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8 hours ago

Sam Warren

Hi! Anyone know a good Asian grocer/shop close to the centre? Or any supermarkets that sell dumpling wrappers? Thanks! 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

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also interested.

Asian shop on Francouszka

My wife likes this place. Shalamar Foods Lipanská 835/3, 130 00 Praha 3, Czechia +420 222 713 519

Shin Korean shop at Celnice- Namesti Republiky.

I often wonder who ties you peoples shoes in the morning. Do you have to listen to an endless loop reminding you when to breath in/out? Get a life!


Where can I get my pants zipper fixed?

Thank you
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Sapa, cheap and fast.

10 hours ago

Aimée Bremner

Hi guys,

Something very strange happened to me the other day and I was just wondering if you could share some insight.

I was with my boyfriend and my brother (who was visiting for the weekend) and we were taking out dog to Reigrovy. Not 5 minutes out the door some police pulled up asking if we spoke Czech and then asked for our ID cards. My brother had his and I know I’m supposed to carry one but I didn’t grab my backpack as usual because we were going to be quick. Anyways, they asked me where I was from, then my boyfriend (who is American), also didn’t have him. They ignored me and started questioning him with things like “How long have you been in Czech? What’s your name and DOB? There is going to be a problem”, before very abruptly just saying “goodbye” and leaving.

It was so weird, this hasn’t happened to me in the three years I’ve lived here. I know they have the right to check IDs but why would they? Are they looking for someone or is it a random check? They fact they pulled up beside us creeps me out. I noticed a much heavier police presence the next day (Monday) around the area.

It’s just so weird.
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There might have been an incident with someone with a similar characteristics like you or your friends. A very similar thing happened to me in UK, where a car very abruptly stopped next to me and then immediately 3 pigs, ahem cops, came out asking me questions due to a sexual assault incident in the area.

Agree with Simos Dezlein, probably they were looking for someone who fit your boyfriend’s description

Agreed, one night I was chatting on the phone on a nice summer evening on my street over by a park. Popo came over and asked me for ID's and looked me up in the system. Once they saw I wasn't some gangster they were very polite and thanked me and went on their way. I think it's exactly what others are saying - they be searching for someone

I am now on the way from work so can not translate the reasons, but cops can not just stop you to identify. They must state a reason and that reason must be one of those: Sound like police abuse from by you given info.

Yep theyre doing it alot around zizkov.. my mate had a random check as well on the street where they even asked to check his pockets without any valid reason.. zizkov PD goes hard nowadays..not sure why

Not sure if it's related, but just saw some popo in jzp metro chilling with the metro guys.

Happened with us a couple of years ago outside smichov mall. We didn't carry the id as we stay close by but showed the copies from our phones and offered to take them to our apartment to fetch our ids. We were warned and they left. ( I think that's what happened. Or they were too tired to talk with Google translate and left us 😉)

I've never seen anything like that in almost 10 years. I have seen cops once or twice outside the entrance to Novy Smichov as well, or another very public place, but they appeared only to stop "foreign looking" people (aka: black and asian). It could be something as stupid as the foreign police needing to demonstrate they're cracking down on illegals.

And, by the way, you are under no obligation to show your ID to city police. State police can ask for it, but if the city police want your name, they have to call the state police and have them come and get it.

Fake Police collect data base to fraudulent usage of debit and Credit cards.... Sometimes this happens in poland too fake police officers on streets

Fake ppl wearing police uniform acting like Real police especially they target only foreigners who don't speak native language... Easy to make upper hand and rob from ppl

@Giri thats very farfetched.

That does happen with revizors here but its the first time i hear about fake police inside city limits... I know it does happen on highways with truckdrivers but in a city like this i dont think anyone would wanna be caught being fake police.. thats a one way ticket to the ER waiting to happen

I know your boyfriend he was sexually assulting ppl in area the other day mostly elderlies and meee....I called popo on him but apparently they have forgot their teezers so they left it for the next time

If I had to guess, between focusing on him and leaving suddenly it seems they were indeed looking for someone and then were called off for some reason. Probably best to carry your ID at all times just in case. Of course, everyone forgets sometimes, and it shouldn't really be a big deal other than having to stop what you're doing and let them follow you home or going to the station with them in order to be identified.

The law is that you must OWN an ID not carry it with you all the time.

Is you black 🙂

Drew Jane Daniel

Same exact thing happened to me and my gf one month ago. We were walking home from yoga class at 9pm

I don't know if it's related, but I've noticed increased police presence around the Zizkov/Vinohrady border over the last week- even groups of 4 city police out on patrol as opposed to the normal 2.

Super Troopers: Czech Edition

i dont know why so emocional about it, it happened to me 2x also in my country where i was born.. nothing uncommon

I had good experience with Czech Police in Prague so far, even when dealing with "foreign looking foreigners". Anyway, they can give you a fine if you don't have your ID, so I guess that's what they were insinuating when talking about "problem". But my guess is they were looking for someone specific and this was just their knee-jerk reaction when finding out someone is not speaking their language. Sorry I can't help more. If you ever feel your rights were violated, you can contact the Public Defender of Rights ("ombudsman") or legal counselling . The incident you described does not, in my opinion, require any follow-up, but you might feel differently.

Was your bf wearing a long-sleeved, tight-fitting, black & white striped top per chance?

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1 day ago

Drew Carson

After reading about that horrible fire in Prague the other day, it made me think what should you do if your apartment catches on fire here? Are you basically screwed? I don't think I've ever seen any fire safety equipment in any apartment I've lived in in Prague.

Do you just jump out the window and hope you survive?
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I just don't let arsonists in. This decreases risk of fire.

I’m sorry but I have to admit I just burst out laughing at “do you just jump out of the window and hope you survive” In all seriousness there are a few things you can do. Our building which is an old one in Zizkov has proper fire hoses on each floor and we have an extinguisher in the apartment. We bought a smoke detector. Our front building door used to be a death trap as you had to use key to unlock to get out but after gladiator like burglars battered it enough we got it replaced as a building with a modern lock with a key fob where you can get out no matter what.

