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2 hours ago

Ivan Belcic

Getting real sick of Czech Posta pretending to deliver packages while saying that I wasn't home. Is there any way to submit a complaint, or do I just keep schlepping down to collect my packages myself after their "failed delivery attempts"? ... See MoreSee Less


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They always do like this. They sent me sms in the evening without trying to call me, and pretending they couldn’t find me at the address I provided, but where they delivered packages in the past.

When that happened I always called this number and complained. After a few complaints it hasn’t happened in at least a year 😉 603 488 646

Had the same with courier who said they tried to deliver, then returning package then lost package, sister following up and they deny even having the package even though we have a tracking number, too many are just dam lazy, not sure about complaints though, we have been locked in a complaint loop for 3 months already.

Look. With 0% unemployment nobody is doing their job. Of course customer services will be terrible and waiters will be rude and cashiers will lie with the change, post will not arrive etc. Everyone on a salary here could not care less for their job or their customers. This is part of the whole miracle that is Prague and that's also why most of us are here anyway I guess. So we just need to get used to it and stop being impressed by this careless attitude 🙂 Send those employees to a city with at least 30% unemployment and they will not survuve a day on the job.

23 minutes ago

Any Jeleva

What is happening with these trams? Second time I'm stuck in a line of not moving trams !wtf? ... See MoreSee Less

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There is a lot of traffic at the moment and the trams can't get through. The driver let us out bc it would've been a 40 minutes wait from bila labut to vaclavske. If you can, use the metro. 🙂

It was like that when I came home from work an hour ago...I would find another way home if possible!

Some bigger troubles somewhere:

28 minutes ago

Mia Rantipole

Last week I've learned that the frozen pizza in my local Potraviny is cheaper than in Tesco Express. Same brand. This leads to my question. What food store do you think has the best offers most of the time? ... See MoreSee Less

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Levny potraviny

2 hours ago

Jamie Russell

Anyone know where Black Panther is playing tonight in English? Not sure if it’s a glitch in CinemaCity website but few days ago it listed English showtimes all week and now nothing. Thanks

Would like to go to Letnany or Slovansky Dum
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It's a glitch. I had that problem too last week. It's in English in every big cinema, don't worry.

Showing at Letnany in English. Shows up for me

Great! Thanks

We watched it at Flora

1 hour ago

Tomas Minkauskas

Hi guys,

I am EU citizen living and working/paying taxes in Prague for the last 7 months.
Looking for an "expat agent" who could help me with application for temporary residence and getting a rodne cislo so I could use public services(taking loans, electronics and pay with installments) and etc. Pm me with your estimated fees.
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Peťa Špačková


Forget paying on installments ... Won't happen.

Does anybody know if i am paying alimenty officially, when i start a new job can i apply for the child tax deduction? thank you in advance
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1 day ago

Simon Storey

Hi all, which are the cheapest routes from the UK (anywhere) to Prague on a Friday?
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Flying, that is. Eurolines can do one...

You can choose a whole country as a starting point via this website and it shows all of the discount airlines.

brno london is cheap,..i got for 400 once

Possibly Southend

Use skyscanner 🙂

check out, pretty cheap flights if you keep your eye on them.

Possibly the new upcoming Easyjet service from Southend (SEN)?

Or Ryanair from Liverpool or Ryanair to Pardubice ?

If you put everywhere or anywhere in Skyscanner it tells you the cheapest.

try or hopper app or skyscanner

Ryanair's flights from Stansted are the cheapest I find

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1 day ago

Glen Dsouza

Goat meat vs Lamb Meat... Where can I find goat meat (mutton) Sorry guys I came across this multiple times, Is lamb a generic term used for just goat meat? Or is it sheep meat? AFAIK Lamb - a young sheep typically less than a year old, also used as the name of meat from a young sheep. Anyone has a idea on where I can get Goat meat instead 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less


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You can find goat meat from Abdullah halal shop . They don't have it always so better to call them before visiting the shop. This shop is near to Lipanska

Mutton = sheep (adult) Lamb = lamb (juvenile) Goat = goat

What’s baby goat meat called, Kid Meat?

Man I could eat me some goat curry and rice and peas right now!

I believe mutton is adult sheep meat. Skopové maso in Czech.

You kill goat babies.

OMG! How could you kill an innocent goat? Can't you get control of your murderous impulses for FIVE SECONDS!! I've had it. I'm gonna put on my leather shoes and belt and go off and protest. Maybe pick up a big mac on the way. 😀

Does anyone have an experience with a syrup or ready-made lemonade (lemon taste) which would taste nice and not chemical ? Not fizzy. I dont have the strength to be mixing myself a fresh one with lemons and sugar at the moment hence looking for an alternative for a quick fix.. Thank you ... See MoreSee Less

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I just slice a lemon in several big chunks, sqhish them very slightly so that they'd continue leaking juice, and pour cold water in a big jug. Takes one minute and is refreshing.

M&S has good non-fizzy lemonade

3 hours ago

Tony Peachment

Friend stuck in Friday afternoon medical twilight zone. Where to go to see a doctor today. Leg problem. Ta ... See MoreSee Less

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I think you're stuck with every man and their dog at the regular public hospitals unless you want to pay for something like the Canadian Health Centre. Is the leg falling off?

