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2 weeks ago

Martyna Tomaszewska

Saucers, where in Prague I could buy computer glasses that will prevent eye strain? ... See MoreSee Less

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Optika Trnka near mustek have lenses for that - they might have glasses as well

f.lux software, if you are using a computer on which you can install it. I use it on all of my devices, changes everything for your eyes 🙂

37 minutes ago

Agneta Saka

Can anyone recommend any local websites to sell a car ? ... See MoreSee Less

16 hours ago

Yann Ellis

Can anyone recommend a really nice non touristy Czech restaurant preferably in Prague 6 or 2. We had a good one lined up that fell through. ... See MoreSee Less

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U Veverky in Dejvice. It is a classic.

Pod Jiliskou at Podbaba

Vinohradský pivovar

Maybe Slamniku

1 hour ago

Paul Dickie

Looking for piano tuition in Prague. Any points in the right direction would be most helpful 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

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Vartan Agopian

Ahmad Jafar Hedar

Sarah Coffey or Giora Kukui might be able to help you 🙂

12 hours ago

Rhodaline Escala

Is it true that tram inspectors cant give the penalty paper to passengers if they didnt have a Czech address?

Also, what are the odds of encountering inspectors at midnight?

My tourist friends encountered an inspector at midnight. They had tickets, but were not validated. I told them to ask for the penalty paper instead just to be sure it’s not a scam and the inspectors said they dont give it if you dont have a Czech address in your passport.

We understand the rules and the fine. Tricky ticketing system aside, the question is can they really not give the penalty paper if you don’t have a Czech address? It happened at midnight so just wanted to make sure they’re paying to whom they should.
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Just pay the God damn cheap ticket for the service provided. Or walk home.

No, it's not true.

Usually they hold you hostage until you pay the fine. At least that is what I saw they did with some foreign girls. I doubt that grown ass men get the same treatment.

Ana Kovačević - they can actually do it to anybody. They do it to Czech people as well. If you don´t have any ID, they can even call the police and have you identified. I don´t think Czech address matters if you are a foreigner. Tourists get fined here all the time.

Legally they can't do anything. You could walk away from them but there's usually a cop not far away. I was there a year and only got checked twice. But usually always had a ticket.

About the only time I didnt have a ticket being new ( and they dont sell them on the tram ) I was taken off and frog marched to nearest atm. Tried the dumb tourist, they dont give a stuff. 80€. ..boy do I get my moneys worth of my litacka !!!

so here is the true answer..yes they can fine u to your passport number if you dont have ticket,they have a right to until the police doesnt matter if you have a cz address or uganda address if u dont have a ticket and u get caught, u the fine or you try to run away which in your case not psssible

Personally I think there is no excuse for not having a valid ticket . Wonderful 24 hour trams and amazing value . If you don’t have a valid ticket you deserve to be fined

I do have a litacka, but left it at home. The inspector was quite happy with my "in my other trousers" excuse. Bought a ticket and carried on the journey.

Or maybe just install gates you need a ticket to get past and the city won't need to employ an entire army of ticket inspectors to roam the transport.

10 years ago I got a fine in Prague because I didnt had passport with me, I met police dressed as civilians, I told them my passport was in hotel ,so they drive me to the hotel and told me I could pay 500kr in the spot or take the paper fine of 1000kr and that ammount will increase during the years. At that time I prefer to took the fine, i was only a turist and didnt had any plan to move to czech republic. On 2011 I moved to Prague and start to work here. On 2013, checking my bank account I saw a payment of 7000kr and there was some details in czech. I called my bank and they advice me to call some czech minister, at the end after a couple of calls they tell me :" "This payment is a fine from 2008 as on date xx.xx.xxxx in Prague you received a fine because you didnt had any document" When they gave me the fine in 2008, in my passport i didnt had any czech address, so yes, I think some day they will must pay the fine,it will remains in a czech database until they pay. Of course if they are from other continent , is hard to believe that czech republic will send fine to their home, but I think if your friends are from European Union, then is probably some day will be a general law for road or metro fines.

One important thing - in the majority of the passports (including czech ones) is not included information about all...

Are people here even reading? The question isn't whether the fine is fair. The question is whether you're paying the fine to the CORRECT party, instead of real inspectors.

Regardless of the question, I read a number of suggestions saying that "the tourists could have bought a SMS type of ticket". Question: is that even possible with a foreign sim card?

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34 minutes ago

Carrie Overton

Does anyone know of a doctor who takes Slavia for kids on the weekend of do I need to take baby with flu to the hospital? ... See MoreSee Less

1 hour ago

Pej Man

... See MoreSee Less


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Yep. Sums up CZ pretty much.

41 minutes ago

Simonetta Murtas

Hi. Does anybody know a good orthopaedist or orthopaedic clinic here in Prague where English is understood (also basic) and Vzp is accepted? ... See MoreSee Less

51 minutes ago

Amjad Deen

Any nutrition around or facebook group in prague or elsewhere for persons interested in low residual diet? Many thanks for any tips or info. ... See MoreSee Less

3 hours ago

Andrew Van Wilpe

I heard a rumor that Paul Ryan is coming to Prague on the 27th. When and where? Who wants to protest? ... See MoreSee Less


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Yeah, why have a reasonable discourse when you can just scream people down...

Know where we can get autographs?

Is his brother Barry also coming 🤪?