I did go out and buy a fire extinguisher for our apartment, but that's about it. I do hope, however, that in the typical panelak, any fire started in an apartment would not spread too quickly to other apartments, but that might just be a very naive view on things....

honestly the carbon monoxide is more likely to kill you. get a smoke and CO detector, seek out and commit to memory your exit options and where hoses/extinguishers are located, and then act quickly when you hear anything abnormal. otherwise, don't worry too much about it. most fires i've heard about are localized to one unit.

Yes, you are screwed. At least the building where I live is carefully locked every evening after 9 to make sure that noone gets out even if you would happen to be awake and notice the hazard. According to the other tennants this is to keep "gypsies" (thievs) out and avoid homeless people getting in. Why it needs to be locked exactly in the night and why it needs to be locked at all when it can't be opened from the outside anyway is a mystery. Could either be that they are afraid of the dark or possibly ghosts. Apparently your belonings are more valuable than your life here...

When we were remodeling our apartment and put in fire and co2 detectors the construction guys were laughing like we are crazy. We also purchased this ladder that attaches to window. Reality is extinguisher won't help smoke is what kills

Thankfully I live on the 2nd floor, very survivable ;p and have 2 ways out of my flat

My neighbors insist on locking the exits from the inside at night... terrible to think about what would happen if there was a fire. Are there any laws against this?

I have a smoke/CO detector in our bedroom. Our building has the locked gate deathtrap setup on the stairwell, so every night I make sure to lock my door and leave the keys in it, in case we have to run out in an emergency.

Just hope that god will forgive you for your sins

being prepare and aware. first warning SIGN of the fire: it's getting hot in here

If my place catches fire, hopefully the asshole upstairs who regularly floods his apartment will time it just right.

Balcony dangles and swings. Bit risky, but doable as a last resort. Rooftop escape to next building, either up the stairs, or out the bathroom window into the building's 'well' and up the wall ladder that they always have in them.

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3 hours ago

Trin Cecilia

Hi 👋
When applying for temporary residency, what can you use as the proof of accommodation if you are the owner of your flat? I mean I saw you can use an extract from the property register, which I paid 100czk for online and printed, but is that sufficient? I feel like something I printed isn’t enough, like it has to be signed or made more ‘official’.. any advice would help, thanks!
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Yes that is sufficient, it's an official register that they can verify themselves.

just contract should be enough.

Has anyone seen clam juice (in bottles or cans) here in supermarkets or any other kind of store? It is in a wonderful recipe I found and would so love to find it. Thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

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You know, we czechs are eating lot of miserable things. But seriously. This is disgusting.

Hi Dinah. I would check out the Asian food stores. I might have seen clam sauce at the Korean food store Shin Food at Korunni 47. Good luck.

Do you mean oyster sauce? Asian market or M&S...

Whoever's had clam chowder before has had clam juice. I usually put a few cans in my bag when I come back from Boston. I've never seen it in CZ or in Europe, come to think of it.

Dinah, if you can round up enough clams, my wife got a pretty boss juicer for Christmas.

Many years back I used to buy tiny jars of clams in juice in the international section of goods in Tesco Eden (and Novy Smichov if memory serves) Not sure if they still carry them, but they were there close to Italian products I believe.

8 hours ago

Melissa Mooney

Does anyone know if there's any hope of finding this Label M brunette dry shampoo in Prague? 🙏🏼 ... See MoreSee Less

Does anyone know if theres any hope of finding this Label M brunette dry shampoo in Prague? 🙏🏼


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Toni & guy

here you go... Bomton has them

13 hours ago

Leri Tsagadinova

Good restaurants in vrsovice neighborhood or namesti miru anybody? ... See MoreSee Less

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Bruxx right behind the church if you're into Belgian cuisine and they have great beers 😉 alternatively, the restaurant retro right next to retro music hall is great too. What type of cuisine were you keen on?

Install foursquare

Yuniku Charcoal BBQ !!! 😋

Aromi, Bruxx,Grosetto are always on the top of my favorite list

In Vrsovice I love Jiná Krajina (next to the Ruská tram stop), Restaurace Plevel (very nice vegetarian restaurant, in Krymská) and Café Sladkovský (again, near Krymská). Náměstí Míru has a lot of nice places, too - e.g. Parliament, Kravin...

NUBEERBAR next to Náměstí Míru - great burgers and lots of beers



Javanka is always yummy

Taverna Onos. New Greek restaurant in Manesova 52

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Just got back from a long weekend in NYC and would like to try my hand at making some proper bagels. The recipes I've found call for barley malt syrup...anyone have any idea if it's available here and what this might be called in Czech??? ... See MoreSee Less


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If the recipe works, can you send it to me? I’d LOVE to have real bagels

I miss bagels...mmmm...

If your hunt for malt barley isn’t successful I’ve had pretty good luck with this recipe which doesn’t call for it! Now I’m curious about how the recipes with and without it compare...

Nothing like a toasted bagel with a gob of cream cheese early in the morning watching the city come to life!

We decided not to fight our jet lag since we were only there for four days and got up at the crack of dawn and went out every morning for breakfast....only got to bagels on Sunday morning - man they were good.

I miss beagles.