Homolka! Every time I've gone to the chirurgicka ambulance there I've been in and out in 30mins even if it was 5am on a Sunday.

6 hours ago

Shaun O'Banion

Hi, Saucers. Landlord/tenant question. My landlord is Czech. She lives abroad. About a month ago, a neighbor from downstairs was pounding at our door. Water was leaking into his apartment. We narrowed the issue to our shower. We informed the landlord and they told us we had to make the repair, so I bought caulk and re-sealed the shower. Still leaked. Re-sealed again. This time, it seemed ok. Then, the other night, I was taking a shower and the floor (or shower tray, as it’s called) suddenly gave out. It cracked.

I took pictures of the crack, the underside of the tray, and contacted the manufacturer. They replied that, from the photos, it looked like improper installation and that the tray was not supported properly - the legs were not in the correct place to properly distribute weight, so, essentially, parts of the shower floor were just free-floating.

The tray itself is about 4000Kč. Then we’ll have to factor in installation cost. The landlord insists that I broke it so I have to fix it. To be clear, I was showering... can’t imagine I do that any differently than anyone else. I wasn’t, like, doing jumping jacks in the shower(!)

In the US, the landlord would be responsible for fixing this. Alternatively, I could solicit bids for the repair from three vendors and, using the cheapest bid, pay for the repair and deduct it from the rent.

So, the question is: What are my options here? Anyone know?

Thanks in advance for your replies.
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Usually tenants are responsible for repairs up to a certain amount. It should be listed in your contract

according to the law if fixing one thing costs more than 1000Kc, the owner has to pay for it. and total amount for small fixings cannot exceed 100Kc/m2 of the flat's size per year = flat is 100m2, you should pay no more that 10 000Kc/per year. In your case, the owner should pay as it exceeds 1 000Kc per repair. I would fix it, pay for it, inform the owner of the total amount amount paid, and pay less for the next rent. you can google-translate this

It's great that you got that statement from the manufacturer that it was due to incorrect installation. That completely absolves you of any potential responsibility. You may now either have the repairs performed yourself and deduct it from the rent, or (after a reasonable period of time), terminate the contract without notice. See sections 2264-2266 of the civil code

Your landlady should be relieved you weren't injured as a result of the shoddy workmanship. Boggles the mind.

5 hours ago

John B. Paist IV

Heeey, I have a question about pension taxation for a US citizen working in Czech.

So I set up a pension plan through my company recently and the company that it is through came back asking for my W9 tax form.

Now here is the question, when I do get the money out of the pension plan in how ever many years would it get double taxed as the US loves to do this to citizens living abroad.

Thanks in advance!
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To my knowledge, US and CZ have an agreement to not double tax its citizens, so you should only get taxed once. I have the article but it's in Czech 😉

When I set up one it was in the US and the type of plan I chose I put in post-tax money so when I take it out, I won't have to pay taxes. Some you invest pre-tax and then pay when you take out. I suggest you also contact whatever financial planner/company you used to set it up.

is the plan a "foreign pension plan" for US tax purposes, i.e. a czech pension plan? The US will most likely determine it to be "nonqualified" for tax-exempt purposes. As such, you would look to the treaty between US/Czech to determine the tax consequence. and, FACTA, too 🙂

1 day ago

Gordon Truefitt

A married couple; both none Czech and none EU; both employed here and covered by VZP health insurance; have two - one year old - children, born here and so technically Czech citizens. VZP say they that are not, nor can be, covered for health Insurance by them, and the parents should take out private health insurance for them. Any advice or ideas would be most appreciated! ... See MoreSee Less


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Children born to non Czech parents, while in the Czech Republic are not citizens by birth.

unfortunately kids will get covered automatically by VZP only after 5 years of parents' living here. i guess only once you get permanent residency, not before. so better research for good insurance.

Kids are not Czech citizens just because they were born here.

Children of foreigners not being properly covered by health insurance is a big issue here, unfortunately. Yet one of those things that make so many people feel unwelcome here. And yes, they are not Czech citizens

They are not czech citizen just because they are born here, the rule is simple atleast one of the Parents needs to be a czech citizen for the child to get it, and yes they need to purchase private insurance.

Same in all eu countries, not citizen unless parents are. My child born in germany, To use and american parents, was "stateless" until we got the cz and us citizenship forms filled and completed

Only US has the "right of the soil" clause. Czech Republic doesn't. You become a Czech citizen through a) parents, or b) legal process.

Correct I have to pay for my child separately.

It does seem to be about length of residency. When Phoebe was born in Prague we had the purple EU resident passport, and she got VZP coverage no problem.

I venture to say they are correct, private insurance. I can arrange it.

No they're not covered. The Czech government only cares about Czech kids.

The kids aren't Czech citizens. It doesn't work that way. They have the resident status of their parents. If one parent has trvaly pobyt, the kids can get it. If the kids have trvaly pobyt, they can be registered with VZP the same as Czech citizens (under their parents and with no premium). If the parents are long term residents, the kids are not elgible for state insurance but must have commercial insurance to fulfil reqs of their residence permits. MoI has a list of acceptable insurers on their web site. Luckily for your Godson, I got trvaly pobyt 2 weeks before his birth and he has VZP.

just in case - VZP also covers people with permanent residence status (which usually is getting achieved after 5 years of stay here and 5 years earlier than citizenship)

Czech republic follow the rule of blood not of soil - so children born in the territory of Czech republic has the nationality of parents. Getting a czech citizenship is quite difficult! So unless the children are EU nationals they cannot be insured under VZP obly private health care orograms and it will be also needed for their residence permits...

