Half of Czech Men Still Live with their Parents

Young Czech men are opting to remain in the nest well into ther 20s – but not for the reasons you may think

New research released by Czech sociologists and tax consultancy firm KPMG has found that 48 percent of Czech men under 30 still live with their parents, reports Aktualne.cz.

To those familiar with the concept of mamánkovství – Czech men who ward off adulthood in an effort to extend the cooking and laundry services of Chez Mom – these finidings may not be entirely unexpected.

Researchers, however, attribute the data not to laziness but higher costs of living and changing attitudes toward work and relationships. Comparisons of the lives of young Czech men under thirty from the years 1990 to 2015 saw a significant number in this age group delaying marriage and family in order to focus on their career.

The percentage of women under 30 who live with their parents has also seen a sharp increase over the past two decades, doubling to about 33% since 1995. 

A large increase was also seen in the number of both Czech men (and women) age 25-40 who value entertainment over work, work part time, and choose to live alone.

The younger generation also showed a more liberal attitude toward relationship freedom – with 44 percent willing to tolerate infidelity, compared to 37% among the rest of the population.

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