I’ve been making bagels here using this recipe and they are great. I boil them quite long in a honey water too for a special touch.. New York-Style Bagel Recipe Optional Toppings: Caraway seeds, coarse salt, minced fresh garlic, minced fresh onion, poppy seeds, or sesame seeds. (Everyone in my house prefers plain bagels, but I have no preference, so I just went with the plain, so no one could complain.) 1. In ½ cup /120ml of the warm water, pour in the sugar and yeast. Do not stir. Let it sit for five minutes, and then stir the yeast and sugar mixture, until it all dissolves in the water. 2. Mix the flour and salt in a large bowl. Make a well in the middle and pour in the yeast and sugar mixture. 3. Pour 1/3 cup / 90ml of the remaining warm water into the well. Mix and stir in the rest of the water as needed. Depending on where you live, you may need to add anywhere from a couple tablespoons to about ¼ cup/60ml of water. You want a moist and firm dough after you have mixed it. 4. On a floured countertop, knead the dough for about 10 minutes until it is smooth and elastic. Try working in as much flour as possible to form a firm and stiff dough. 5. Lightly brush a large bowl with oil and turn the dough to coat. Cover the bowl with a damp dish towel. Let rise in a warm place for 1 hour, until the dough has doubled in size. Punch the dough down, and let it rest for another 10 minutes. 6. Carefully divide the dough into 8 pieces (I used a scale to be extra precise, but it’s not necessary). Shape each piece into a round. Now, take a dough ball, and press it gently against the countertop (or whatever work surface you’re using) moving your hand and the ball in a circular motion pulling the dough into itself while reducing the pressure on top of the dough slightly until a perfect dough ball forms (as pictured below). Repeat with 7 other dough rounds. 7. Coat a finger in flour, and gently press your finger into the center of each dough ball to form a ring. Stretch the ring to about ⅓ the diameter of the bagel and place on a lightly oiled cookie sheet. Repeat the same step with the remaining dough. 8. After shaping the dough rounds and placing them on the cookie sheet, cover with a damp kitchen towel and allow to rest for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, preheat your oven to 425ºF / 220ºC / Gas Mark 7. 9. Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Reduce the heat. Use a slotted spoon or skimmer to lower the bagels into the water. Boil as many as you are comfortable with boiling. Once the bagels are in, it shouldn’t take too long for them to float to the top (a couple seconds). Let them sit there for 1 minute, and them flip them over to boil for another minute. Extend the boiling times to 2 minutes each, if you’d prefer a chewier bagel (results will give you a more New York Style bagel with this option). 10. If you want to top your bagels with stuff, do so as you take them out of the water, you may use the “optional toppings” (listed above) to top the bagels and if you’re risky like me, make a combination of the toppings to top the bagels with, but before hand, you will need to use an egg wash to get the toppings to stick before putting the bagels into the oven. 11. Once all the bagels have boiled (and have been topped with your choice of toppings), transfer them to a lightly oiled baking sheet. 12. Bake for 20 minutes, until golden brown. 13. Cool on a wire rack (or if you’re impatient like I am, slice one of these babies open, and spread on some softened butter or your favorite cream cheese. Take a bite…

Bagels are coming back to Prague! Bigger and better than ever! Bohemia Bagel revamped...coming soon! 🙂

Real bagels should have lye in the water somehow...

It’s all about the water so they may be good but impossible to recreate the true NYC taste, texture, etc. I have friends in the pizza business who moved from NYC area and eventually had to have water shipped to their new locations for the same reason. Let us know how they turn out. Making me crave one! Good luck!

Homebrewers use this stuff often. You can try home brew shops but they probably sell it in large quantities. I've seen it at the bio store in Masarykovo train station. I think it's called sladove vytazke or sladovy sirup or maltoze vytazke something like that. Comes in a glass jar like jam.

M&S sell them.

Climbers who peak Mount Everest are greeted in the last 500m or so with the grizzly slight of the frozen corpses of those who perished attempting the trek. This is an apt visual metaphor for the task of trying to make New York bagels outside of the Metropolitan area. That said, I wish you Godspeed.

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11 hours ago

Slavko Zamuda

anybody have experience sending packet from London to Prague? I need to send small packet, like 30x20x20cm, maybe 6-7kg. Any idea about price etc? ... See MoreSee Less

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PPL or DHL will ask about 5 000czk for it. Czech post less than 2 000. Depending on insurance etc. At lest those were prices last summer.

Dhl would cost you 50 gbp. Pretty reasonable and nowhere near what Vasek said 🙂

45gbp even 🙂

it was about £45 to Cyprus before Xmas for my packet.

I send packages ever other month with this company. They have a warehouse in London so I send our supplies there and they ship them on Tuesdays, arriving in Prague on Thursdays or Fridays the same week. For 42kg I pay 2100czk.

Try Teahouse transport, i have used them many times, package is insured and trackable, great prices.

If this urgent and time critical use DHL

2 days ago

Neil Power

Hi guys, can anyone please direct me to somewhere in Prague that will repair an external hard drive that has a corrupt file/virus for a reasonable cost? It's a 2TB Western Digital external hard drive with family photos /music/ film etc. on it.
I tried one data recovery place in Stodůlky and they quoted me over 20,000 kc for repair!!!
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Is it a corrupt file system, failed drive, or is it a virus? There's a big difference between them. And if it's ransomware that's a whole other issue, and if it's ransomware you're likely screwed. Not trying to be difficult, but specifics are key here...

Hi Ed, the drive gives this message when I plug it in 'Location is not available F:\ is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable. OK?

Drive is physically ok; lights are on and if I examine properties it lets me see the used space/free space. Just can't get into the drives files as before as I get this bloody message above! Can anybody advise?

What version of Windows?

Hi Ed, Windows 10 on the laptop. Ran avg virus check and it doesn't detect anything ...Prizes if you can get the hdd up and running again!

Click on Start --> Type cmd and in the search results right-click Command Prompt and select "Run as administrator". 2. In the window enter this command: chkdsk /f f: Press Enter. Lemme know...

Ed - I owe you a very large pint of whatever you're having and then some...!


So I'll assume it worked? 🙂

And I have to ask, did you have a backup of your data?

Something's backed up Ed, but some not - the stuff I wanted - and that's the point! Can I ask the silly question? Now that it works - due to your advice - what was the problem in layman's (read: me stupid!) terms??!