NO MORE PLEASE! Thanks to all the above; I`m sorted!

Many (most?) countries have stopped the "born here and you're a citizen" thing to prevent birth tourism.

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6 hours ago

Thái Hà

What will happen if you lose your Bio card right before the date of picking up your new one. Can I still get the new Bio card on time?
I will have an international flight in a week 🙁
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You have to report it lost or stolen within three business days. I know if it's stolen you have to submit a police report. I'm not sure if you have to report it to the police if it's just lost. Its possible you won't have to pay for the reissue of a lost card since you're getting your new one anyway.

9 hours ago

Alen Kovačić

Hello Saucers!

Has anyone recently applied for a 'non-EU family member of EU citizen' residence? We're a month and a half into our three months and just chasing up last bit of documentation but somebody told us that it takes over two months to even get an appointment with MoI to apply. If that's true that would put us past the 90 days allowed and would mean my wife would have to leave the country for 90 days.

Can anyone confirm that it takes that long to even get an appointment and if so are there any tricks to get it sooner?

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In 2016 we called for an appointment in late September/early October and got an appointment the first week of December. It definitely takes a little while

I would say call now, see what you can do, and then worst case scenario you can show up first thing in the morning without an appointment (and I mean like an hour or two before it opens) and just wait until they can see you

Have you tried to schedule an appointment online? Our first time we didn't schedule one and waited for about 4 hours at MOI but were seen by the authorities and submitted everything. The second time I needed to go, I scheduled an appointment online on Monday and there was an appointment available the next day. Use the "search" bar in this group for the link - that's where I found it 🙂 Good luck!

Call immidiately and book an appointment. Bring papers you collected, they will most certainly ask for more documents in additional letters. GL 🙂

You can also apply for a bridge visa while your documents are in process

Even with EU my appointment took over two months to arrange.

If you can't get an appointment/on phone in the time frame you need, you have to wake up SUPER early and take a number at the office and you may be able to be seen.

2 days ago

Pepa Sabó

Hi, what peanut butter is the best here from store (Tesco, Albert, Lidl, etc..)? ... See MoreSee Less


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Marks & Spencers

Hamley's has JIFF!

If Rohlik is in your scope, then try this beauty (spotted once in one Albert also, if that helps)

Through that stuff in garbage and try Nugeta 8)

We go with Iceland. In Lidl only during American week in the smaller glass jars with metal top is ok. The one with plastic top xxl size is awful- bought it by mistake and using for peanut butter cookies

I like the lidl one for baking and this one for eating on it's own or in sandwiches (the peanut and coconut is my fave)

All of them.

Meridian brand from DelMart, 1 Kilo tub for 299czk.

Homemade ?

Spotted some yesterday at arabic shop Chez Amis close to Narodni Trida, they normally carry very good stuff

During American Week at Lidl, they sell it (smooth or chunky) in a big jar for only 50Kč and it’s excellent.

Now that I thought it better, I found in Globus one called "Rettub Nutaep". Only 20czk and it was extremely good. Interesting also that had the sign "Bio"

Marks & Spencers is best

I like the Bohemia one you can get in Albert 😊

Lidl when they have American weeks, crunchy is best.

Rholik do a good one with no added sugar

Marks and Spencer, IMHO. Or make it yourself by running roasted peanuts through the blender. 🙂

Marks and Spencer’s is the best

Reese's anyone?

Sunpat 👍

Marks and spencer! 😉

DM has a natural one, it is great

Thanks everybody for suggestions 😉


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1 day ago

Scott Somerville

Apologies another health insurance related issue.

I'm an unmarried EU citizen about to commence full time living (and eventually working in Czech - need to acquire job).

Is it possible to get health insurance from day 1 of living in Czech?

If so how?

Thanks in advance.
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Yes. Just go to vzp and askfor it. You will get the unemployed person rate

i was allowed to apply through the likes of salvia, vzp and maxima. My problem is that i am applying for a residence permit and they require me to show that i have insurance (for the application) which means paying upfront for 2 years if i would like to apply for 2 years. Does anyone know of an affordable complex/comprehensive cover that is not as costly as i would have to pay upfront for 2 years?

You can buy private insurance online via Slavia (other companies exist too, but this is a bigger one that definetly offers private insurance for non-Czechs, regardless of your marital status). You can literally do everything online / via email and have insurance start "on day 1" (I'm not sure, however, what you will do in terms of providing an address for where they can send you a physical copy of your insurance card). As I understand, because you're an EU citizen and your legal permission to stay here in Czech has nothing to do with a work visa, you have the option of basic insurance, or complex insurance (each has different levels of support, basic being cheaper and covers emergency medical needs only).

Thank you / díky to all for the replies.

7 hours ago

Eyal Frayden

Ahoj you guys!!!