2 days ago

Scott Mitchell

When are you entitled to and how can you get the "2-year" temporary certificate of residence for a European Union citizen? ... See MoreSee Less

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go there, wait in line for 4 hours

I’m confused, as an EU citizen you get a temporary residence permit but it doesn’t really expire...

An update: To clarify, I looked at my husband's ID and he DOES NOT have an expiration date, only a start date. Sorry about the confusion. My ID has an expiration date as a non-EU. We assumed that it was for both of us as we discussed the permanent residency after 5 years.

My permanent residency has an expiration date!

17 hours ago

Carine Osusky

Hi. Does anyone play any team sport like netball, touch football etc in a mixed team. Would like to get into some team sport ... See MoreSee Less


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I play roller derby, my team Prague City Roller Derby is taking new people this Sunday 🙂 you don’t need to know how to skate, we’ll teach you.


1 week ago

Paula Peterscheck

Stupid question alert:
Where can I buy collapsible tables and chairs?
... See MoreSee Less

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turkish german brand ASKO ..its much better than IKEA ..the quality and the price matter on asko

6 hours ago

Simon Storey

Hi all.
Good breakfast places around Vinohrady/ Vršovice areas open very early on Saturdays.

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Go to Satsang in Vrsovice or California Republic at Namesti Miru, Simon. You guys will love it 🙂

Mezi srnky

'If cafe' does a cracking eggs Benedict, there's 2 close to ip pavlova

coffee corner bakery

Anyone knows What is the best place to listen balkan music in Prague?
Thanks ✌
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I suggest following this organizers, it's pretty good when they make their events.

In the meantime, go grab a beer at Kyklop, that's a whole little Yugoslavia of awesome people there - they'll know what's what.

The Grillfather- Balkan Grill, every weekend there is live balkan music.

Best Balkan band, circus brothers, April 17th at Lucerna

1 day ago

Basta Bastačka

Update on my stuggles with Czech burreaCRAZY. Went back with an interpreter to submit the documents for drivers license. This time I had my rent agreement, temporary residence card, employment contract, bills, vzp, private health insurance, they even asked to see litacka. In the end, nothing worked. Got told that anyone can just pay bills to pretend to live here.. they requested that I also bring a written confirmation from the landlady that I definitely live there and my marriage certificate. Is that really normal? ... See MoreSee Less


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No it is not. A piece of advise. Contact your embassy or consulate.

Where are you from? I'm EU and they were a major, major pain. I had to bring a ridiculously long list of paperwork and they also asked for a letter (which in the end I didn't bring)

I dont know history, so just to check: you have EU driving licence and you want to exchange it for CZ one?

I’ll suggest what worked for me - somehow Ceska Pojistovna renters insurance on our apartment which I had proof of was the only thing that satisfied them. I’m not saying this is how it should be, I’m just saying what worked 🙂

Do you use mobile postpaid connection? If so, they accepted that contract, it was in my case.

I had to bring 5 years of signed rental contracts (the landlord had to print them out and backdate them because we'd just been rolling the agreement over) and an affidavit from a Czech lawyer that I was the spouse of someone with trvaly pobyt and we lived together as a couple. Then I moved to the Netherlands and got a Dutch licence by simply handing in my Czech one to the city hall and showing my passport.

I went with my tax domicile and it did the job. Whats better than this confirming you live here more than 6 months and you pay your taxes aka partly their salaries.

Changed my without even half this headache, they asked me why did I want to change a German one to Czech but that was all.

Exchange of a valid one from EU for a one of CR includes the definition of what is needed to prove - so called “normal residency” I do not see that all that is needed. I would not leave. Argue. I would call police and ask them to tell you what is needed from you - they are the law anyway, so...

Why are they like this?

Asia Sliwa

You normally need only residence permit.

When I got mine, I brought them just a paper from a driving school, that I passed exams and a passport, where it was clear I have a residence in CR for at least 6 months(their requirement). That's all. And I'm not even EU citizen. They weren't friendly as well. Maybe find a necessary list of documents they officially can require from you and insist on that minimum. Don't give up!

I think we should start filming all the nasty employees and putting it online. Maybe they can eventually fire these people and get workers who actually want to help people.

I had a similar horrifying experience 5 years ago. In the end I went to the driving school to ask for their help. The owner called the magistrate, told them off and set up an appointment for me and I got my driving license soon after.

It is a more normal occurrence than some think, I had 4 visits to the office, and on one of them they could not tell me which documents would show that I had lived here for the necessary time and intimated that I should keep bringing things till they accepted it....In the end they accepted 6 months worth of O2 invoices (plus all the usual contracts, res permits etc etc) on the assumption that I would not bother paying a monthly internet fee if I was not here.....amazing !

I had same issue in the end I went back to my country and I changed it there with less headaches

I provided them my bank statements for last 6 months, that worked.

the common thread here is inconsistency !

Sounds like you’re asking for citizenship and a brick of gold on top 🙂

wtf lmao

The employee that deals with your papers can ask for whatever they want. My husband had to provide our marriage certificate, our kids' birth certificates, vzp cards. I speak Czech and went to the office to help my husband.

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10 hours ago

Erika Leigh

Can anyone give me a recommendation for a good gym with trainers preferably girl trainers, for weight lifting. I would like to start ... See MoreSee Less

17 hours ago

Hana Morris

Can I buy okra in here? ... See MoreSee Less


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I got it already from Cez Amiz (frozen), Sapa, and about 2 weeks ago from M&S

I saw it (frozen) two days ago at Greek Corner.

