How to Woo a Czech Woman

The 10 traits Czech women are looking for in a mate, according to a recent survey

What makes Czech women happy? Expat men (and their lady lovin’ female counterparts), have been grappling with this question since the dawn of dating or at least the fall of the Iron Curtain.

Veronika Vinterová owner of Náhoda, a Vinohrady-based dating agency, says that she knows the answer—and her findings have caused quite a stir in the Czech media.

Ms. Vinterová and her colleagues recently interviewed 1,600-plus Czech women about the qualities that they find most appealing in a partner. Some of the findings were a surprise (Baldness? Ok!) and others not so much (Clean shirt, please).

These were the most common answers given by Czech women as to what they found most important when selecting a soulmate:

1. A funny bone – Humor is the first thing that women mentioned as the most attractive trait in men. “Don’t be afraid to take a risk on humor; Czech women not only appreciate a funny bone, they have one, too,” says Vinterová.

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2. A smart appearance – A little belly is no big deal; but obesity is. And while women are ready to pardon a lot about a man’s look including baldness (Vinterová says that a lot of women she interviewed found baldness sexy), a lack of hygiene and disheveled dress are considered unforgivable.

3. A taller partner – Czech women want a partner who is at least 10 cm taller than they are. Why? They long to kick the pumps back into the closet and hit the town in their fiercest heels.

4. Chivalrous behavior – “Opening doors, helping with her coat, paying for a coffee, that’s behavior that satisfies many of the women we spoke with,” Vinterová says.

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5. Active optimism – “To complain about everyone and everything, is the Czech national sport,” says Vinterová. “As is passing out to TV on the couch night after night.” For Czech women the ideal is an active man who isn’t a doomsayer.

6. Stable finances – Czech women who are looking for a partner repeatedly shared with Vinterová their feeling that when men have a higher work wage it helps their own self-confidence and satisfaction.

7. Really stable finances – Women tended to pardon extra kilos, a big nose, and a “dominant character” in men with more money, natch.

8. Common Sense – You don’t have to be Einstein, in fact many of Vinterová’s subjects complained that men with a high IQ suffered from a lack of emotional intelligence. But for many, natural common sense had endless appeal.

9. Little or no emotional baggage – Many of the women interviewed indicated that baggage hinders the start of a new realtionship. Be sure to sort out your past before looking to the future.

10. A nice smell – Scientists may still be trying to figure out what exactly creates a mutual attraction, but a number of Czech women noted that a nice smell can seal the deal.

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