I'm looking for Yoga lessons for English speakers... any recommendations? Diky moc! 🙂
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Meenal Padhiar Karina Bolan

Yoga in Vinohrady

Karina Bolan

Prague Yoga Collective, next to vltavska metro

20 hours ago

Agneta Saka

Anyone have idea where to go to get a good quality elliptical machine? Preferably a place where I can rest it out not just online. Thank you ... See MoreSee Less

22 hours ago

Rsff Llvrdy

Not the first time. Calling to customer service, choose English in the language menu, wait for 20 mins, somebody picks up and tells sorry doesn't speak English and suggests me to wait for a minute so he can connect me to an English speaking call operator... Passes another 20 minutes, the same person picks up again and gives me a different number to call.... I call and wait another 20 mins still NO answer!
Very disappointed with VODAFONE customer service!!!!
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If this was all just happening now, try during normal business hours. I usually have better luck then

Welcome to Czech Republic where everything and everyone is SLOW and will get used to it . Ahhhhh don’t forget stinky 😬🤪😷trust me , you don’t want summer to come 😂✌🏽😛

As if they wanted to be on par with British Telecom and their helplines...somewhere in the middle of India...

They're the worst. Don't even get me started. The day I got the last of their tentacles out of my life was a happy one.

just call the czech one and ask to speak english...usually works

Everything about Vodafone in CZ sucks. Prices, services and customer support. Paid once for internet, been told to wait like 10 mins to be activated and after almost 1 week of calls and visits to Vodafone shops got this done. Just awful

I have never had that experience. I guess you had bad luck.

i have been with vodafone for 10 years now, and never any issue getting to talk to an english speaking operator, it isnt everyone that is slow and rude as mentioned previously,

English Dedicated Line: 776 975 324 (open hours apply) Save it to your phone.

Just go to Vodafone Shop its much better. I go to the one in andel and im never disappointed. Phone is useless ^^

8 hours ago

Leah Gaffen

wooden crib
1,800 Kč - Prague 2

Beautiful wooden crib for sale! Located in Prague 2; 1800 Kc or best offer
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wooden crib
1,800 Kč - Prague 2

Beautiful wooden crib for sale!  Located in Prague 2; 1800 Kc or best offer

1 day ago

Phillip Roberts

Hey American Saucers,

Got a question for you. How are you guys filing taxes in the US? turbotax or do you have someone do them? Or is there someone in Prague that does US taxes?

Thanks in advance for your answers 🙂
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Pike your favorite online service. I've used HR Block in the past for filing from abroad, and liked them just fine. And it was easy.

I have a guy in Florida who does mine. Very reasonable

I've always used TurboTax with good results.

I second for Turbotax 😊

I've used HR Block (TaxCut) for years. Easy to use program and user friendly.

I've used the online tax service OLT for about 7 years. Any online platform should work for you. 💸💸

20 hours ago

Kenneth Munonye

Hey good people. Please anyone able to help here. My daughter came home with this assignment and I got stuck halfway.

Any ideas please?
... See MoreSee Less

Hey good people. Please anyone able to help here. My daughter came home with this assignment and I got stuck halfway. 

Any ideas please?Image attachment


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Nice one

How about the last one?

Dunno... thinking about it. Btw tužka, not tuška😉

12345=Pavel 432=Eva

I can’t help you but I find this ultra cute

zelena should be the last one, but dont see it on the list,

Hello! Posting for Rinat Magsumov, since he can't post at the moment:
Dear Crowdsaucers,
We are looking for a café where we can hold regular chess events on Sundays.
We had unexpected success with our Kotatko Chess Parties, and there is steadily growing demand/interest from both Russian and English-speaking communities for the continuation and expansion of our Sunday events.
Unfortunately for us, the management of the art café Vypalene Kotatko asked us to move the events to a day that doesn’t suit us (or rather our little future champions and their parents).
We will do the event this Sunday and then we have to decide where we would like to move.
The café should be child-friendly, have big enough tables, be not crowded on Sundays. And please, no blaring music!
Our Sunday events gather a minimum of ten children (and we may double that number in the future). The children are all well-behaved (they are chess players, after all!)
Maybe there is some newly opened café that will appreciate new customers?
... See MoreSee Less


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Cafe prostoru?

Sounds like a great event. Just curious as to why you are looking for a cafe to hold it. 10 children and their parents? Try a church hall normally used for large activities. Just an idea.

Times? Jirka has been here with our son's class/parents a few times, they meet up and the parents are upstairs, kids downstairs (seems to be a cellar that is used for events/parties etc). Also during the warm months maybe they can consider using Sestak (the outdoor truck/cafe right at vitezni namesti. They have events all throughout the summer and I know the guy who manages it so can pass on details to him.

Café Elvira has the added benefit of having great WiFi and awesome cakes for any parents who wish to hang around

Agrees with Julie Kohl. I woul look for a space thats even for future more suitable for this kind of event. For. ex. they have great rent coditions or workshop in on Letna - great cozy space with own coffee bar...etc.

Rinat, what do you think of Alex and Julie's suggestions?

Maybe Globe Bookstore and Cafe? My school sometimes on thursdays are allowed to host a game night there so maybe they could do the same on Sunday?

2 days ago

Drew Carson

I recently bought an apartment and have to update my visa that I live there. What document do I have to show the immigration office that I own the apartment? My name is already on the katastr online which I would think would be enough but I'm not sure. ... See MoreSee Less


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Go to the post office and ask for výpis katastru And they will print out the official paper confirming the ownership. You go with that there. I mean they have access to the online system and they can check it themselves but they need a confirmation as well. At least that's how it was in my case

You don't need anything, moi will just look you up in the katastr.