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7 hours ago

Patrick Fell

Saucers with czech mortgages, is it true you can get 90% mortgages (I.e. only 10% money down) with permanent residence in CZ? ... See MoreSee Less


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it depends on a lot of things, but if you have really, really good history of payments, inough high incomne and the morgage wont go above some rational percentage of your income you even still can get 100%. The recomendation from central bank is 90% max, but it's only recomendation...

In my opinion you should have at least 20%

From what I understand you need a minimum of 3 months work on a permanent contract employment or 2 quarters submitted & approved tax returns if you're self employed (like me). I would think nowadays you would be looking at 90% being at a higher interest rate

You can get whatever the bank wants to give you, put it that way.

Yes, I've done it. You can also take out a 2nd loan at a higher rate for the 10%, so you're buying with almost no money down. Not sure if it works on a zivno, but if your employed at a firm with a decent salary it does. Talk to a broker.

Permanent residency is not even required. I have temporary residency just and got a mortgage of the same offer

True Pat, we got it 🙂

I couldn't...they would only give me 80%

Since 2017 the rules are at least 10% of own money and max: 90% of mortgage or combination of mortgage and "stavební spoření". Also some banks won´t go lower than 14% - cos the buyer also pays the 4% tax (unless it is the very first purchase) and the tax can´t be included in the mortgage.

Really depends on your income and the property you are buying. Have a friend who did my mortgage recently. Let me know if you are interested I can pm his details. FYI he won’t charge anything, he gets his part from the bank on successful mortgage application

12 hours ago

Alex Trejo

Hi All. Have any of you experience applying for a UK Visitor in Transit visa? This is to change planes to a connecting flight in London and out of the UK on the same day, pass through control, check bags again, but not leaving the airport. ... See MoreSee Less

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I always fly through London from Prague to the US, and have never had to apply for a transit visa. Same thing - unboard, customs, security, reboard, and never leaving the airport. Not sure if that's different with a passport from another country.

There are citizens of some countries who do, in this case Russians.

Gotcha. Good luck.

I was considering the option a while ago and decided again is it. It has to be processed via visa centre in Prague, they send your passport to Poland and you wait up to 15 days to get it back. You can pay for quicker processing, on top of the visa cost. For me it is not worth the cost and effort, so I chose not to fly via UK

Yes. I understand. The more I look into it, the more I am accepting it is not that easy for such a simple thing.

20 hours ago

Bea Stogel

Hi there, does anyone know if they sell this V8 juice anywhere in Prague? Not in Candy Store, I checked. And please I am not looking for a recommendation for similar brand/juice/taste, just this particular brand/juice.. thanks☺️ ... See MoreSee Less

Hi there, does anyone know if they sell this V8 juice anywhere in Prague? Not in Candy Store, I checked. And please I am not looking for a recommendation for similar brand/juice/taste, just this particular brand/juice.. thanks☺️


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Bea: I don't know if it's of too much help but you can have it shipped from This seller will also dispatch it to Czech Republic:

Oh wow!!!!! Yes! Thank you Ramona!!😱😘

It's like people who tell you to just make your own mac & cheese when you want Kraft Cheese & Macaroni.

Tesco Letnany might have it as they seem to have a great selection of stuff from around the world.

4 hours ago

Shanna Davis

Does anyone know where I can buy a hair crimper (to make 80's hair)? ... See MoreSee Less

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I got one at Electroworld.

5 hours ago

Andra Dumitraşcu

Hi, guys, I'm looking for some cheap accommodation, for 7 nights (8 days), between 30.01 and 07.02, close to a metro C station (within walking distance).

I appreciate any information. Thank you!
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4 hours ago

Gloria Huerta

Hello Saucers, do you know a good travel agency, which organize trips to Russia ? I mean if they helped you with the visa. Thanks ... See MoreSee Less

4 hours ago

Sarah Choi

Dear Saucers,
Are there any dentists that take Saturday appointments? I’m asking on behalf of someone else and she said it’s ok if it’s outside of Prague... (maybe within about 30min. driving distance might be good?)

Thanks! 🙂
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Hello, I'm in need of a roll of white wrapping paper. Need it as background for photo. I've been to couple of 'papírnictví' with no success. Any idea where to find it? Or could someone give me in exchange for beer/chocolate give me piece of that?
... See MoreSee Less


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If it is what I think you are looking for, I bought a roll of white paper to wrap a parcel in at Národní obrany 29, 160 00 Praha 6. Try there or any other stationery shop.

Ikea sell large rolls of paper for children to draw/paint on, but it may be too cream/not white enough for you. Worth a try if you can't find anything else.

Have any foreigners gotten CZ health insurance with a pre-existing condition? VZP does NOT cover pre-existing, so I'm wondering what other options are out there. Our organization is already covering us for 2018, but I'm starting to research local options for the next time we re-up. ... See MoreSee Less


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If you qualify for regular, state health insurance, then it doesn't matter if you have a pre-existing condition.Yay for "socialized" medicine!

Jenny Šaufl, please...quick question...why add private insurance to state? To cover things that aren't covered? We will be on Zivno when we get there.

The plan from VZP that includes pre existing conditions is called Exclusive. It's not cheap (by Prague standards) and it requires a medical exam, details here:

10 hours ago

Sharon Machuga Chelko

I am looking for accommodations for a school group: 18 students + 3 teachers. Teachers need individual rooms; the students can share. They need breakfast and dinner included. They will be here the beginning of April. Any recommendations for a pension/B&B/*** hotel that can accommodate such group? ... See MoreSee Less

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P1, 2 or 6 ... near transport.

Had a visiting choir stay at last year, as I recall they were quite happy there. The hotel is in Prague 5, but right on a tram line.


Dolce Villa in P6 is quite decent for accomodation and food offerings... Extra bonus for the bowling alley near the restaurant in the walk-out basement

The Nicholas it's a boutique hotel/hostel. Really cute clean. Great location.