Sometimes in delmart fresh

Yes, fresh Okra imported from Berlin. Fortnightly at Capati Vinohrady

Also on

Shalamar in zizkov

you can get it from fs foods in Prague 6 as well

It’s usually at marks and Spencer’s at Wenceslaus square

You mean kale, right?

Fresh at Delmart Andel ..... at least there was some a week ago has okra

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I collected some coins in a jar as some travel savings. Since the travel date is close, I am not sure if Czech banks are dealing with small coins and giving you bank notes without charging you.
Does anyone know?
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I think there is a machine at Novy Smichov where you can exchange coins.


Banks can change you coins without charging a fee as long as there is no more then 100 pieces of each (100 of 20’s, 100 of 50’ etc.) I used to do it in KB bank on Náměstí Republiku.

4 days ago

Rita Horváth

Washer/dryer 2in1 question, sorry if it's repetition but i cannot find all the info

I know they will never be as good as a separate one, but we don't have space, so 2in1 is the only way

Can you recommend any brand / model you are satisfied with? (or which ones to avoid)?

What i'm looking for
- COMPLETELY DRY clothes. if i need to hang or iron them what's the point
- EXCELLENT DELICATE (wool/silk) PROGRAM, for washing it's a must, for drying it's nice to have (our current top load machine's wool program destroys clothes)
-LONG WARRANTY. any advice which retailers/manufacturers would offer the longest or how is the best to get it

I don't mind if it runs for long long hours. And i don't mind that the drying capacity is smaller than washing as long as it does dry those 5-6kg clothes

thanks a million
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I don't know the answer to this question 🙁

Hey Rita, we have a Candy one which I am very happy with! I think it’s the only Candy washer/dryer they sell at Alza, but I can look up a link if you’d want to 🙂

Can someone recommend a steam-cleaning company or a place where I can borrow a really good industrial-grade steamer? I found a few on google but they are all booked out for next weeks and I kinda need it ASAP. ... See MoreSee Less

18 hours ago

Dan Mair

Could anyone in Prague please recommend a reliable babysitter? Ours just notified us -- by text -- right when she was supposed to arrive, that she'd be an hour late. ... See MoreSee Less

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Rebeca Ardelean

you know, things can happen to anyone dan. jus sayin

Yes but usually that is just a start. Talking out of experience. What if you have an appointment. It is a job like a normal employment. Your employment will let it go Max 3 times after that is up to you if you go or dismissed. Just saying.

2 days ago

Amine Lahlou

hello ...can someone please explain to me how the execution work in CR ? reason why im asking is that our babysitter is living in my address and using it as her legal one and i just know that she fail in paying some loan and that she might have execution ...can they really come to my home and take things that it does not belong to her ? thanks in advance and sorry for my english ... See MoreSee Less


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Execution sounds a bit harsh for falling behind on a loan...

Execution is just what they call it in Czech. Exekuce - siezure of assets According to this, they can take whatever they feel could be the debtor's property (and they usually think that about everything). you can claim it back, but you'll have to prove that it's yours. Not just with regular bills, but they should say your name or be paid by your credit card. It's a really fucked up system, just last year 700k "executions" in a country of 10 million..

So she uses your address as her Trvalé bydliště? Or only as a kontaktní adresa? If as trvalý pobyt on what title did she get it? On a rent contract or your agreement? Do you own the place or rent it? In case of execution, they should come and only take her things - so you will have to prove, what is hers and what is yours.

Not a good idea to have someone like that officialy at your place

They won't take 'normal', basic equipment and stuff like fridge or furniture (unless it's super fancy 😉 )

Sorry just noticed she lives with you. Generally coming to your flat is one of the last resorts. She should actively try to resolve it, contact the executioner and agree on some installments, then they won't have to come over. Only if you fail to even try to pay back.

Do you employ her officially? Then the executioner will contact you and agree on taking the money out of her pay. She will be left with 6000 or so and the exekutor will get the rest directly from you.

If you owe the place and she is registered with the police as living with you,then they have the right to freeze your accounts.i know this for a fact because it happened to us last year.

Be careful. I am afraid that executors, including for debts to state agencies but also private creditors, can and will come and try to take property at any address given by a debtor, even sometimes when that is not the official state-registered home of the debtor. It's not so much that it is legal for them to do it (that's complicated) as that it seems to be acceptable for them to act first and then leave it up to the affected person (whose property is compromised even though they are not the debtor) to take court action to get the property back. What you can do if you are worried, however, is to get a lawyer to write you a document stating that the flat is YOUR property (or contracted rental) and the other person living there is living in furnished (by you) accommodation. Speedy presentation of this to any executor should (these days - there have been a number of reforms of what used to be absolutely outrageous bailiff practices) have a discouraging effect.

22 hours ago

Jeff Fritz

After buying a house in the Czech Republic, how does one go about paying the 4% property transfer tax? To what government agency is it paid? Is there paperwork that needs to be filed?

I can find 10,000 articles informing me that we need to pay this tax, and not one bit of information about how to go about doing that... Thanks in advance for any answers!
... See MoreSee Less

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I think you mentioned a Czech spouse? if so, there are instructions there as well

and here is an article that says who, when, how - but of course also in czech


22 hours ago

Priyal Sodha

Hi, does anyone do a lot of DIY decor/upcycle furniture and other home items?