So I just went, they didn't need the vpis z katastru but it helped. Props to the Benesov immigration office there was no line and it took me literally 2 minutes to get everything done AND the people were somewhat friendly.

Gil Goldman זה חשוב ❤️

Whenever I deal with any government department anywhere in the world, I always bring *everything* - too often the functionaries don't feel like dealing with whatever you want and they will ask for some other ridiculous paper. Bring everything, and they soon realise that the quickest way to get rid of you is by sorting out whatever you came for.

2 years ago

Riley Dorway

Hi all,

I am looking for an indoor basketball gym in Prague (unfortunately I need to be able to feel my hands for this sport so I can't be playing outside these days...). I can't seem to find a gym anyhere online, can someone point me in the right direction? Or does anyone know of a league going on somewhere?


... See MoreSee Less


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In every sokol

In falcons?

Thanks for the info, I think I've found a place

1 day ago

Eric Walker

How can one check the ownership of a telephone number? I had a strange call from a fellow yesterday, and I'd like to find out whom he represents. Thanks ... See MoreSee Less

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just throw the number with the +country code into google. Several sites will pop up with listings.

Or install truecaller on your smartphone, it identifies the caller automatically and instantly so you can see who is calling even he is not in your address book. Works in 90%of the cases

When I get a call from an unknown number, they've got about 5 seconds to address me by name or I hang up.

Prevailing upon you Smart Saucers again. Question: Can a foreigner with trvaly pobyt candidate for municipal elections? Everywhere I search, it says that a person has to have citizenship to candidate for the office of the president, but I can't find any info. on the local/municipal level. Thanks for any info! ... See MoreSee Less

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Depends 🙂 EU?

Carolyn, aren't you eligible for citizenship yet? It could take a year or so after the application to get it, but I see no reason you wouldn't qualify (assuming there are no skeletons hiding in closets of the Krumlov house).

No, I can apply for citizenship but it is now taking a lot longer than a year...sometimes more than two.

Hey guys, best place to book all inclusive holidays? Or at least half board.
GO!! 😃 TIA
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I use

Along the years I've used Cedok, Exim, and Fisher. Happy with all of them, never had a problem.

Exim Tours

Ok Express

1 day ago

Kane Millar

Anyone know where I can get a small bulk order of key chains (maybe 100) for a client? ... See MoreSee Less

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What kind of keychains?

2 days ago

Ian Quigley

Hello People. I am searching for a guide [in English] on formation of contract under Czech Law. Cheers. ... See MoreSee Less

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hello i ve been tour guiding since 2007

i am.tour guiding english and turkish speaker including all cz, austria, hungary a dresden..have a look at my profile

You may want to specify what kind of contract...


10 months ago

Lucia Hyzova

This was bought in Albert in Amsterdam. Do you think that one day the miracle happens and such fresh and quality food would be sold in Alberts around Prague? ... See MoreSee Less

This was bought in Albert in Amsterdam. Do you think that one day the miracle happens and such fresh and quality food would be sold in Alberts around Prague?


Comment on Facebook

doubt it, but at least it's becoming an issue:

How I wish we could have something like that here!

Only if it's dirt cheap and also on sale.

Unfortunately not. I used to live in Amsterdam and they have totally different stuff there :/

the consumer decides



Yes it will....when salaries finally improve and the Czech people are able to afford paying premium prices for groceries. I've seen it with tropical fruit (because am always on a hunt)...You find delicious mango, really good quality - almost comparable to what's in my country - one mango (that isn't even that big) will set one back 60-70kc :o... so people walk past them. You go back a week later and find same mangos, but now shrivelled (not ripe, mind) and 10kc less...weeks later, they'll be on sale for half price and most people will be sorting through those on sale. Those mangos will taste horrible and most will be rotten on one side or the whole mango and then next time, they won't even look at a mongo because its a waste of good koruna :o. They'll go for ceske apples.

I'm sure you'll be able to buy that in Prague. Just after it doesn't sell in Amsterdam and they send it here

You cannot compare the Dutch Albert Heijn and the Czech Albert. Even though they are owned by the same company. Different country different tastes

This is available in Billa Pruhonice

Yes, when the prices in Prague will match the prices in Amsterdam


I bet it is expensive. I think M&S has similar stuff but expensive comparing to Czech prices. I loved food in Netherlands a lot

Nope. It will be too expensive for the average Czech

Drew Carson I believe youll be interested in this discussion

Keep hoping :p

They have a nice box of sushi in Lidl!

Go to Bila - Albert is worse than Tesco. Bila has this kind of stuff.

That would be awesome

Let's pray for it 🙏🏼🙂

The Albert at Filadelfia is awesome, compared to other Alberts I've been to.

M&S has the stuff, good quality, but pricey

There is a plus to having mostly local produce and less plastic packaging....

Yup, one day - although, comparing to what you had in Amsterdam, price will be doubled, quantity will be 1/3 less and half the quality.

