and school, sure. But accepting that children are lousy? Kidding me?!? And I never heard anyone having it more than once, let alone multiple times per year, except for my grandmother in the 40s. So please, spare us the "dirty east Europeans" comments. 🤨

In the eight years that my daughter's been at preschool or school, we've received lots of notifications that lice are going round, but she's only got them once. It gets better as they get older and aren't so inclined to put their heads together. It's a good idea to make sure children with longer hair have it tied back during an outbreak.

I hate this thread, my head now itches.

That said, when you do have them, it can take a long time to get rid of them, even with aggressive treatment, and then just when you think they're gone they pop up again. If children had to be off school all that time, they'd miss a lot of school. You do have to teach them to stay apart from each other during that time, look after their hats etc.

I don't want to sound racist, but in my country, Bulgaria, it is mostly Roma kids who spread lice in schools. They are generally ☺ nonchalant about anything. Perhaps it is the same here? When I was a kid, I lived in a village and my mom only bathed me on Sundays!! Even so, there wasn't a lice outbreak more than once a year! Rare showering isn't the only reason. And I don't think people here are "undershowered". ☺ As for how schools deal with it, that's another issue. Back in my childhood I would be sent home and would not return if I weren't treated.

Having lived in France for 12 years it was an enormous shock coming here . In France the chemist is decorated with a large plastic louse in the window and bottles displayed and the teachers s informs the parents that there is lice and all very relaxed etc but here it was a bitter experience ...the teachers told all the children to keep away our children were teased and no one said where the lice had come from as we had been open about it . Persecusion a bitter experience coming from France where the teachers pick up the little children and kiss them if they are crying

Lice are common everywhere where kids spend a lot of time together. Private or public school, US or Czech Republic.

I know of several kids here and none have had it in the 2-3 years I've known them. (and due to family gossip. I would hear about it) Growing up in Minnesota, in grade school one of my friends always had lice literally. It's like it just travelled from kid to kid in grade school.

I heard about natural ways to prevent them. A very simple recipe like mix water with lavender essential oil and spray it in the comb or behind your kid’s ears everyday as a repulsive. But I will check the exact “recipe” and get back to you

Essential oil based shampoos might help prevent lice ( tea tree oil, lavender oil, coconut oil)

9 years living here, not a single case of lice so far

Mine keep coming home with cooties! It's the worst!!!!!!

Head lice prefer clean, freshly washed hair. Just sayin' 😉

Lice can't stand essential oils - Peppermint, Tea Tree, Lavender. More than that, the oils actually help get rid of the eggs as well. Take care how you use the oils and what oils you use, not all of on the market are good quality. Give me a shout should you need more info.

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14 hours ago

Meredith Stevens

Did anyone happen to snap a pic of the big fake KFC sign (Kebab Falafel Coffee) for the kebab place on Spalena near Narodni Trida? I kept meaning to take a picture and then they had to take the sign down. ... See MoreSee Less


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Hahaha hahaha 😂 hahaha

I guess you mean this one 😀 turkish friends place..kpc means kebap pizza coffe

10 hours ago

Mateus Barbosa

Hello, all
Someome with electricity knowledge to give us a help?
We don't have power in our flat and our circuit breaks are like this in the photo
The first one (top left) is refusing to be put up
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Hello, all
Someome with electricity knowledge to give us a help?
We dont have power in our flat and our circuit breaks are like this in the photo
The first one (top left) is refusing to be put up

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Looks like there is some device (lamp, whatever) doing short curcit hence its doesnt go up. Try to eliminate possible ones and try to push them up.

Disconnect the last piece of electrical equipment you used and try again.

Have you checked the main breaker for your flat? Will be outside of your flat, most likely in the hall? Also the above mentioned, make sure whatever blew the circuit, is unplugged.

Unplug everything in your house and then try to push the left one up.

Do as Cristi wrote.

It was up firstly when the the power was down, then I switched it down to turn it on again and it refused to go back

Did you check the main breaker box outside the flat?

when it happened to us, we disconnected all electric devices and then removed lamps one by one and tested. it turned out to be a broken lamp that made short circuit and didn't let the thing go up.

Thanks everyone for the help. However, after disconnected everything here, tried everything, no progress. It seems like we are going to need a eletricist, some suggestions?

Sometimes you have to push a bit more down on the switch and then push up

It could be much easier. You may have another one switch outide of your flat. It may be turned off as well.

It worked now, I've found out the switch needs a lot of force to be switched up I was afraid of breaking it, then I tried harder, and it worked! Thank you all!

