43 Things that Annoy People Who Live in Prague

Dog-doo shrapnel is just the beginning

Note: This article originally appeared in Czech on the Čilichili blog, and was provided by our site sponsor Vodafone.

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Prague can often feel like paradise, that’s for certain. But even our hundred spires in the heart of Europe can be far from an ideal place to live. So to maintain the balance between the ideal and the real, read this.

1. Tunel blanka

2. The ghetto of Jižní Město

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3. Parking like something from a horror movie

4. The Prague police department’s unfortunately well-developed car-towing system

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5. Air so thick you could slice it

6. Daily traffic jams at Magistrála, the highway above Wenceslas Square

7. Dog poop shrapnel at every corner

8. The mysterious Palmovka neighborhood

9. Really skilled pickpockets

10. Project Opencard

11. Cab drivers (What? You haven’t encountered one who charges 99 CZK per kilometer yet?)

12. Pigeons

13. Stress-inducing crowds of tourists

14. Half of them trying not to kill you while maneuvering a Segway

15. The other half speaking Russian

16. Brutally high rents

17. Every second street, road, and tram line being dug up every summer

18. Metro C line Letňany ending in the middle of nowhere

19. Prague’s very own Sherwood Forest by Hlavní nádraží

20. Non-existent biking trails and lanes

21. Existing bicycle-fascists

22. Over-priced “bio” products which are, more often than not, fake 

23. Beggars and Watch Tower distributors

24. Sparta hooligans on a tram to or from a football match

25. Paying for filthy public toilets

26. Overcrowded public swimming pools and parks, just when you need them

27. Sweaty summer trams. And the people on them

28. The ubiquitous one-way streets

29. 50 km speed limit on Prague highways

30. The distribution of sex flyers along Wenceslas Square

31. Fake folklore and trdelník (for only 80 CZK!)

32. Neo-functionalist Palác Kultury at Vyšehrad       

33. Graffiti 

34. Unbearable lines at the post office. Are there really so few postmen/women?

35. Whores. The ones of Prague and the ones in streets

36. The high ratio of jerks in white BMWs, parking along the sidewalks

37. And the huge number of corporate wannabe numbskulls

38. People rushing and pushing on the escalators

39. Preschools accepting no more kids because they are full

40. A hyper-market/shopping mall wherever you can (or even can’t) fit one

41. Over-priced crap everywhere you look

42. People who live outside of Prague hating on anything that sounds-feels-looks-smells like Prague

43. The big rush: it feels like even breakfast in Prague has to be eaten twice as fast

Note: This article originally appeared in Czech on the Čilichili blog, and was provided by our site sponsor Vodafone.


What are your biggest Prague peeves?

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