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21 hours ago

Asen-Marian Anghel

Hi,please,can any1 tell me if there is any law written obligation for a bank to notify a customer about the fact that they received an account execution? Here in CZ.Thank you! ... See MoreSee Less

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As far as I've been able to read from Czech sites, no institution is under any obligation to tell you that you're under execution, much less if you have a debt with them - that's just considered a matter of "professional courtesy" but it's not an obligation. Debt collection in CZ is the road to hell, best stay on top of it.

1 day ago

Janice Woodard

Way back when I rented my son a tux at someplace near Novy Smichov. Now thinking of visiting again to rent a evening/formal dress for my daughter. Does anybody know the store I'm talking about? Or another good place to rent dresses for a special event? Thanks ... See MoreSee Less

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Satygohome out by Ceskomoravska.

2 days ago

Grafton Clark

Is there some kind of banana shortage? Third time this week the big Tesco doesn't have any... ... See MoreSee Less


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Adam Eber has them all...

They all decided to split.

They cost 40CZK in both Albert and Billa. Maybe Tesco had them for 5 CZK less so people jumped on it? 🙂

They just hide them when they see you coming

I'm having the same experience with porridge oats! Maybe there's a sudden craze for banana-topped porridge 😂

CZK 29,90 at Albert, but they´re out, too.

In my neiborhood, Dolni Mecholupy, a small vietnameese shop ... bananas still available ... please do not buy them all, I am banana-adict! 🙂 Also, at they usually have bananas, but I did not check today. They even sell platanos (other sort of bananas, suitable for cooking).

Yes, there is a banana shortage - google it!

Czechs are going back to good old days when you had to queue for exotic fruit 😉 /sarcasm.

they stop growing usually by mid Feb in Czech. just wait till April, they will be back

why do you say that, I was just at Eden and there were hundreds

Don't live in Prague but all shops here have bananas, was at billa minday and both kaufland and lidl today. All had boxes of bananas. Maybe Prague is filled with banana hoarders.

I’ve wondering also, our neighborhood Albert had been out for weeks!

Yes, definitely a banana shortage. I was in Asda (UK) 2 weeks ago and there was a sign to say you are only allowed 1kg at a time....

There is some sort of rationing going on for Banany, saw at Billa that there was some quantity limit for single purchase and there were bearly any there

I blame the monkeys 🐵

They are the most dangerous fruit. Broken legs... twisted ankles. Spinal injuries! Not funny at all

They also hide the deadly black tarantula, so you know, pozor.

The same story about milk in Kaufland...I don't know what is happening, but when you have 3 kids and you can't find milk 2-3 or 4 times a week at the supermarket, it makes me anoying 🙁

There go my plans for my banana, kale, butter casserole this weekend. 😢

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1 day ago

Katie Matthews

Has anyone been up to the castle lately?

Is it still free to enter the first part/room of St. Vitus Cathedral (the vestibule bit, not the chapel), or do you now need a ticket?
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I went up in January, it's still free to enter the main vestibule but you have to pass security checkpoints around the castle area (quick searches)

Back part is free. Last entry at 3:40 closes at 4pm.

Hi, was there few days ago. Still the same. Front part if the cathedral is free.

1 day ago

Pablo Gómez

Hi saucers, where can I buy minced lamb meat? I tried globus, Tesco, makro ... See MoreSee Less

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there is a shop here at 17 Boleslavova in Nusle its a Farmers shop they have great minced lamb

Do Robertson's have minced lamb now? Last time I was there in January they said they were not getting any until the spring lambs were slaughtered. Made me ill.

Anatolia Food Market

You can find from halal shops in Prague. There are four

I guess we get lamb/i.e. goat meat and not sheep right?

4 days ago

April Bagley

Hi! 🙂 I've got a driving license question that hopefully someone can help with. My US license expired about 5 years ago and it isn't possible to get a new one, so I will have to shell out the dough to get a CZ one.
My question is, does anyone know how it will work when I return to the US (for just a visit) and I want to drive, there? (aka rent a car.) I'm curious what the police will say, if I'm an American citizen with a Czech perm residency and a Czech license. :O (or maybe there won't be a problem at all, just some raised eyebrows!)
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If you have your international driving licence with it - as every CZ licence holder should - you should be perfectly OK.

Thank you so much for such quick and informative responses!!!

Is it true that there is no way to get a new license once its expired ? I’m not trying to fly all the way to California just to get a license. 😕

Legally, your American license doesn't work here in the Czech lands and vice Versa. I'm Canadian and found out the hard way that way back when, neither Canada nor the U.S. signed the 1968 Vienna Convention (also pertaining to road traffic and driving) and therefore, a U.S. or Canadian license is not valid to exchange for a Czech one. Both my brother and I have been driving for more than 20 years and both of us had to go to Auto Skola and start from scratch to legally drive in Czech. Yep, an international driver's license is what you will legally need to drive in the States.... regardless of the ignorance of a cop there who might say it's not! 🤨😊

Lisa Kohli Not true. The USA did sign the 1968 Vienna Convention. The problem is that driving licenses are issued by different states, not the US government, and the formatting varies from state to state. "Although the USA signed the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, American driving licenses do not conform to the agreed format."(‪

I had my US license expire while I was away. When I returned to the US, at DMV I had to retake the computer test and pass a driving test with an instructor all form the beginning, because I was away for 6 and a half years. If I remember correctly, if your US license is over 5 years expired, you have to do what I did - start all over. If it is less, then you re-apply.