Reduta or Jazz Republic? Also open for other suggestions. TIA ... See MoreSee Less

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Jazz Republic, Jazz Dock, Maly Glen - Reduta very very very over priced.

malaho glen! and then jazz dock, jazz republic.

Jazz Dock

Jazz dock

Jazz Dock. Best live music room in Prague.

Reduta is uncomfortable. I've stopped going there cuz most of the chairs just don't point at the stage, so you end up the whole gig having to look to one side... maybe it's just me, but I don't like it.

2 days ago

Bethany Adams

So my brother sent a Xmas package Dec 6, 2017 from USA. I just got it today. Normal? ... See MoreSee Less


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Not out of the ordinary. At least in my experience...

My mum sent me something in November and it hasn't arrived yet. Last year she sent it in November and it arrived in March

Not terribly abnormal. My mom sent a package recently, and the last tracking entry is from the 9th January when it left Prague airport. It's not even in the Ceska Posta system yet.

consider yourself lucky receiving it at all 😀

no. usually it would have never arrived. 😉

The post has been all over the place this Christmas. I sent a parcel to England on 6th December. Usually takes just over a week. It was received on 11th January. Now waiting for Book Dep dispatched from UK on 6 Jan.

Yep, Xmas post has been especially awful this year. I sent Xmas cards to the UK first week of December, and they just started to get them over there last week!

Does anyone know what’s up with Czech Post? I just found out that they’re a private company, which is quite surprising. Just wondering what I can expect. I’ve lived here 10 years & have been sending birthday cards to my family in the US most of those years - usually I plan on it taking 3 weeks... not 6!

Considering that christmas period is busy and probably every year will be became more busy and also that you received something that has to checked for customs sounds normal.

Lucky you got it

You must have paid for expedited shipping to get it that fast.

I just got a birthday card the other day. My birthday is in mid-October.

Customs + christmas.. what u expect?

Blame the Chinese. Ali Express has a November 11 sale of all sales and post offices all over the world are inundated.

They clearly have a healthy work life balance.


Do people have this issue with smaller mail like letters, bills, and magazines, or is it more specific to packages?

Last week, I got the package back that I posted beginning of Dec. Funnily enough the person I sent it to got the notification of it and went to pick it up straight after it was there and post office couldn't find it anywhere 🙂 Other package I sent to UK mid-December still wasn't delivered (it was registered mail!)

I sent 10 small packages to the US in the beginning of December, and only 2 have made it to the recipients 😒 (8/10 packages I sent to Michigan). My mom also sent me a package (from Utah) the first week of November and I’m still waiting and hoping for it’s arrival. I’ve honestly never had trouble sending mail out and arriving on time before, but, what can you do...

I sent Christmas package to UK on 4.12. and it's still not arrived!

Possibly. .haven't gotten my parents' Christmas card yet!

ooohhh very normal unfortunately. and you are lucky if you don't have to deal with czech custom office.

Idk if this makes a difference or not but I am planning to use DHL to send and receive packages from my home country. Just picking up my shipments at the nearest DHL store.

merry christmas

in years past, i never had an issue. this year, same thing happened to me. 1 month late.

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6 hours ago

Aziza Talhi

Hi there,
I have a company health insurance at vzp. I was wondering if Anybody has a list of all the doctors where this insurance is covered by.

Many thanks in advance.
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Try using this Just add type Prague in like that and with a little bit of help by google chrome translator, find what you need 🙂

Greetings, singing ladies and lads. If you used to sing in a choir and miss it or even if you never did and would like to try, the Charles University Chorus is currently welcoming new members. Here's the poster with all the info: ... See MoreSee Less

Greetings, singing ladies and lads. If you used to sing in a choir and miss it or even if you never did and would like to try, the Charles University Chorus is currently welcoming new members. Heres the poster with all the info:


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I will come for the audition:)

8 hours ago

Bernadette Dehmel

Hello all!
Can anyone recommend an agency to help me with the legal part of running my own business here in Czech Republic? Would be great if suggestions are based on own good experiences. Unfortunately I don't speak Czech.....
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5 hours ago

Kat Chaves

Hi. Can anyone recommend a ski school / instructor in Liberec that will teach groups in English? Thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

11 hours ago

Nicole Ortiz

Hey saucepeeps...I am fully aware that Switzerland is home to three of the most expensive cities in the world. BUTTTTT, I was wondering/hoping/wishing/praying that someone may know of a secret-underground-cheap-bus-transport option for intercity commute. The idea of paying nearly 200euros for a 2 hour train from Zurich to Sion (roundtrip) is breaking my backpacker's heart. I suppose I must be the only peasant trying to maneuver through the country on some sort of a budget, but I'd love to hear your ideas/secrets, because this is insane to me... 😳 ... See MoreSee Less


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There's no bus for that trip so beside the train or the carpooling I dont see any option.

Blablacar maybe?

Look for an SBB tageskarte, sometimes they are on offer for as little as 29 chf and you get unlimited travel in Swiss railways and public transport for the day

Omar Abu

SBB tageskarte like said before, buy here max 30 days in advance. The sooner you buy the "cheaper" they are. Otherwise look to get a specific train, there's an option called supersaver. BTW, Sion is easier/ cheaper to reach from Geneva or Milano if you get there by plane, or from Bern if you get there by bus.

8 hours ago

Shay Dee

hey guys!
im looking for salsa classes in prague 1 or 2. Any recommendation? 🙂
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Dance perfect- its at narodni trida. I used to go there

סלסה אההה

Hernury Jamba Jamba

12 hours ago

Jenny Murphy

Hi - Is there a way to check the financial history/accounts of a company? Thanks ... See MoreSee Less

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depends on how big it is. bigger companies have a n obligation to publish their annual account in the trade register, can be found on, part "Veřejný rejstřík", you enter the IC (company ID number) or the company name, hit "Hledej", and then under "Sbírka listin" you might see what you seek


Thanks, I checked on but the company I'm interested in only has accounts on there for 2001 and nothing since :-/. They've been in business all this time so is there a way to request newer info?

