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For the first time ever, the city of Prague will fly an LGBT+ flag

Prague City Hall will hoist an LGBT+ flag for the very first time in support of this year’s Prague Pride festival

This year’s Prague Pride, the ninth edition of the LGBT+ festival in the Czech capital, will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots with a detailed program throughout next week culminating in a city-wide parade on Saturday, August 10.

But this year’s Prague Pride is also celebrating something else: for the first time ever, it will be occurring with explicit support from the city of Prague in the form of an LGBT+ flag flown at Prague City Hall.

While previous Prague administrations have supported the Prague Pride event – former Prague Mayor Adriana Krnáčová even led the Prague Pride parade – this is the first time the LGBT+ flag has officially been flown outside of Prague City Hall.

Prague Pride 2018 via Raymond Johnston

“We were kind of fighting for many years for the rainbow flag on the Town Hall,” Prague Pride spokesperson Bohdana Rambousková told Radio Prague’s Ian Willoughby.

“We were happy in previous years that the flag was already there, in the window, but it was not displayed by the mayor yet.

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“So it’s a very symbolic moment for us that this year the mayor of Prague will officially, during an official ceremony, display the flag on the main balcony of the building.”

New Prague Mayor Zdeněk Hřib, of the Pirate Party, has not been shy to voice his opinion on divisive issues. His City Hall has also flew the flag of Tibet earlier this year, which drew some sharp criticism from China.

Prague Pride 2018 via Raymond Johnston

The LGBT+ flag won’t be the only symbol of support from Prague for this year’s Pride festival.

In what might be an even more impressive display, Prague’s Petřín Tower will also light up in rainbow colors in support of this year’s Prague Pride festival.

And while US embassies around the world have been banned from flying the LGBT flag this year under the Trump administration, the American Embassy in Prague will also voice its support for Prague Pride with US Ambassador to the Czech Republic Steve King taking part in the opening ceremony.

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For more information on this year’s Prague Pride festival, see our previous article here.

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