A Buzzed Cut for Club Goers

Prague’s most unusual salon offers cheap hair cuts to bar patrons

The humble haircut has long been a bone of contention for many expats. Finding the right person to trim your barnet can be a troublesome task.  A process of trial and error (hopefully more trial) that can result in a wild goose chase in search of the perfect cut at that all important reasonable price.

Stříhání vlasů v Klubovně have got the right idea. A fresh concept for the more adventurous customer. A movement born out of necessity, when hairdressing enthusiasts Johana and Matěj began giving haircuts to needy friends. Since their informal start in 2012 the pair have been steadily increasing their customer group from friends, to friends of friends, to the adventurous stranger.

A Buzzed Cut for Club Goers

The pop-up salon is housed in Prague 6’s Klubovna venue and opens its doors to all from 5pm to 12am on the second Monday of every month. Information and updates are communicated through their Facebook event page.  The lack of a clear explanation on the exact runnings of the pop-salon left us with a number of unanswered questions so we headed down with a head full of hair to find out more.

We arrived to Klubovna just after 9pm and were greeted by a number of surprises. After a quick post-entry inspection, the whole Stříhání vlasů v Klubovně experience became clearer. Klubovna’s cosy “live room” exchanged mic stands and amps for shears and scissors. Three chairs placed on the room’s spot-lit stage provided the incredibly exposed platform for the (two amateur and one professional) hairdressers to do their bidding with the willing customer.

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A Buzzed Cut for Club Goers

The dark and dingy Klubovna, with loud music and clouds of cigarette smoke, comfortably held the 50-60 people patiently waiting for their cut. The room, reminiscent of a small village hall, was decorated with random pieces of artwork and posters and catered well for the eager customers with a suitable number of tables and chairs, with strategically placed hair and style magazines to peruse during the wait. 

Stříhání vlasů is not for the faint-hearted. Should you experience bouts of anxiety or shyness when visiting your hairdresser (or in any social situation for that matter) then I would not recommend a trim at the Stříhání vlasů concept for you. Fortunately my companion possessed nerves of steel.

A Buzzed Cut for Club Goers

On entering the venue, I’d suggest heading straight to the spot-lit stage where you’ll find at least one of the Stříhání vlasů’s hairdressers at work. Claim yourself a numbered ticket and settle in for the wait. The friendly, English-speaking non-professional hairdresser politely informed/warned us that being number 40 in the queue (which we were) would earn us an approximate wait of 2 hours. With our spirits slightly dampened by the possible lengthy wait we proceeded to sit in the next room and consume, beers, snacks (cheese toasties, crisps and nuts) sold by the efficient bar staff.

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After the predicted two hours of waiting, watching, and consuming, our number was up. The number of empty seats in the “waiting” room had increased and the once busy room was now stark with the exception of the occasional new-comer peeking in but facing disappointment as the Stříhání vlasů trio began to wind down and turn away customers.

A Buzzed Cut for Club Goers

The Stříhání vlasů v Klubovně concept is a great concept adding a new spin to the hairdressing experience. There was a pleasant atmosphere in the room. Watching the obvious enthusiasm from all three hairdressers and all of their customers (before and after their cut) added to the building anticipation. There was a long wait but, we were given warning and the time went quickly. Giving us an opportunity to check out the the style requests and the final results. My companion’s experience? A quick cut (15-20 minutes) after a brief consultation with his non-professional hairdresser resulting in a fairly disappointing cut, with wedges for fades.

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That said, the 150 CZK price should speak volumes. If you’re looking for a professional haircut this isn’t for you. Stříhání vlasů v Klubovně aren’t going to give you the best haircut of your life, but you’ll probably have a good night with friends with a fairly rugged haircut as a kind of memento of your experience!

A Buzzed Cut for Club Goers

But if you’re more of a smokey bar and a shape-up under the spotlight type person then this is definitely your place. All in all an enjoyable evening from the hairdressing enthusiasts putting a unique twist on the traditionally functional activity. I’d just advise arriving early to avoid the long wait!

Need a trim? For a list of hair salons in Prague, click here.

Stříhání vlasů v Klubovně

These friendly haircutters regularly pop up at Prague markets, festivals, and events.
All images courtesy of Stříhání vlasů v Klubovně Facebook page.

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