Also, if you have a valid Czech license, or any other EU country, you can drive legally in the US with it as long as you apply online for an international drivers license (to go along with it); they mail it to you, to an address in the US, and then you drive with it and your current European license.

I have been driving with EU license in US with no problem. If you will need to rent a car in the US, many rental companies, or rideshare companies like ZipCar will rent you cars, if you have a notarized document stating you have never had an accident in the EU country of residence. I did this for Zipcar, and have had no issues...

2 days ago

Kat Wyr

Hi everyone! I am currently living in Canada and looking to move to Prague within the next two years. Can anyone direct me to some links or information as where to start? Or perhaps share your experiences via pm? I have dual citizenship (polish) which I believe makes it easier for me to move, but where have you all started? There are so many websites and forums, I am finding myself overstimulated. Thank you 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less


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PS I have read the FAQs too 🙂

Do you have a polish passport?

PM me

If you need a job and you speak polish please pm me

You can also ask in the Canadians in CZ fb group as there at some members in similar situations.

There's a FB group for Poles in Prague

As a Polish citizen, thus citizen of EU, you have right to settle here with no restrictions. This includes unlimited right to work or conduct business indeed. So you can simply show up, register (in some cases optionally but always advisably as it makes life easier) with the respective Czech authorities and that is all.

Zapraszamy do grupy, może tu ktoś Ci pomoże:

1 day ago

Ray Fritz

Hey Saucers!

Does anybody know any cobblers that use Vibram soles? If not, are there any places I could obtain Vibram soles for walking shoes. Thanks!
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2 days ago

Ági Kelemen

Hi all,

Can anyone recommend me a stock broker they worked with here in CZ?

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Comment on Facebook American company with employees here contact Jason very ethical

Check out Lynx or Degiro. Both Dutch online brokers with Czech versions available. Also Interactive Brokers is supposed to be very good but has high minimum funding.

thanks both!

1 day ago

Ali Mak

Hello Everyone, looking to rent one of these for 10 days, any tips please? 🙂 Thank you! ... See MoreSee Less

Hello Everyone, looking to rent one of these for 10 days, any tips please? :) Thank you!

1 day ago

Janez Kobal

Hi Saucers! 🛸

Has anyone used elbows protectors before? My elbow psoriasis is acting up. :/
Any idea where I can find something similar in Prague? Diky! 🙂
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2 days ago

Alexandra Muraru

Hi, I am not sure if you had similar experiences but lately I noticed that either I am charged for more products than I bought( for example in #Delmart-Andel) , either the prices labeled are wrong or the one that makes me even more upset is to get less money back when I pay in cash ( #Marama- Dejvicka, #Billa-Belohorska).
Is it maybe a trend or it is pure bad luck ?
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I shop go to Lidl/Kaufland/Billa 5-6 times a week and have never been incorrectly charged. I once had a bag of onions scanned twice at Globus, but the customer service people took care of it immediately and even were kind enough to give me an extra 10kc for the 'trouble'.

Constantly overcharged in Albert, Roztoky. About three times a month.

Yes, it's a common practice here, they do it on purpose. Just be careful and always check the receipt. Don't listen to people who tell you that it makes no sense, since they can't figure out how the cashiers benefit from that trick. They do.

It happened to me 3-4 times to receive less money back when paying cash in Billa...

I bought two pizzas at my local Albert. Checked the bill and it said 3 pizzas. No one spoke English. Eventually they got someone. The answer was to just take a third pizza. I did not want one but they were not pleased giving me back the money for the overcharge. I always check receipts before leaving the shops.

Someone will say... "bad Czechs trying to trick poor foreigners"

2 days ago

Drew Carson

Anybody tried this before? Is it worth the diabetes? ... See MoreSee Less

Anybody tried this before? Is it worth the diabetes?


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Gotta love me that Lidl shit.

Just stick with this. No need for nothing else ever:

Follow up question, why is the statue of liberty on it? Is this the freedom edition?

I would love to hear some comments regarding the brand

😀 This thread.


"Spiced Cookies" is that not some public school boy game?

Ahh, "cookie butter." I've only ever seen it in the US at Trader Joe's or some locations of bigger box stores like Walmart or Target (sigh, miss you Target). Surprised to see it here!

Lidl's own brand for "American Week" - made in ???

I love the fact that you can have an American day food sale with no actual food from USA. It’s unfortunate that the origin has been lost and we laugh at europeans for protecting their products globally, but it works.

but the real question is how much was that Becherovka going for?

Magdalena Koutek

I tried the other one with the chocolate. Very good but calorie bomb

So gooooooooood!!!

Is it made of pumpkin or is it pumpkin spice? I learned recently that pumpkin spice is nothing to do with pumpkin

We love spiced cookie pumpkin spread 🙂

May i ask a question? I tried it. Just out of curiosity. And ... well ... Is it really what it should be? You know. Disgusting, sticky and tasteless?

Absolutely hate the brand. Full of additives and palm oil. You're better off without it!

Not worth spending money on this brand. I only buy Sunpat 🌞

We tried the peanut butter by this brand once and weren't impressed. It tasted cheap: too much sugar and oil and not enough peanuts. Lidl does a good Italian and French week but the American week is crap, imo.

DO NOT BUY IT!! I found a maggot in it twice (yes, the second time is on me).