12 hours ago

Carlos Guasch

Looking for a good French teacher. Any recommendations? ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook There's a teacher here named Christophe Mattern

Good Luck man!

Highly recommend Romain Vallée:

13 hours ago

Barbora Jencurakova

Hello! Anyone living in Roztoky u Prahy? How is it with daily commute to Prague (e.g Pankrac area)? Is driving an option during rush hours? Thanks!! ... See MoreSee Less

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We live here 🙂 Not sure about Pankrac but I got to Albertov and my husband to Karlin every day. We both go by train or bus and usually figure about an hour for travel, but that includes 15 minutes walk from home to the bus/train. Driving can be a pain due to congestion going into Dejvice. Most of the way from the turnoff towards Suchdol to Kulatak in Dejvice is slow at the worst times. We generally don’t bother 😉

I live there too. Work in Krc area. If yr out of the house at 6.30, half an hour by car. If 7.30, an hour. Bus always packed. Train is a long walk down a hill. And I'm full of joy!

There is P+R at station in Roztoky? Then I guess the best option for us would be to drive very early to Prg, or drive to the station and take a train. We are not full of joy, packed bus or one hour in train is not acceptable 🙂

Train to holesovice, then metro. Quite relaxing of a morning.

Thank you all for valuable info, and perhaps we'll run to each other at the train station in 2019 😉

We are selling our home in Horomerice two bus stops to Borislavka Metro 🙂

In flying to the USA, is there any search engine you feel has given you the best deal? I use kayak but was curious if there was anything better. I actually have found for instance that booking air france direct was cheaping than kayak in the past. Thanks!!! (flying to Raleigh Durham) ... See MoreSee Less


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depends on where you’re flying but norwegian air has cheap budget fares otherwise i use skyscanner for flights

i agree with Skyscanner.

I use kiwi.


Skyscanner always gives me the best price for both long haul and short flights.

make sure to use an anonymous tab when browsing. Some websites put cookies on pc what you looked for and show you higher fares later. Personally, I like google flights.

skyscanner seems to be best in class

Love google flights!

Thank you everyone!!

Priceline has always been cheapest for me.. You can have them email you when your flight drops in price. They also let you look at a calendar with prices overlayed so you can determine the cheapest days to fly. They’ll even recommend airport or day changes to save you money. I recently found a $360 round trip from SF0 to Berlin. I send an email to asap tickets and let them do the searching for me. They've always managed to find me the best itinerary for the best price.

you all are so savvy, thank you so much!

skyscanner to find the price point, leave the tab open, then check the airline's website directly. Open credit card with the alliance the airline is associated with. Use said credit card to buy ticket, get triple miles and all associated benefits including business upgrades when possible, etc. Win. The signup bonus miles plus the purchase miles are usually enough for a business upgrade. You can't do it more than a couple of times a year without damaging your credit...but you should have a card from all three major alliances anyway. Business class rules.

Chase Saphire is my favorite, but American Express' offerings are never a bad travel option as long as you pay the bill off monthly without exception and travel mostly to major hubs. Even if you've already gotten home, you can usually get the miles for the flight for a pre-set period of time if you sign up for a new card and use them for the next flight. Depends on the alliance/card though. If you fly the same airline regularly, just call and ask them--the salesperson will be THRILLED to upsell you on a credit card, and you can ask for extra benefits. "How would signing up for your credit card and rewards program benefit me and my business/family/etc." are some of the most powerful words in aviation.

Mods, I type this out every so there any way to add it to the FAQ page? You can PM me for credentials if you'd like, I work in the industry and travel a lot. I'm happy to do one on flight compensation and EU directive 261/2004 too, as that comes up all the time on here and is in my wheelhouse.

Scott I travel to the USA once a year with my kids, I don't think I qualify for all this excitment!:)

Especially with your family, the 15 minutes to sign up for the card and/or rewards program is worth it. Trust me, once you set it up you'll never go back!

I don't work for an airline and get no kickbacks, fwiw.

I usually look through Momondo!

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4 days ago

Lilly H. Tran

Law regarding petty thieving in stores:
So a new busy season gonna come for us in retail, and i'm wondering what we can do against the little naughty quirky people.
Our items can cost from 190kc - 1350kc per se, and we are losing lots of everything every season which create a big gap in our inventory. I don't think calling the police would be an option every 10-15 minutes, so what we shop keeper can do if we catch them stealing red-handed? (fine them on the spot by making them purchase without giving the items etc..)
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How are you planning on forcing people you have caught to pay? More likely they’ll throw it at you and run off if caught, or just run off with the item. Physically restraining them and forcing them to pay without calling the police might end you up in more trouble than them.

Well, you can’t literally steal from people who are trying to steal from you. Only option is to call the police.

Get track of their habits and have the police waiting?

Have you noticed that old ladies are mostly guilty of this? Follow everyone around instead of the Czech style of following just foreigners 😉

nothing you can do seeing as you're a civilian. i dont even think you're allowed to physically hold them

Respect the law, call the police. Applying your own “punishments” can land you in jail.

many retailers account for theft in the pricing

Hire security, give him a commision for everyone arrested.

You are not an authority that can create any kind of punisment or force people to do anything. It actually gives me creeps just thinking about it... Call the police. And if you have items in that price range, instead of loosing money via theft, get secured against it. Security guys or some detection system.