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12 hours ago

Neil Jones-Newton

Anyone have a Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit disc I can borrow or buy. Its for an Acer but every ISO I tried fails?
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ahahah i have the same problem. I am downloading an iso from torrent. If it works i'll send you the link.

You can use the official download feom microsoft. Use a second computer to burn it to usb.Then enter your key after installation

Warez is not a good solution(you never know what such Windows can contain). Download directly from MS servers:

1 day ago

Kryštof Novák

Are there any Icelandic people in Prague who would like to share some local knowledge for an upcoming trip in exchange for beer?

This will be our second visit but this time we intend on driving.....
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Are there any Icelandic people in Prague who would like to share some local knowledge for an upcoming trip in exchange for beer?  

This will be our second visit but this time we intend on driving.....


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I'm going in March if you have any tips to share 🙂

I've been twice. Most recently in August. The first time in late November. We plan to go again on a two week camping adventure. I'd happily try to answer any questions.

I drove around Iceland for a week, and wrote up a blog post about it if this helps 🙂 Let me know if you have any other questions, a road trip there is absolutely incredible!

12 hours ago

Corin Na

I am looking for recommendations for a (kids) orthodontist preferably around Chodov (but not necessarily if its worth to go further). Any advise is appreciated! ... See MoreSee Less

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Never tried but was recommended to me:

I went to an orthodontist here for a repair on a permanent retainer. The facilities were modern and the head orthodontist spoke English. He even explained to me how the retainer was different in the US compared to the Czech Republic. It was ~800 as someone who wasn't a patient paying out of pocket. I'm not sure their prices as a regular patient who has braces put on. It's near Florenc. I can find the contact info if you'd like. I am still very happy with the repair 🙂

3 days ago

Greg Zimmer

Apostille Question - Has anyone had their University Diploma appostilled in the US? I have a copy of my diploma appostilled, but it appears that will not work. From my knowledge, US notaries will not notarize a university diploma because they cannot confirm if it is authentic. Any help? ... See MoreSee Less

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We were both able to get apostilled duplicates of our diplomas direct from the university. I would try that first.

My boyfriend did this - you must contact your university where you received your diploma - at least with my university, there was an option to order an appostilled version. With this process, they sent ithe replacement diploma to the secretary of state in your state and they will put a fancy stamp and piece of paper attached with it saying its official. Yes - it took forever, even with expedition.

Little more detail - His university does not have a notary, nor will they release a replacement diploma to anyone without Greg being there. The diploma was issued in Pennsylvania and PA notaries are telling us that it is illegal to notarize an original diploma because they cannot authenticate it.


I paid $35 to my UNI and then after they issue it they automatically send it to the Massachusetts office where apostles are done then it’s mailed to the address I designated. Contact your registrars office.

Meredith Stevens

I had to deal with this this summer and it was a nightmare. I hired a service (that I would not recommend at all because they fucked up majorly twice) and contacted my university. Their official copy was accepted and the service went to get the Apostille (in New York you have to go in person but apparently there are some states where you don't have to). It was an expensive and shitty process. Contact an Apostille service in DC.

I took my original diploma to the office of the secretary of state in Wisconsin and it took about an hour to get the stamp.

In my case I got mine notarized by a notary at my university (MSOE) so they knew it was valid and it was easy peasy then to send in for apostille

12 hours ago

Oliver Pilemand


On the hunt for something that looks like these pictures - anyone know of such a place in or close to Prague? 🙂
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It's smaller, but maybe take a look at "La Degustation".

your images are very much in conflict with your text, sir - you show an elegant ballroom, a stately room, fine banquet settings in towers, a dimly-lit restaurant in a traditional, arched setting... perhaps you should explain what it is you are really after and the purpose thereof /

Sounds like a weirdly specific question but ok

Aquarius Restaurant

Chateau Mcely *****

Café Louvre?

This is probably too far, but Cafe Gerbeaud in Budapest fits this description. Possible road trip in your future?

French restaurant in obecni dum

Cafe Savoy

try contact people from Zlata Praha (Intercontinental Hotel) Soho+ Siddharta Cafe Oblaca (Tower Park) Bellevue Cathedral Cafe Lounge & Restaurant

Batel Admiral has a very nice resaurant Have a look on it

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18 hours ago

Elizabeth Mills

Looking for a fun and approachable salsa dance community..
Any cuban rueda, brazilian forró or other dance lovers??
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Salsa Praha komunita 🙂

I am a bachata girl myself! I joined some Facebook groups but haven’t seen much as far as events

18 hours ago

Megan Barney

Hi all, does anyone have a camera with a macro lens to take couple of photos for me? Of course, I will happily compensate for time, etc. Thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

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I have a decent camera on my phone. I'm in work Tuesday, Wed and Thursday if that's any help? x

i need super close up of my eyes. My Dad is an artist and this is his new project 🙂 Let's try and see what happens.