I’m looking into it and want to know:
1. Are there any groups who get together to share ideas etc.
2. Where would be the best place to buy material (specifically looking for velvet to reupholster a couch)
3. Any suggestions on where to get relevant tools (staple guns, hot glue, paints etc.)
4. Any vintage stores that might have statement pieces that might be up-cycled for home decor?

Any help with any of these questions would be of great help. Thank you in advance 🙂
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I’ll pm you later when home

I do this a lot & I’d suggest: Annie Sloan paints at Out Of Office, in Karlin. That, some foam cut to size (“Kutil “ shops do this), a staple gun (Hornbach) and cheap used furniture from Prague Buy Sell and you’re off to a great start.

23 hours ago

Will Gronchi

Does anyone know why they sell leftover, very much expired products from Germany at Bila Labut? Is that even legal? ... See MoreSee Less


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Yes, why not?

Here It is popular and normal to buy them.

There was a market in Bila Labut and there they used to sell ONLY expired food.

Basically the suggested expiration date passed but the content won't deteriorate literally the day after or is still edible. Especially with canned food. Try to search around... I see it like a way in not wasting food...but I won't personally buy it.

Germans keep sendings their overleft to Eastern Europe...

They definitely should not sell expired food There are different ways food can be marked. Best before is not an expiration date and this food is generally good to consume for some time after, depending on the product I think 🙂 Companies deliberately put shorter dates to sell you more food and make you throw away stuff you can still eat, it's just business. What I do is open it and smell it, taste if it's good and eat it. It's not very hard to tell when food goes rotten

few days ago I bought balkan cheese like.. and it had expiring date the next day.. All my life I was having cheese in my fridge and it is not expiring just like that. Either that's not cheese either makes a fool out of ppl that believe if it's written expired that food is not edible anymore. Many other examples..

I would not really report them. There are so many shops to choose from. I regurarly check the expiration date, sometimes it just bad luck.

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Hi, someone has disposed of a dead dog next to a fallen tree in a bit of land near our house! Any ideas who to call to take it away before the weather gets warmer? ... See MoreSee Less


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Definitely call the police. They should register it and will deal with it themselves.

There is a service called Pet Medic that will take your dog if it dies at home...perhaps that's a solution? I have no idea about the possible fees however.

Dead cats, unfortunately, are a common sight alongside roads in this country and they are not regarded as a suspicious occurence due to the wonderful driving habits here. But a dead dog, and especially 'dumped,' is suspicious and should be at least registered (by the police, or their animal control department) for evidence should someone be missing a dog, or there is history of animal abuse. No pet medic or vets will be able to deal with the situation without referring it to the police, especially in a situation like that.

Cool, if it’s still there in the morning I’ll call the police, thanks

Do you want to remove the dead dog or the fallen tree?

22 hours ago

Rowan Roth

Anyone know a quality English speaking ENT/ORL in Prague? ... See MoreSee Less

24 hours ago

Kara Cline

Hi guys, anyone know of a shop that would sell can openers near strossmayerovo namesti? ... See MoreSee Less

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There's a shop in the corner of Milady Horákove and Kamenícka. I'm 100% sure you'll find a can opener there.

There is a little Asian shop close to O2 office on Dukelskych hrdinu-- that has just about everything. Lots of miscellaneous kitchen ware. the shop will have can openers. There are some manikins in the window.

O2 is at Dukelských hrdinů 975/14, so just walk one or two shops farther away going north.

Any well-stocked potraviny should have one.

3 days ago

Erika Leigh

I recently saw this ad on airbnb. Do you have to register tourists with the police?

I have family coming in July, should I register the person who will be staying with me and should I tell them their airbnb person should be registering them or just meh...leave it be
... See MoreSee Less

I recently saw this ad on airbnb. Do you have to register tourists with the police?

I have family coming in July, should I register the person who will be staying with me and should I tell them their airbnb person should be registering them or just meh...leave it be

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Yes you do till 3 working days

Yep, many airbnb hosts don’t do it, but the ones who want to follow the law precisely do.

Bullshit to ask for the tax outside the price. That's against the Airbnb T&C for landlords. Pay that shit yourself- it's not a tax on tourists, it's a tax on the hotelier.

No, I have used airbnb in cities around the world and have never paid a separate tax, maybe it was included in the amount i paid the host. Never gave anyone my passport info - just name and credit card to pay for room or flat. I'd find another airbnb host in Prague.

Dude thats bullshit you let your family sleep at your place thats it

You are technically supposed to register with the foreign police if you are staying longer than a month. The tax thing should be included in your fees. It looks like this airbnb just wants it in addition to the cost of the flat.

When I was in Rome last month, we stayed at an air BNB and they took our passports and filled out som forms.

If a person does airbnb in Prague legally, as in pays taxes to the financial authority of the country, then they ask a personal data to send them to the foreign police. The city tax 15 czk per person per night is also obligatory. I included that in the price of the accommodation and paid shit loads of stuff for running the thing. In the end, it was so expensive and didn't pay off so then I can't be asked to run airbnb again. And the saddest thing that lots of foreigners who live and Prague as well as czechs keep doing airbnb illegally and then clients like Julie Kohl rather choose those hosts that , yes, won't ask them for their personal data or city tax, but neither will not pay any taxes

One of the reasons rents have increased is the illegal Airbnbs in the city and elsewhere. Pay city tax in most European countries.