Also if you have security footage of repeat offenders, print that and paste it near the shop's door, then get your security guard to refuse entry to them

Disregard the pussies who are too scared to guard their goods. If you catch the thief, you can hold him and lock him in your shop until the cops arrive and I promise you our Czech police will be happy you did that 🙂

I have experience with retail. I imagine you cannot afford a security guard, and besides their presence can hurt overall sales. You need a good security camera system, and at least one prodavacka on the floor all the time. She should follow suspicious people, especially ones that are near the high cost/easily liquidated (black market) items. If you get a bad feeling about someone, you are within you right to ask them to leave the store. If they are suspicious, 70-80% of the time your intuition is right. Don’t bother calling the police if you catch them. Just take back what they were trying to take and kick them out. The key (and investment) is in a security camera with good coverage. It will worry many potential thieves. Also, take note of those repeat customers who buy little or nothing, or those suspicious people who are making small talk at the cash register with a tiny purchase. They are often testing you to see if you noticed they have something concealed. Ideally, you should stall them, while you quickly review the security camera playback. I caught people this way, as I pretended there was something wrong with the poklanda (which for most people is your computer screen), while at the same time I was retracing their steps in the store captured with the camera. Besides the obvious druggies, my experience is that many thieves are women in their 40-50s and men/women in their 20s - and many of the latter have visible, unsightly tattoos on their hands, neck or face. Of course, it is without saying that mothers with kočárky should always be followed carefully, especially when visiting the first time. Through repeat visits and observations you will learn which ones are your real customers. Finally, the smell of cigarette smoke on their clothes/breath is not defining characteristic of thieves in the CZ because so many people here smoke, but I NEVER encountered a thief here who did not have the reek of a smoker.

In the meantime, everyone come check out my new band Little Naughty Quirky People.

Erin Currie Jane Margaret

at my last job someone stole someones bike which was inside the office and the police found it at a local pawn shop They also bought a ton of fans since the A/C didn't work during the summer time and by the end of the week most of the fans were gone as well. Also my desk was broken into many times and people stole my pay stubs and all my flexipasses/meal vouchers 😀 Sticky fingers are everywhere here

like most stores do, employ a guard. put up signs that the place is under surveillance, etc

Thanks for the comments guys, unfortunately, we do not have many local theft but rather tourists so gather evidence seem non-effective since the person would leave within few days. We usually have Italian customers all year long and especially in March- April, the young come for visit and they love to "take a peek" at our store. Following them around only work during the low season since during our peak season we are packed with hundred of them in the store at once (student groups).

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1 day ago

Igor Tochilnikov

Hi everyone,

I need my birth certificate mailed from the US (Massachusetts); but UPS quoted my mother at $145 for .02 ounces weight. Anyone’s know of a cheaper service that has tracking and won’t lose my Parcel?
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USPS should be cheaper, they have overnight and express mail. Or just plain old registered mail should do if you don't need it right away


How fast do u need it? I can bring it w me as I arrive to Praha on March 4 I would give it a try, mine helped 🙂

Try this They do both ways shipping about $50

Jeez, the State of Minnesota sent mine and I don't think they charged any extra for it. Took about two weeks.

I can bring it to Prague in 10 days if your mom sends it over to Florida

Aramex courier

USPS regular post. They always ask if tracking number is required. Look online at and calculate the price. I do it all the time,as my daughter lives in Prague.

11 hours ago

Tyler Tolson

Hey there, is there anyone that works in the industry or studies film here that would be helpful with recommending how one would pursue it? I don't have a cash for FAMU in English, and won't have proficiency in Czech for some time, but want to work with others in Prague.. any ideas or online groups I should look into? Also feel free to pm me ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

Grant Podelco

Just bought a new TV, but the sound is kinda tinny and thin. Can anyone recommend any external speakers that can be hooked up through a USB port or something? ... See MoreSee Less

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I bought an LG soundbar at Alza when we first moved in and have been very happy with it. Not super cheap, but worth it as we use as our main stereo. Our model is LG LAS550H but it's 2 years old now, so doubt they sell. But something like this would be my recommendation. It connects using the OPTICAL port in my case.

Same here - Bought LG SH6 and am very satisfied with it. It can be connected via optical cable or HDMI. I recommend going with 100w soundbar at least 🙂

I went with speakers and an AV Receiver, but a sound bar with a sub is definitely the way to go for simplicity and compactness... but then again, with a nice receiver and a pair of decent speakers you could hook up that new turntable too and invite some friends over to sip whiskey and listen to vinyl... slippery slope!

You should be able to hook up even a decent set of computer speakers (w/ or w/out a subwoofer) to improve the sound, all the way up to getting a full receiver setup.

I just bought an LG SJ5 Sound Bar, and I have a new Sencor 43" TV, but I can't seem to hook it up. My TV does not have an HDMI In (ARC) plug, nor does it have an Optical connection. It does have a USB connection, as does the Sound Bar. But I don't have a USB cable with me now. Can I use that. Did I buy the wrong Sound Bar?

Are you just using over the air antenna for your tv or do you have a cable box or digital tv box? If you have a separate box that's your TV receiver (cable or digital tv) you would just go HDMI out of that into the soundbar and then HDMI out of soundbar into TV.

I bought a sound tower from Energy. Servicable in place of the tv sound.

Hi guys,

Are there any Rugby teams here in The Czech Republic? I miss the game and would like to join a team.
Thanks in advance.

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The Prague Barbarians?


Ádrian Holidaý

There are plenty

16 hours ago

Adrian Albon

Hi guys. I am recovering from a broken collarbone and I am looking for an English speaking physio that accepts VZP. Any recommendations please? ... See MoreSee Less

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I've been advised in similar situations to contact VZP directly and ask them for a recommendation.

Hello guys....
can anyone guide me with a english speaking general practitioner in Prague who accepts VZP?

Thank you
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I apologize for how moronic this question might seem, but I figured it might have changed recently or it varies, so here goes. Ordering from Are there shipping charges like from amazon uk? Or is it the same for postage as ordering from, say, Alza in CZ? Thank you so much! And if I become a prime customer, would that alter things? ... See MoreSee Less

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free shipping for orders over 39 euros.