It's impossible to take pictures of your own eyes looking the right way 🙂

OK, we can have a go.

I have Macro lens sigma

2 days ago

Alex Erskine

A bit of an outside shot, does anyone know if a fabric store in Prague sells the metro seat fabric pictured here? My mom is a sewing nut and would love this (color notwithstanding). ... See MoreSee Less

A bit of an outside shot, does anyone know if a fabric store in Prague sells the metro seat fabric pictured here?  My mom is a sewing nut and would love this (color notwithstanding).


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Try contacting DPP - they have an eShop even. If you manage to get the right person you could probably get someone to sell/give you some

That was most likely made 20-30 years ago when the trains were

I will write in Czech to them if you want

1 week ago

Pra Zak

Want to go skiing near Prague for a day? Anyone is welcome. Looking forward to hear from YOU

I am an active and adventurous guy in his 30s who lives in Prague looking for people interested in going skiing to one of the many local ski resorts near Prague for a day. We would go with one of the organized local ski bus groups on offer leaving Prague in the morning and coming back to Prague late afternoon the same day. If necessary, skiing equipment can be rented upon arrival.

I also like tennis, travel, laughter, interesting and easy going people with a positive outlook on life/sense of humor, wellness, foreign languages, dance, cultural activities, international cuisine, Prague, nature, wine, beach volleyball, badminton, skating,...
... See MoreSee Less

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I intend to take a day off of work next week and go alpine skiing to Jested in Liberec. It is great skiing and only 1 hour by skibus from Prague. The conditions and weather has been great in Jested. The bus leaves from the Florenc Main Bus terminal in Prague at 7 AM coming back to Prague late afternnon the same day. The skipass for the day is 590 Czech crowns. I can take the day off any day next week

Anyone interested and woud like to join? Let me know. Thanks and have a great day

I noticed this week that there are even buy 1,get 1 free skipasses available for Jested in Liberec. This would bring the price for a skipass and a great day of skiing down to 300 crowns per person.

We have been skiing in Jested (Liberec) this week and it was absolutely perfect. Amazing snow conditions and sunshine with no queues at all. Intend to take a day off of work this week with the skibus leaving Prague in the morning and coming back to Prague the same day late afternoon..

Anyone would like to join? It could be any day next week. Feel free to ask any questions

Hello.anybody knows a big indoor playground for s 3,5 years old girl? the ones i know are so small ... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

You mean something like Žirafa in Cestilice? Afaik there is one in Zlicin, Toboga I guess, next to IKEA

Or maybe trampolines? 😉


Kolbenova 'brumbambule '

Merhaba bence yaşına göre en uygun yer Time Out oyun parkı. Metropole Zlicin ve Chodovda da var biz de bugün Chodovdakini denemeyi düşünüyoruz. Benim kızım da 3.5 yaşında daha büyük yerlerde biraz sıkıntı oluyor.

Koala cafe, hostivar

There's a nice one at Arkady Pankrac, on the middle level I think. The mall at Budjeovicka is pretty nice too, just above the Bila.

20 hours ago

Janne Oksanen

Might be a long shot but does anybody happen to have a Raspberry Pi lying around that they would be willing to sell? ... See MoreSee Less

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Montaser Abuzaid ?

There is one for sale in group Prague Buy/Sell/Trade

I do

3 days ago

Aga Critchlow

Am not sure if this will be kicked out..but the attached are my previous students UJOP UK (charles university)...they are in a bit of trouble and need help getting the right help. They just had premature twins born and the cost is beyond their means, especially the medica bills which their insurance wont cover as they are just foreigners. Appereantly, (they are Russians living here) they do not qualify for any state support from the Czech government nor from the Russian as they don't live there. Maybe you know what organizations, groups they can reach out to get help. Ps. You can send suggestions directly to them. ... See MoreSee Less


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Which insurance do they have? If it is state insurance, then country of origin is irrelevant. They will get life saving treatment. This is just panic

Ergo offers insurance for new mothers, available to all foreigners. Not sure of the cost.

as they were both studying here their Masters and Ph.D I believe they just had a typical "foreigners" insurance.

this world sucks... 🙁

Simona Zavadilova, any idea? This is so unfortunate 😢

contact IC Praha. they're a Czech non-profit organization that provides free consultations and other help to immigrants. This is the sort of thing that they help with, I think. I've used them a few times, and they were very helpful. I highly recommend.