In any case it's nothing the tourists themselves have to worry about. It's the hotelier's responsibility.

2 days ago

Erika Leigh

I usually don't eat in tourist restaurants but my family will want to most likely. The one time I did they added a tip on and it was a huge percent (I cannot remember exact). One other time we were charged a seating fee.
Can you ask for these to be removed or is that standard in touristic restaurants? (btw yes I always tip so I have to be extra cautious I don't tip on top of their added tip on the bill)
... See MoreSee Less


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They basically try to scam the f out of every tourist. These "fees" are usually written somewhere in the menu but many of the are illegal by Czech laws, I recommend to stay away from these places and Google best quality Czech cuisine restaurants in Prague instead:)

Dva Kocka in the center charged us 160kc or something stupid because there was an accordion in the restaurant. So maybe ask if they have these kind of fees before sitting.

Czechs don't view tourism as a way to promote their country in a positive light. It's just a way to treat foreigners like a walking ATM. Good luck.

There are some hints if it is a tourist trap or not. One of the biggest hints is they do not have prices on the menu, but just pictures. One example is Malostranska Restaurant. You can also check pages like Trip Advisor.

I always take people who are visiting me to U Fleku. They have delicious beer, fair prices and typical Czech dishes. No problems so far. 🙂

Why would you go to tourist traps? There are good restaurants with Czech food and good beer in the centre that value their customers. You cannot go wrong with Lokál, for example...

While I wouldn't call this a tourist restaurant, it's near old town sq and is quite nice and I've never been over charged, had my change kept as a tip or mistreated in any way. Also, this place, not the best food, but has that old school hospoda vibe to it, just off the main drag.

Avoid restaurants which have the word "Traditional" written more than once on the windows.

if u want to be shouted at and spoil your dinner, then for sure take them to u fleku

my experience with visitors espy. from “anglo-saxon” countries is that when they choose a restaurant in Prague they are always most attracted to establishments thay virtually yell SCAM and TRAP for me. Dunno why. On practical note: I second Lokal.

If it's possible, take them to an outlying villiage and go to their local hospoda, they will then, enjoy a truly authentic experience. 🙂

Try Klášterní Šenk in Prague 6

I usually take visitors here and have always had a great experience:

These are all such good ideas and suggestions thanks guys !!! I really want to give my grandmother and her Polish friend a good experience

I find all of the Ambiente and the Kampa Group restaurants great for reliable food standards and service.


I remember also expensive bread for 90 kc back in 2011 when I was a newbie in CZ. I guess hotspot restaurants near touristic places still have other legal but not fair solutions.

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2 days ago

Liviu Bogdan Stan

Hello all!
Is that chemical explosion at Kralupy nad Vltavou in any way dangerous for Prague? I mean I couldn'd find any more info than that it is a chemical factory 20 km away from Prague, and with my little one, I am concerned! Thanks!
and may those people who died rest in peace!
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I just found on international news that they are now checking the impact on the environment!

Czech news servers all say no contamination based on information they received from the rescue teams.

what way is the wind blowing

🙁 poor families

Czech fireman have reinsured that nothing escaped into the air. They are investigating the cause. The mayor of Kralupy town said that probably the issue happened when cleaning an empty tank where was stored petrol or other “fuel” and the technological steps were not adhered.

Just another gas refinery ... Do not be stressed up too much. Your child gets more intoxicated by car exhausts in Prague.

You can use this link to check the air quailty. It's what we use in determining air quality safety before going outside with the littles at the preschool where I work. 5 and higher you should not go out, 4 not for extended periods of time.

No danger whasoever. The guys were just cutting up an old gas tank. Most likely didn´t comply with the safety rules and there was an explosion. There were no chemicals involved. It wasn´t really a part of the plant.

1 day ago

Rohit Narwal

Hello Music lovers, any recommendations for good headphones (bigger ones) under the price of 3000 CZK. Preferably wireless. Thanks in advance 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

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I've been enjoying my Marshall Major II Bluetooth headphones. Good bang for buck ratio, including great battery life.

Go for Audio Technica M-50's.... The best headphones. for 3000 czk

Another Marshall Major II fan here. I have the wired ones in the all-black colorway. Good sound, not too bassy, pretty lightweight.

I have audio technica as well, don't remember the model though, but they've been great overall. Good sound that cuts even during gigs and very durable.

Audio Technica M50 or M70

1 day ago

Jenny Šaufl

Does anyone know where to get Za'atar or dried sumac so I can make my own? ... See MoreSee Less


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recently got a really nice za'atar at Farah on Myslíkova, and they also had sumac. Chez Amis right around the corner on Spálená would probably have it too, but haven't been there recently

Thank you friends. Some lovely lady in Turkey offered to bring me some back. 😍😍

1 day ago

Elliott Mcginty

Morning all. I am looking to start going to a school to learn czech. I want at least 2 lessons a week. Small class or private. I have looked at a couple. Idealy I want at least 1 class to be in the weekend. I do not live in prague, I live in pardubice. Late evenings won't work then. Any recommendations would be appreciated and anything closer to home would be fantastic. Thankyou all hezky den. ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

Natalia Mackojć

Hey there,
Ryanair's new baggage policy-
did any one of you experience this already? I bought 'hand luggage only' tickets before Jan 15th, but then the new policy kicked in and it applies to the tickets bought in the past as well [sic!]. I am intending to fly with a small school-like backpack and would rather avoid buying priority for 4 flights, as it would cost me more than the flight tickets themselves 😂 So- did anyone experience it already? Were they strict at the airport for small backpacks with no priority and forcing people to check them in?

