Dating Service for Gold Diggers Launches in Czech Republic

A new on-line dating service, a Scandinavian concept that matches sugar daddies and babies, is gaining popularity throughout Europe

Sugar daddies – wealthy older men who lavish young women with gifts in exchange for companionship – are nothing new. (Remember Anna Nicole Smith?)

But the phenomenon of dating services that hook up sugar daddies with sugar babies (and sugar mamas with boy toys for that matter) is a relatively new one.

And now the trend is coming to Prague with, an on-line dating service of Scandinavian origins, recently debuting on the Czech market.

The service reportedly has 150,000 active users across Europe, and while not on par with the taboo factor of Ashley Madison (which launched in the Czech Republic in 2014), it is still controversial, the underlying implication being that all that pampering must come at a price.

In an interview with Czech magazine Žena, Emma M., assistant marketing manager for the Czech arm of the site, debunked the idea that SugarDaters is exclusively for the rich, young, and beautiful only (though a quick scan of the company’s Facebook profile says otherwise of its demographic).

She also said that the site emphatically does not support escort-service types of arrangments. 

Emma reported that her own sugar daddies help with paying rent, take her shopping and to dinner, and for weekend getaways or extended vacations.

“Thanks to their wallets I do not have to pay much for everyday life,” she told the publication.

We’ve tested a number of the local dating apps, explored Czech dating services, and got fixed up by a real-life cupid. But we’re not sure how this dating innovation will fare in these Tinder-dominated times.

Although in a culture where May-December romances are not that unusual, the service may have found its perfect match.

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