NGO's can't and won't do a thing about this. I've read once that even the ombudsman's efforts were futile. This policy is beyond inhumane and not according to the EU standards or the UN conventions regarding the children/human rights. This is not the first time this is happening. For example I can only hope many people will help them financially.

I am sorry about their situation but she knew is is pregnant for 9 months why didn't get insurance ?

Do they have maybe a crowdfunding thing where people can donate to help them? Maybe also try to contact Russian radio in Prague to get more attention and possibly more people will be able to help.

Grrrr...if she's been a legal resident, she's had insurance since 2016. Contact Dan Dvoracek and lawyer up. I just paid this damn bill, but it's cheaper than a birth.

Please give me the name of the hospital where they are and i will help them by person.

Kristýna Omastová - anything can be done to help them?

How about the association for twins (ask Chris Gardiner )? They can certainly help with the transparent account stuff.

Isaac Kip and others who think these parents are to blaim: you should just read the small prints these insurance companies have for their pregnancy plans (which cost over 2000EUR). For example here: they claim that "All costs of Complications, Surgery, and Hospital stay are covered except a premature delivery prior to the 8th month of pregnancy" Other are setting the limit at ca. 80.000EUR for postnatal care which I believe has already been used up in this case. This system is just plain discriminative and corrupt. There was no insurance available that would have enough coverage (if any coverage at all) for these babies.

I am surprised that intelligent people get into this sort of situation.

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3 days ago

Carly Burdová

Can anyone recommend a good prenatal (pregnant) yoga or exercise class in Prague? English preferred (at least to communicate with the teacher) but open to Czech speaking classes too. Thanks! ... See MoreSee Less


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Carly!😍 Studio Elixir on jzp has a prenatal yoga class. No idea if the instructor speaks Eng tho.

Yoga Karlin! <3

Contact Kara Cline /Fempowered, she's the best. .

You can also try ..its a material for home but they have great yoga program for pregnant ladies..its good for beginners too

I offer prenatal yoga classes in english, send me a pm for details

Bumps, Babies and Tots - Prague

Anastasia may be able to help you out 🙂 She recently had her baby and was doing yoga the whole way through.

Carly?? is it for you? ;)))

Yoga Krymská, it's in theory in Czech but if you let know the teacher (Bara) that you speak English, she will speak in English for you, she's very nice!

Who's the father? the teacher is an Indian lady living in Prague, she only does English lessons. I've been there a few times - quite expensive, otherwise it was nice 🙂 ( to note that i dont have any yoga experience so i cant compare it with anything)

omg!!! 😍😍😍

Yeah I want to push my bathroom salsa talent a bit.

Karina Bolan is really great, she teaches regular prenatal yoga classes in English.

Vuslat Şentürk my wife


Martina Jiskrova ?

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3 days ago

Mia Rantipole

What happened to that Porta Potty at Letna? ... See MoreSee Less

What happened to that Porta Potty at Letna?


Comment on Facebook

Too much chili right?

Fallout from the winghaus nuclear challenge?

Guessing from the picture seems like someone is picking flowers

Probably the same fuckwits who keep vandalizing Stalin.

Self-immolation protest at the re-election of Miloš Zeman as president...

Looks like a fire result. Some Pyro maniak

They ate too much Czech food and blew it up.

So it has really come down to that we will be commenting a picture of a burnt down TOITOI that it is burnt down? What comes next? Is this a fork?

PermMulhern after those fiery wings?

Johnnie 5 not alive 🙁

That must have been some epic chilli 🤣🤣🤣

I didn't know there was a Taco Bell in Prague.

The plastic might have melted, most probable cause being cigarettes.. And this seems to have caused the whole thing to fall apart

Must have been some pretty deadly shit

when a port-o-potty is done in like that, it's usually the port-o-potty closest to it that's the culprit.

A clear meltdown 😀

Has anybody checked if Oscar Pistorious owns a flame thrower?

I think Zeman probably used it.

Gil Goldman התגובות משעשעות 😘


Meth, not even once

Explosive Diarrhea?

some toxic shit has been goin on there

The Coca Cola melted it down 🙂

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2 days ago

Megaan Tope

Hello! Is there a gentle soul out there who owns a ladder and lives the in the Biskupcova (Rohacova Street) area? I really need to borrow one today if possible! I have many lights out and am getting tired of making sure I do things before I lose the sunlight. My landlord is not responding for some reason....Help!

