In This Prague Store, Everything Is Free

The Zdrojovna recycling community opens its first shop this month

The Zdrojovna recycling collective, a roving crew of eco-counscious citizens who organize regular workshops that involve the inventive upcycling of forgotten household items, will open its first shop—a unique concept store where everything is free—later this month.

Opening September 23, Freeshop will stock a range of secondhand goods, from tea cups to toys, all free for the taking. It will also accept, according to its website, donations of things you might “regret throwing away because they are still useful, just not to you.”

Freeshop will be located in Žižkov at the Autonomous Social Center Klinika, a former squat with a turbulent history whose supporters recently waged a successful public campaign to keep it open.

The venue, which hosts events like a recent anarchist book fair, should make a good fit for a group whose philosophy is centered on sustainable development and economic and social change.

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Exhibits and workshops on how to reduce waste will also regularly take place at Freeshop.

Donations are being accepted every Tuesday (17:30-20:00) from now until the store opens, and can be left at the Jeseniova 60 location. See here for a list of items that are and are not accepted by Freeshop.

For regular updates on the project, follow Zdrojovna on Facebook.

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