Free delivery if you spend over 39 euro's. Not everything will ship to Czech Republic. No Prime benefits for delivery.

Shipping is free for orders over 1000kc (or something similar) and under that, minimal. I find it much cheaper and faster than UK and website can find out in English. No idea about prime

In order to qualify for free shipping,items must also be full filled by amazon.

I know you didn't ask - but FYI I feel I've had s very good experience with each time I've used it.

Dinah Spritzer-Richter for books I use free delivery worldwide, they have good choice of kids books 📚

If you order a product from that does not ship to the C.R., there are, at least, two companies that will forward the products to you. I have used this one many times: If you search the website, you will find a Czech telephone number. A very nice young man there speaks English well and provides excellent customer service. I had to call several times because their website is a bit difficult to navigate if you don't speak Czech fluently. But you've got a Czech husband to help you. 🙂

Amazon UK often has high shipping rates. Amazon DE is cheaper (sometimes free) and quicker.

1 day ago

Andreea Bora

Hello, can someone direct me to the fire regulations regarding residential buildings in Czech Republic? Thank you! (Specifically i am trying to find the law that says the entrance door to a building should be possible to open from inside at all times) ... See MoreSee Less


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Good luck with this, the law states that all communal doors and emergency exits should be accessible at all times without keys. Problem being no locals could care less for this law and the lives they put at risk by locking the door!


Here you have it... it is one of the articles in ČSN 730802: 9.7 Vybavení únikových cest Dveře na únikových cestách Dveře na únikových cestách (NÚC i CHÚC) musí splňovat následující zásady: dveře, jimiž prochází úniková cesta, musí umožňovat snadný a rychlý průchod a svým zajištění nesmí bránit evakuaci osob ani zásahu požární jednotek; tyto dveře musí mít zajištěný trvale volný průchod nebo musí být v případě požáru samočinně odblokovány a otvíratelné bez dalších opatření;

Le Pi any idea what to do in case building owners dont respect this rule? What would be a good way of going about this issue?

Anyone know where in Prague can I buy Cubic Zirconia engagement ring? ... See MoreSee Less

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Albanian/Kosovo jewelry stores on Spalena near Tesco/My Narodni.

1 day ago

Randolph Tan

Hi Everyone, need to go to the financni urad in Prague 3 (Drahobejlova street) on Wednesday to sign some letters related to the property sales tax. Was asked to bring a czech speaker, can anyone recommend someone who could do it for a reasonable price? Probably would need another trip to a separate government department in 5 months time as well. Thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook have provided this service for me on numerous occasions from school parent evenings and more official appointments.

Visaforce is always reasonable, though I don't know what they'd charge for that.

what time on Wednesday?

1 day ago

Chris Wiseheart

Someone posted that they were a welder but I lost the post. Any one? ... See MoreSee Less


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Jake Zahradnik


Pikey Mittens perhaps? Michael Pitthan


15 hours ago

David Winston

Dear saucers, where is the best place to find women's swimsuit in the middle of winter? ... See MoreSee Less

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Sport stores for sure 😉 decathlon, sportisimo etc

Not sure it really answers the question, but I did notice a whole bunch of girls’ swimsuits in Tesco and Andel yesterday. So I guess they’re starting to get out there?

M&S has a selection now


15 hours ago

Janez Kobal

Hey saucy people. 🙂
I'm dealing with sending a small package trough Ceska Posta for the first time. So basically I need to send a lost phone to Italy, and I'd like to do it as dobirka (where the person who recieves the package pays for postage).

Has anyone done this before? Is it possible? Is there a fee i'll pay? Possible to pay by card? Any info welcome 🙂

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4 days ago

Larissa Bu

Hey guys! I am having a birthday party in Prague in February 15-17. Many guests will be coming from abroad. Group of 10-12 people. What group activities do you recommend for those who have never been in Prague before apart from the obvious sight seeing? Any breweries to visit? Anything special happening that weekend? The guests are coming from France and Switzerland if it makes any difference. Thank you all! ... See MoreSee Less


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There is a restaurant with a brewery on Vodickova, almost in front of McDonalds, they have good Czech food and offer tours in their brewery with beer tasting. Ive done it with some friends from abroad.

Take them for a karaoke night

Iam taking my abroad friends to Zizkovska tower. The view of Prague is amazing...

Escape games;-)

If the weather is not favourable for walking take them to National technical museum - people are usually a bit sceptical first then love it 🙂 Another tip: Karel Zeman museum at Kampa: And I second the Žizkov tower. If they are a bit in architecture then walk there from Jiřího z Poděbrad along the Plečnik’s Church there.Église_du_Sacré-Cœur-de-Jésus - if they are really in architecture or generally in cultural things try securing a visit to Villa Müller

We had many friends coming over trough the years, we often did the walk from up top all the way to museum. Basically take tram 22 get off in pohorelec and start your way down, we often stoped at the really good beer then went to the monastery library, check the view from that side and then continue down to the castle via Pohorelec and loretanke namesti , check the castle out once done continue down to charles bridge via nerudova , pass the bridge continue the walk towards the clock and when done go to mustek Thats a way to do some nice sightseeing for people that haven’t been 🙂

Riverside Parties for sure. No. 1 on Trip Advisor for a reason.

Glowing in the dark minigolf at Narodni trida 😉

1 day ago


I crashed my car against a wall tonight. The car is totalled and was taken away by the truck. I have the police report.
Can someone explain to me what the next steps are with the insurance and how I can get some value back on the ruin that was my nice car? Thanks.
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Contact your insurance company

You need to scan the police report, contact your insurance company and they will let you know what their procedure is. Usually they have a claims specialist, who will come and see the wreck, make photos, calculate the damage and then you will get from the insurance how much they pay. Sorry about your car, JC.

Commeeeent ça?? Qu'est ce que c'est passé??? 😰😰

You can choose to either keep the wreck or have it auctioned. Delia Herea knows the drill

Bad wall

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