I know I can have it checked in free of charge, but I want to avoid it due to 1) flight transfer with not much time to change 2) my small backpack being to fragile and soft for a typical checked-in lugagge treatment
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Small backpack should be ok. I had a backpack that's maybe 40cm high, 15cm deep, and shoulder width. I think the trick is to make it look light, and like it will fit under the seat in front of you.


I think you misunderstood the new policy. You can still take two bags, without having to pay extra for check-in luggage. One standard size, one small. Only without priority the bigger bag will be taken away from you at the gate and put in hold. No checking the luggage needed by you.

Here is their policy from their website "If you have not purchased "Priority & 2 cabin bags" or a Plus/Flexi ticket you can carry the following on-board: 1 small bag on board (35cm x 20cm x 20cm) If a second cabin bag (55cm x 40cm x 20cm) is brought to the gate, it will be put in the aircraft hold free of charge. The Regulations on Cabin Baggage apply."

if you don't pay the around 6 euros, you will have in the cabin something like a backpack (which will put under the seat). The classic cabin baggage will go in the aircraft haul with the normal one for free. I know as I travel the second day of the new system.

They are very strict and will put your bag into the hull area. Unfortunately, it's worth buying priority (for all passengers for all flights). Tried it twice, but ended up booking with priority the third time. In addition to this, the ground crew is 100% Ryanairish and no fun at all to deal with.

BTW their system of marking the cabin bags to go into hold is very stupid. Basically they put a yellow band on my cabin bag since I didnt have priority. So I walked past the gate, ripped the band off and boarded with my cabin bag 😉

You’ll be fine for sure, turn up early at the gate if you’re worried but I dare say you’ll get to board with your small backpack whenever in any case.

They were strict with us last month. We were allowed to keep a medium sized backpack, but our small suitcases were taken off us on board and checked in.

I flew with them twice this past week. I had a small backpack only and i had no problems taking it as a carry on

It has to fit under the seat in front of you...then you will be fine. Flew beginning of March to Budapest and did not experience any harsh controls

One of my best travel hacks with a similar baggage policy with Wizz Air was to bring a canvas bag I could roll up tightly with me and I literally wore all of my shirts on the plane at once. Before boarding and right after deplaning, I had them all in the canvas bag. Not the most comfortable flight but it saved me enough room to have my small backpack fit everything and be able to go under the seat (the requirement I had) while technically having two small bags

I use Ryanair regularly. I never check luggage but always gate check. This new policy has my booking priority at 6.00 to avoid that. On a trip January 30, 50 of my friends were traveling prg dub they all paid and they were strict. My son flew from the UK to Dublin yesterday, he said they were very strict on some passengers. He paid the priority.

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1 day ago

Mark Rutland

Has anyone come across simple bookends like these or similar somewhere in the center? Ikea didn't have them stocked yesterday. Luxor only had plastic ones for 200czk a piece!? Thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

Has anyone come across simple bookends like these or similar somewhere in the center?  Ikea didnt have them stocked yesterday.  Luxor only had plastic ones for 200czk a piece!?  Thanks!

2 days ago

M Alejandra Alviz

Hello Vacuum cleaner experts 😀 Im about to buy one, but to be honest there is so many my eyes are vacuumed.... Do you have one at home, modest price, long lasting, not too big you can suggest to me? Please 🙂 Thank you in advanced and have a great day! ... See MoreSee Less

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Do you have a pet? I can recommend one that's amazing for homes with pets.

the price is not modest, but after going through a number of those 2 in 1s including ETA (hated it) and Electrolux I settled on a cordless Dyson that is pleasant to use and more powerful than any insert your suction joke here

Try the Dyson V8 Absolute or the Miele Complete C3 Electro EcoLine. Both at Alza.

My only advice. Avoid cordless. Battery is only good as new the first couple of months. Nothing like the full power of direct electricity.

2 days ago

Mari-Liis Tohver

To all of the craft-beer lovers: which are the coolest bars and/ or tap-rooms in Prague where the selection is more exciting than the regular lager and pilsner rally?
Cheers and many thanks!
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BeerGeek Bar

Bad flash, Illegal Beer, Malý/Velký

Dno pytle on Vinohradska. 10-15 microbrews on tap that they change weekly.

Base Camp! The best in the world with way-better prices than any of the above!

Bar Chýše


Zly Casy and Kulovy Blesk.

Craft pub by Namesti Miru

Pivo a Parek


Krknoska hospudka

Beergeek, 20 pip, t-anker, beermuseum all horrible overpriced and full of tourists/expats.

I live next to the Zly Casy, been there couple of times and if u are lookig for a place where noone from the service is interrested or even angry if u ask for a recomendation, go there.

pivovarsky club - i happen to have met the owner / founder - he is a beer enthousiast - hence I would trust the choice they have (not being much of an expert myself)

Klasterny Sipka in Brevnov Monestary.