*could also be a taller step ladder.
... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

Have you asked any of your neighbors in your building? That is what I did. 🙂

Megaan, did you find a ladder? I don't live near you but I live near the metro. If you're still in need, we can make it work 🙂

19 hours ago

Antonija Katusic

🙏🏼 I beg on my bare knees.. if anyone knows anyone who could advance me on the waiting list at NOMA, Copenhagen on 2- 3 March... ... See MoreSee Less

19 hours ago

W du Nascimento

Someone selling Enrique Iglesias tickets for the concert in May? 🤔❓❓ ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

John Vp

Moving soon, and I realize CrowdSauce is Czech for "trolls" but here goes:

- anyone have experience finding a bunch of cardboard boxes?
- I'd like to pick them up either this weekend or early in the day on Feb 24
- possible recommendations for renting a van or small box truck?

Not looking for just free stuff, just a bit of direction
... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

- smaller boxes - try Tesco/Lidl/Norma/Albert and ask for some leftovers - bigger boxes - I bought mine at Bauhaus, they can care up to 30 kilos

Hi we have some! Big ones like these from chairs and small ones from fruit and veg.

I'd be happy to collect them! Want to PM me to coordinate?

Our shipping container from the states is arriving on the 22nd. We will have tons of boxes by the 24th if you still need some.

CrowdSauce is Czech for "trolls" love it. 😂🤣😂

Max the mover, super great Albanian guy 775 609 956

pm re transport

the direction is to damn search this group!

I've got some packing paper (25-30 sheets) you can have.

3 days ago

Simon Storey

I thought Trdelnik was a really Czech dish. Is it not?

BuzzFeed Food
Check Out This Smoking Dessert
... See MoreSee Less

BuzzFeed Food


Comment on Facebook




Well, there we go.


Of course it is Hungarian 👍just like the original goulash ☺️🇭🇺

I read another story that it came from a town in Slovakia (something like Skalice?) couple hundred years ago by a Hungarian guy. I have to say, it's here now, so it is somehow Czech, and I like it 🙂

It's originally from Transylvania, made by the hungarians living there, which is why you will find it sold even in Budapest as erdélyi kürtöskalács. Trdelník is the name of slovak origin used in the Czech Rep., Slovakia and some more.

If these are not truly cz what is??

Nope. I am native Czech raised and living here most of the time and I seen first trdelník few years ago when they started flooding downtown markets… they are as Czech as langoše or medovník, btw.

Youuuuuuu! Need to eat a REAL ONE: kürtőskalács;)


Makedah Coke

I seen this being sold in Sarajevo and Mostar 😉 So Balkan perhaps haha

Definitely Slovak 🙂

These are. Yummy had them in Prague


Slovakia from what is read


Transylvania Romania actually

Perhaps we need to make trdelnik hunting into a real sport. We can travel Europe (and the parts of US that copied to too) and make comparisons. I'm afraid my waistline would not appreciate this, but my tummy sure will 🙂

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4 days ago

Lavanya Athreya

Hello saucers,
Where exactly is the elevator to go to Narodni Trida metro?
... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

It's in a very odd location - the yellow dot

Close to the Lazarská tram stop (here's the street view to match up with the map Alex Uher posted).

Next to Tesco....

It’s behind, over at Lazarská tram stop


Alex Uher's post above shows exactly where it is ☺ Why there? So the lift can go straight down to the platforms. Same for the one on Wenceslas Square.

22 hours ago

Jocelyn Weber

Dear all, Anybody going to Paris today or tommorow by car ? I need to bring to my company some light clothes in a luggage a bit in emergency 🙁 Thanks a lot! ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

Shaun O'Banion

Question for my fellow saucers - especially Czech’s:

In the US, it’s pretty standard to ask for a raise after a year of consecutive employment. Does it work that way here, too?

Thanks in advance for your replies.
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Hi! It depends on your employer, type of work you perform and industry. But in general yes, it is pretty standard.

In many european countries is common. The problem is that always there is an excuse for no giving raise like.... "well we didn't catch our goals, it was a difficult year, this year we had reorganization" etc...