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2 days ago

Daisy Sindelar

Best place in Prague to buy reasonably priced men's suits, preferably with on-site tailoring? ... See MoreSee Less


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We bought a year ago for Frud in van graft. for Hugo boss suit we paid peanuts.. they really have good deals and tailor onsite !

there is a place relatively new on Myslikova street, I pass by there with my dog. I will try to look for a name if you are interested


Greg Zimmer

I don't know the prices, but I believe Blažek does on-site tailoring.


Suit & Me: Obleky na míru

3 days ago

Carrie Overton

Hello Everyone! I wondering how other folks got their accommodation address for CZ when doing their visas? We are staying in Airbnbs until we get approved. I know there are virtual accommodations but the one I've founds costs a ton of money and is per person (we have 5 in our family) ouch! Any tips or ideas? Thank you! 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

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Is that even possible? I've always had an actual address when applying for a first time visa (which I've unfortunately had to do a couple of times). If I were you, I'd find a short term accommodation that's something more than an AirBnb, like a place with an indefinite lease that you can break whenever you want to or with just a short period of notice. Auburn, who was the landlord who ran those apartments that you stayed in in Vysehrad?

Are you applying from within the Czech Republic? You can ask your Airbnb host (if they actually own the flat) if they’re willing to do it for you if you’re staying there long enough. Otherwise, I recommend just finding your apartment. I found mine before I moved here to be able to have a lease. It cost me a bit more, but it was worth it and i probably saved myself loads on nightly Airbnb fees

You get your accommodation address one of two ways- a signed lease or a signed proof of accommodation paper. You need to have one of those signed as part of a visa requirement for first visa or any thereafter.

oh-- one other thing. You might be confusing a virtual business address with an accommodation address. For a trade license (zivnotensky list) you need a business address and the person you rent your flat from may not provide the paper you need for that (only the one for accommodation) so some people have to get a virtual address for their trade license which can cost ~500/mo

We had an Airbnb rented for our first 30 days in Prague. We provided that address on our visa application and (I believe) a copy of the Airbnb confirmation, and that was enough. However, I'm not sure where you're from or what visa you are applying for. We are Canadians and were applying for the youth mobility visa which - from what I have heard - is a bit less strict than some of the other types.

Thank you everyone! I think you are right Arika. Does a community workspace count as a virtual business address?

Has anyone used their Airbnb address for their physical address for their business visa? I would hate to sign a lease for a place and then break it. I don't know the laws regarding that anyway. In the US you can be sued for the remaining term of the lease. We were wanting to stay in Airbnbs to figure out what part of the city we wanted to stay in. Is the accommodation address (not the business address) needed when you apply for visa or when you pick up your visa. I need to figure out how much time I have to sort that all out. Thank you!

This is the proof of accommodation form (if you don't have a signed lease) for visa purposes:

Visa Guru might be able to help you. I “rented” an address through Jitka for my zivno/visa application

3 days ago

Filip Mocanca

Hello, my leaser fails to pay the rent for the last 3 months. We had several discussions on that and he said that he has a problem from November, when his account got frozen. I would like to cancel the contract immediately, as may patience reached its limit. What is the legal procedure in such case?
Thank you in advance
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Step one is a written warning where you specify the breach of contract (which months are unpaid and what is due) and set a deadline for curing these defaults. Get a proof of delivery.

If the deadline passes without the debt being paid, and if it is three or more months of rent unpaid, you may give the person a notice where you terminate the rent and demand the flat back in a reasonable period of time, no longer than one month. The notice must be delivered, the reason for the notice must be clearly specified (how much he owes for what time and that he had been warned). The notice must include information that the lessee may object to the notice and challenge the notice in court within 2 monhs.

Dan knows things

I agree with Dan

If he hasn´t paid anything in 3 months, you have the right to end the contract and he should leave the flat within 1 month from that ending - at the latest. Here you have the specific law: Nový občanský zákoník je přísnější, když stanoví v § 2291 odst. 1, že poruší-li nájemce svou povinnost zvlášť závažným způsobem, má pronajímatel právo vypovědět nájem bez výpovědní doby a požadovat, aby mu nájemce bez zbytečného odkladu byl odevzdal zpět, nejpozději však do jednoho měsíce od skončení nájmu, přičemž v ust. § 2291 považuje za porušování povinnosti nájemce zvlášť hrubým způsobem to, když nezaplatil nájemné a náklady na služby za dobu alespoň 3 měsíců. Bytové náhrady se neposkytují. Nájemce sice má právo podat podle ust. § 2290 nového občanského zákoníku (NOZ) návrh soudu, aby přezkoumal, zda je výpověď oprávněná, a to do 2 měsíců ode dne, kdy mu výpověď došla, námitky proti výpovědi však již nejsou hmotně právní překážkou vyklizení bytu

2 days ago

Yann Boubou

Hi everyone !

I just bought a car, and I was thinking to perhaps rent it occasionally as we won’t use it much.

I heard of an application like “ HoppyGo “ , but there must be others !??

Any advises or experiences ??


🚗 🚙 🚘
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Found another app called “ SmileCar” . Just read that they take 35% fee for service & assurance though. Quite a lot :/

Not sure how I would feel renting my car. Car renters are not the nicest drivers.

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