Ale bar in P5

Gil Goldman ❤️ אולי יעניין אותך

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Påtrik Pfeffer 🤣🤣

5 days ago

Jeff Fritz

Well-water testing... would like to have our well tested to make sure our water is completely safe and totally pitná. Can anybody suggest a service who does this? Thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

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I think our university can do such services, but not sure if for individuals as well. I will try to find the link to contacts in the evening. But probably better if you remind it to me

There is a place in liben that does it. Can't remember the name but google should find it. You collect x2 containers from the and bring it back within 1 day of taking it. There are a number of options to choose from depending upon what you need the test for

I went to the local mayor`s office, she picked up the phone and a man was at our well the next day. I don`t even think we paid anything; but we got a certificate that it was pure in the post a few days later.

water testing office. on Jindrichy Placty street...near andel

Pitná = potable - I/we think this actually used to/still is a legal requirement. Pop down to your local vodárna, they should do it for free.

2 days ago

Kristen Binda

Can someone suggest the best way to get to Bohemian Switzerland without a car? I'm not finding anything very straightforward for busses or trains and want to plan a hiking trip! ... See MoreSee Less


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I doubt you can go without a car

Prague to Schöna by train and then you need to take the pedestrian ferry across the river. You arrive at Hřensko, where you will be overwhelemd by crappy restaurants, and 'gift shops'. But you can access trails and such in the area as well.

Additionally, you can take a train to Bad Schandau and then a bus to Bastei, and there is ample hiking in the German side as well.

Depends where u want to go there and how much time u will have. Its kind of big area 😉 Besides Schona, there is ferry in village Dolni Zleb (also train stop). From Dolni Zleb u can go to Belveder and take tourist road around sandstone towers to Hrensko and continue to Pravcicka Brana. Or pick some local bus from Decin to location of your choice, but for this u have to rly plan it properly as they are not going that often.

There definitely is, I think a train and a bus we went few years ago so I can't give you the exact details. But if you have time plan for trek from Hrensko.. the ferry ride is beautiful we loved it

A few years back, we went by train. Prague to Usti nad Labem, changed train for Děčin, and then a bus from there to Hřenso. Not too bad if you plan in advance and check timetables, etc.

Did you look at the RometoRio website? They aggregate the bus and train options really well.

Train to Děčín and bus to Hřensko. Check for connections (rome2rio is not reliable)

10 months ago

Gillmee Cj Bell

Hello everyone
Can somebody help me found ethiopian food in Prague, please ?
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There's an African potraviny in Ve Smeckach - towards the Zitna end. Don't know if they will have it.

Amani African Market Prague might know.

There's an African grocery store on Husitská street, across the street just a bit from Spice India restaurant (towards Florenc metro if you are on a bus). Spice India is at Husitská 91/117, Prague 3).

Really great Susan L. Ondrasek i actually in florenc but never seenit

I'll look for it nox

Someone really needs to open an Ethiopian restaurant. I am anxiously waiting!!!!

4 days ago

Amy Batheja

You guys were so helpful, another request for holiday locations. Can you recommend beach destinations that will have reasonably nice weather the first week of May? I've done a bit of research and have come up with the following list. Please share your advice on these places, or feel free to add to the list and tell me why. =)

- Egypt McKee - Sharm el-sheikh
- Morocco - Essaouira
- Turkey
- southern Portugal
- Islands: Canary islands, Malta, Majorca, Crete

Other criteria:
1) Budget destination. We need to keep cost as low as possible. Advice for keeping costs down happily accepted.
2) Easily accessible from Prague: no more than 8 hour drive/train, or a few hour flight.
3) Family friendly, we'll be traveling with a 2 and 3 year old.

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I was in norther Egypt (Taba Heights next to Eilat, Israel) in 2008 and it was one of the most lovely, life changing holidays of my life. The people were the most kind, amazing I had ever met. I have very fond memories of Egypt and Jordan. Portugal is gorgeous. Inexpensive, beautiful, safe with hospitable and friendly people. We spent two weeks there road tripling the west coast in 2013. They drive horrible, however. I was in Kokkini Hani, Crete a few years ago. It was nice. The sea was warm and there was good inexpensive bus service all over the island as well as ferry connections to neighboring islands. Lots of history and the scenery is interesting. I'm glad I went, but I probably wouldn't go back.

I was in southern Portugal at the beginning of May a few years ago and the weather was perfect. It’s incredible there and the prices are very reasonable I was in essaouira in July a few years ago and it was so windy that we had to cover our faces with our scarves in order to avoid getting sand in our mouths and eyes. I’m not sure if essaouira is ever so much of a laying on the beach kind of destination because that kind of wind is pretty normal there.

I wouldn't recommend Gran Canaria.We went in August.The hot weather was of no issue but there is no civiliasion to see, just sea and rocks.We rented a car for 2 days and traveled across the island.Waste of time. If you want just to sit by the pool/sea then ok-ish destination.



We've been to Hurghada, Egypt in 2015. I would recommend it, if you consider Egypt.

Aeolian Islands (just north of Sicily)

you cant egpyt againts turkey...i highly rec antalya or bodrum..portugal is.boring egypt is dirty morocco is dangerous ..if you dont like turkey then for sure malta

In the beginning of May sea might be relatively cold in Turkey however nature will be amazing and hotels will be cheaper. Marmaris, Kaş, Kemer, Beldibi, Side, Fethiye are excellent places where you can enjoy sea, mountains, good weather, nature as well as history.