3 days ago

Mimi Violette

Looking for bar soap without chemicals / dyes, fillings or artificial blends ..(preferably free of palm oil).. and reasonably priced, or perhaps more reasonably priced if I bought in bulk... Anybody out there hand-making this or know of a shop selling? Thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

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Too picky , do the Czech style (don’t shower )😂🚫🛁

...sigh ^^^ ... Try Manufaktura shops

maybe botanicus

Country Life

Well I know Lush but you probably already know that store? It's not czech but everything else you're looking for.

Shantiya has the khadi brand of handmade soaps that are based on glycerine.There are also other soaps based on sandalwood oil and coconut oil.Affordable rates😉

Dr bronners. Can get in

Vnitroblock sells nice natural soap made out of all kinds of stuff.

My friend makes natural soap, various types, eco etc. Please contact Magda Jotes

Tesco is selling white soap, no dyes, no additives, no perfume, I think Polish made. It is actually very cheap, around 20 kc if I remember correctly.

Everything is a chemical...I mean literally everything. You're shit outta luck.

No chemicals...our society is doomed.

I WANT SOAP WITH NO CHEMICALS! Wait, I am utterly uninformed regarding basic...well...everything.

...and so help me, if I see the term "artificial chemicals" or "artificial additives" I'm going to explode like a faulty Space-X rocket (hyperbole). They are either real or they are not, and ALL of it consists of additives. It started as nothing. Ty f'ing vole.

Martina, Lush soaps aren't completely natural...okay. Where did they come from? The exo-universe?


(Sorry, I'm on an accuracy roll.)

Pedantry Reign!

Next we're going to have to get into "artificial sweeteners". Either they sweeten, or they do not, ty vole.

I know of a wonderful lady who handmakes these organic skin soaps/shampoos using no chemical ingredients. However she is based in Hlohovice, close to Plzen. She takes in orders, but I would have to inquire what are her minimum/maximum order volume and charges for bulk. Will get more info and pass on here.

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2 days ago

Sam Warren

Hi! I'm looking for some advice on buying a second hand car.

From what I've read it seems like many second hand car dealerships in Prague should be avoided... So can anyone recommend me the best way to find cars, perhaps online? Or any way to find privately sold cars? I have also read that buying in Germany could be the better option, which I'm willing to do...

Secondly, can anyone give me an idea of how difficult the process is going to be in terms of registration, insurance etc being a someone who holds a long term residency permit here? I assume that it will be pretty difficult, like everything else, but just how trouble will it be?

The car really doesn't have to be flash, I just want something reliable and to make sure I don't get completely ripped off!

Thanks in advance!
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I have temp residence and got cart. Registration is easy just make sure you have all the documents, and insurance too is easy to get but without history here be prepared to haggle to get price down

First of all, I would not be so scared about second car markets here (AAAA, AutoEsa, Mamacar, etc.). Anyway now you can check the mileage and technical conditions in official dealer centers. So, if you are buying 6 years Opel from Belgium in AAAAauto in CZ, any official Opel dealer can give you info about everything was happened to this car previously. But of course, ideally to buy 2-3 years car, bought in CZ, with local history. Ideally from the official resellers (Toyota, VW, Skoda, Ford, etc.) if you are still scared, try These are certified VW cars. Registration and insurance is quite fast and easy. It can be done also by the seller for 1000Kc extra.

1) Speak to Jiri Priki 2) look on for better cars in Germany 3) go with him to check them out

Thanks Matthew! I have read in other posts that he is highly recommended... Do you know roughly how much his services cost??

2 days ago

Emanuela Taurino

Hi! Where is possible to put expired medicines? Thanks ... See MoreSee Less


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Take them back to the pharmacy.

Thanks! Do they have the container for expired one? Some are not Czech medicine , do u think they will accept them?

Any pharmacy will accept them ☺

4 days ago

Dana Pick

Appriciate recommendation for a place where I can buy used piano. Reliable and preffered if they speak ENG but not must. Thanks. ... See MoreSee Less

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You could ask here: Prague Musicians offering/seeking (musicians, gigs, instruments, etc)

I imported mine from Thomann in Germany.

There are many. For me electric piano as it can be portable. but you may want acoustic. Look in the link often. 🙂

Hi all,

I'm looking foward to train in combat sports in English (boxing, kick-boxing) using a MultiSport card. Does anyone know if this is possible in Prague ? Thanks.
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2 days ago

Rhodaline Escala

Hello everyone. How is the electricity bill computed at the end of the year? We just received a bill saying we need to pay 6000 kc. We moved to our place in June and the electricity was transferred under my boyfriend’s name that month. How do we know we’re not paying for the excess bills from January to June last year?

Any help is appreciated!
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You pay an amount every month. At the end of the year the electricity company compare your expected usage against actual by taking a meter reading then refund/invoice you for the difference.

If you have PRE, they have an English-speaking customer service option. Just give them a call to discuss the details. That’s what I did. 🙂

Did you guys had to register the reading when you transferred the contract? If so, it is all yours 🙁

Is this style of billing normal in Europe or is it just a Czech thing? In the states my electric company always just billed me for the previous months usage.

Thank you for everyone’s help!

5 days ago

Sam Warren

Is it just me, or is there a LOT of people in Prague using crutches? Does anyone have an explanation for this, or am I imagining things? ... See MoreSee Less


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I noticed that too, maybe the PTs here encourage movement to promote healing.

Winter and ice maybe?

It's ski season!

i also recognised it... maybe its a hype!


Aspirations to Robocop status

Sport. It's bad for the health as I always say. Others insist it's the lack of sunshine so also of vitamine D that makes the bones weak and they break easily.

I noticed this too and asked the hostel about this but no one had an answer

You get them at discount with your second bottle of slivovice 🙂

Simple get pregnant. U will see hundreds alike.

it is skiing season in CZ.

Haha I noticed this when I first moved here too 😀

Have you seen the streets here 😛

You notice it more because these people still use public transport despite the injury.

Well the sun never comes out here so if you dont take vitamin d supplements, you have that problem lol

I remember noticing that too when I first moved to Prague.

I think the city is so accesible for people with injuries, that's why they are not forced to stay at home

They have to use them, you dont see many wheelchairs, do you??🤔🤔🤔

skiing season is here...

tram seat, duh 🙂

Massive overuse of crutches here! Just this morning I watched a guy run down the hill in Zizkov on his crutches- seriously, what's that all about?!?! 😂

A ploy? To get a seat on the tram?

Ski season

uneven cobblestone walkways reek havoc on knees I can tell you

I noticed that too!

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2 days ago

Simone Aglietti

Hello! Is there anyone that can borrow to me the skoda tools for changing this wheel? Is a quite long story and actually I don't see any other solution without spending too much money. I'm close Bohemian Stadium, many thanks!
Now half of the work it is been done, but I still need the key for the 16inches Skoda alloy wheels! Thanks anyway!
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Hello! Is there anyone that can borrow to me the skoda tools for changing this wheel? Is a quite long story and actually I dont see any other solution without spending too much money. Im close Bohemian Stadium, many thanks! 
 Now half of the work it is been done, but I still need the key for the 16inches Skoda alloy wheels! Thanks anyway!

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Did u check yer trunk?

Please avoid obvious comments, I'm an engineer and I've already tried every other option, like pneuservice, etc..

Possibly not a very good engineer 🤣🤣🤣

call breakdown, normally it is included in insurance

Ehm and this is not a quiz show, I just need the tools!😅

If your car doesn't have the tools, then you should buy them anyway in order to avoid getting ticket in the future. Among others, the required equipment for car in Czech includes everything you need to change a tire.

Now half of the work it is done, but I still need the key for the 16inches Skoda alloy wheels..

you need a jack & a wheel lock key. your car should come with both. it should be in the trunk (boot).

2 days ago

Vaiva Ka Bezhan

Hello everyone, does anyone have experience with public libraries in Prague? I guess there are no English libraries, but just English sections.. I am in a need of a few English books from art theory section.. can anyone share their experiences with me? Thank you! ... See MoreSee Less


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Here's an article about libraries that have English book sections.

2 days ago

Kerri Flynn

Hello, does anyone know where I can get a leather good debossed or embossed? Something like below ... See MoreSee Less

Hello, does anyone know where I can get a leather good debossed or embossed? Something like belowImage attachment


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Try this website

BengjyMinu! <3

2 days ago

Paddy Via

Goodmorning Saucers can anyone recommend a hike no more than an hour outside of Prague by train where there will be snow today? Thanks in advance! ... See MoreSee Less


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Some good walks around karlstejn!

The best way to “do” Karlstejn is to take a bus from Zilicin to “Mořina odb. lom” and walk a few kilometres past the Czech Grand Canyon, Velka Amerika.

Probably too late now but Mnisek pod Brdy is a great area, and close!

Floorball. Never played, would like to try. Anyone in need of an extra player today or tomorow? Or next week after Wed. ... See MoreSee Less


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Following. I'm interested in playing as well.