Hi saucers,
I am planning to apply for a partnership visa with my boyfriend, who is an EU citizen. Has anyone done this and can provide me with some information? I have found the following list of required documents on the Czech Immigration website, but it seems like there should be more to it.
Documents required for the temporary residence:
Document confirming that he/she is a family member of an EU citizen or a partner
One passport size photo
Proof of health insurance
Proof of accommodation

Would appreciate any info/advice. Have a nice day 🙂
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Write a letter about your relationship and get a bunch of pics together, rental contracts, anything that helps prove you are a couple, that's it really.

You need to give them documents proving that your relationship is long-term and stable and basically equivalent to marriage. They don't specify what documents they want, but you guys should get a joint bank account, give them photos, tickets from trips abroad together, statements from friends that you are a couple, even personal messages, receipts of purchases you made together etc. You can also request an interview and they will visit your apartment and ask people living in your building if they know you. Just know that even though they theoretically have 60 days to process your application, it can take waaay longer. My bf and I waited for almost 2 years.

It took more than a year for me. Anyway, it was one degrading experience. Bring someone who speaks czech with you on ALL occasions. I've met one person that speaks decent english there. You will probably not get all documents sorted out in the first run, so you will have to go there and wait. Somewhere between 3 and 7 hours. They demanded some document besides the proof of accomodation, and we couldn't provide it. Our landlord never reported that there are any people in the apartment even though there is a valid lease contract. Anyway, they don't announce house visits anymore, so be aware.

ask sasha

Mine took 4 months (surprising, I know), but it was very simple. I gave the normal documents- employment contract, proof of joint bank account, lease, etc.. Also brought 4 reference letters from friends saying that we are a real couple and pictures from our travels. For me, it was pretty easy, others are not as lucky I see. My fiance (then boyfriend) came with me each time and translated everything.

I had to show like 2 years worth of pictures with the date written on the back of each of them. I also had to get a note from my parents and my gf's parents that we were together. I got them translated and notarized, with their passport copies attached. We also had to prove that we were living together. Mine only took a month and a half to receive. Although this was a few years ago

Hire Zlata,

+ contract for apartment for both of you joint bank account paper bunch of letters to each other, photos and flight and hotel reservations = I didn’t have letters from friends, parents and so on It’s quite easy procedure if you have all documents but I waited a lot of time for documents – 10 months. They come at your place once to check.

One piece of advice, MAKE SURE THAT YOU DON’T BREAK UP!! I just finished ending that partnership visa and it was a total bureaucratic nightmare to end that visa in order to apply for a long term residency visa (as a freelancer).Going from one category to the other is apparently quite the process. I would never get that status again unless you are really planning on getting married and being together for as long as you live here.

Make sure your rental contract is signed by the person who owns the accommodation. Subletting isn't accepted, we had to move. They rejected our application based on this, I'm in the appeal process for months now.

The burden of proof is transfered to you if you are an extended family member of EU citizen (partner, grandparents etc). In this case, you have NO right of residence under EU law. You can be denied if you are not able to argue your case... and if it is denied, you have no legal redress as opposed to a married partner who by law cannot even be easily deported. The relevant EU law considers a 'durable relationship' to be one where the applicant and EEA national have been living together in a relationship similar to marriage for at least 2 years. Evidence of this, such as evidence of joint finances, rent or mortgage agreements or other official correspondence must be submitted with the application. If your boyfriend has ever petitioned for a Schengen visa then it is a good idea to provide the copy of the official invitation (not a private letter of invitation)...

I've heard somewhere that people need to live together for at least 6 months. We have been together for almost 2 years and can provide proof of that, but the rent is only for the last 6 months. Is that really such a big issue? I've heard of people getting the visa when living together for less time. Also I've been on a student visa here at the time when we met, so he never issued any form of invitation for me as I didn't have any issues staying in the country until now. If it gets denied I guess we will issue an appeal and get married quickly in the meantime 😀

I am personally against using all those immigration services and companies as all they want is your money. But this process is one of those that I've heard a lot of people have actually benefited from using a company that knows what they are doing. That is to say, a company that has done similar successful applications before. I don't have any personal experience with any such company. But I have contacted two of them so far: (1) and (2) and I have been told by both that they have done such an application for many people and know how it exactly works. They also both confirmed that the process can take anywhere between 4 to 12 months. Adding photos of you both together (in front of known places) and tickets from trips you've had together helps a lot.

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2 days ago

Anthony Luccini

Hey hey,

Does anyone know where I can buy Aleppo soaps in Prague?

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Hey hey,

Does anyone know where I can buy Aleppo soaps in Prague?



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Try Bioooo in Kotva department store at nam.Republiky

possible could bring you some in a month)

Chez Amis?

2 days ago

Sani Hadek

Long shot, but does anyone know where in Prague is this art cafe? I read about it on a blog a while ago, saved the pictures, but not the name. Forgot about it and just found the pictures. Thought it could be an interesting place to visit. Many thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

Long shot, but does anyone know where in Prague is this art cafe? I read about it on a blog a while ago, saved the pictures, but not the name. Forgot about it and just found the pictures. Thought it could be an interesting place to visit. Many thanks!Image attachmentImage attachment


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It's not a cafe, it's a gallery, though they do give you a glass of watered down red wine :). It's on Petrin Hill

Spent an hour there talking to these weird cult people about their strong beliefs in alien intervention and worship. No joke. Kevin Sundin do you remember all the insane things they were saying?sweetest people on earth. But a bit out there

Thank you guys!

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