4 years ago

Pinto Mich

Saxophone in Prague!
Schools or private teachers, English or Spanish speakers!
Recommendations, please! 🙂
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Try posting a message (a paper message) on the bulletin boards at the music conservatories (HAMU) downtown.

ok, will do! 😉

I know about one, but my friend is not in the town I can writte you next week with more info, if is not to late for you...

Cyril Oswald.

Martin Debřička

3 years ago

Émilie Fontaine

Hi all!

My mother just reminded me of how much I always wanted to learn how to play saxophone since I am a child! Maybe I should start soon and stop dreaming about it 🙂 Anyone knows of a place to learn in English? Or teacher? Or any advice? 🙂

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Osian Roberts is great

If you are still ineterested, we have an amazing teacher at our school.

1 years ago

Emilio J Madrid


By any chance does anyone know about some private saxophone teacher (english speaker) or some music school which admits adults? Haven't played properly in a long while and trying to catch up!! 🙂

Thanks a lot!
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We have had great instruction from the ISMFA (International School of Music and Fine Arts). They are a bit higher priced than some of the other schools here, but I felt that the 45 minutes of private lessons each week was worth it. Their site is:

Marc Cram is a great sax player... I sent him your query (not on CS) and he might try to message you.

If you are still interested at this point, we have an amazing teacher Martin Debřička

Average costs for hiring an accountant for filing a tax return for 2 freelancers? ... See MoreSee Less

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I don't know if there would be a discount for two (my guess is no, unless the activities are close to identical), but I've seen prices between 300 and 2 000 CZK. In the lower end, I've been asked to sign that I did the tax return myself (probably the accountant is trying to avoid taxes :P).

Our accountant did it for 2000 total for two people.

3 days ago

Ted Otis

why are medications individually sealed/wrapped here? I just want a bottle of Tylenol ... See MoreSee Less


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Most likely because a bottle of 20 pills would be half empty or tiny. Blister packs just give the consumer bigger packaging. Some medicines are air/moisture sensitive though, so it makes sense to separate those individually.

20? Uh, no.

WHen blister packs of paracetamol became compulsory some years ago, there was something like a 30% drop in suicide attempts by overdose without a compensatory increase in other methods.

I was told I need a prescription for Epson salts! WTF? I didn't have the time for a doctor.... I wanted to use it to help remove a splinter. A pharmacist empathized and gave me an itsy, bitsy amount, about one salt shake worth... about 1/30 of a gram of cocaine. I laughed, thanked her and barely managed to get rid of my splinter.

This is Ibuprofen but maybe this brand makes paracetamol as well?

We have a bottle of ibalgin in the cupboard...

2 days ago

Arika Kulhavy

Can someone link me to the correct IRS form US citizens who live abroad need to fill out? Thanks 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less


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We always just do ours automatically with a standard online service, and they do it for us. But looking back, it seems the form you want is the 2555-EZ for the foreign income deduction.

2 days ago

Dana Pick

My is preparing for Gymnasium exam for 6th grade. We are searching for English teacher (Czech Native!) to work with him on the material for the exam specifically which will require also investigation for the material they will be tested on and how it will be tested to repeat in practice the similar questions (we are ok to buy the preparation books). Happy to hear recommendations. Exam is on mid of April. Possible continue the lesson after the exam. ... See MoreSee Less

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Are you looking for a Czech teacher of English or for the Czech part of the entrance exam? Which gymnasium and where?

English exam for Czech school. It is a state exam so not sure if the school name relevant.

I’ve successfully taught children for Porg, Austrian gymnasium and others but they each had a different entrance exam - never seen a ‘state exam’. I asked where because you are asking for a teacher who would, presumably, travel somewhere?

3 days ago

Paul Dickie

Any one know which ATMs in Prague can be accessed using contactless technology rather than having to insert the card? My card is a too damaged to insert but the contactless works just fine. There is one in Karlin but it doesn't seem to be working today. ... See MoreSee Less

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Go to your bank and request a new card

All Airbank ones

yep try Airbank ATMs:

Savage. Thanks.

Moneta bank ATM's too

Moneta Money Bank introduced it last year and half ago if i remember well. It's a pretty cool feature if you dont want to wear your credit card. Recommended 🙂

I didn't even know such a thing existed. I hope you still have to enter the pin.

Those modern debit cards can’t even go through 100g of Charly without breaking. Scandalous.

My card is opposite. The contactless quit working.

The Moneta ATM in the Vinohradsky Pavilion (entrance on Slezska) does that. Tried it and it works...

Csob at olsanska postoffice

you can also withdraw the money at cash desk in most of the supermarkets.

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