Local Protesters Rally In Prague this Week

Local Protesters Rally In Prague this Week

A new generation of dissenters are speaking out in the Czech Republic, organizing rallies in the Czech capital and beyond in response to political activities here and abroad. This week sees several such events happening in Prague:

Love Trumps Hate

In solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington, the Love Trumps Hate rally will take place on Saturday, January 21.

The Prague protest is one of over 270 sister events that have been organized in support of the Washington, D.C. march planned for President Donald Trump’s first day in office.

In a statement released to the press, organizers said the intent of their Prague Solidarity Rally is to “affirm our commitment to protecting the rights, safety, and health of our children, families, and communities, including those individuals from politically and socially marginalised demographics.”

The group also spoke to relationships between the United States and the Czech Republic, including elected officials here in Prague who have “echoed and amplified the poisonous rhetoric of many politicians today.”

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Event speakers are to include Julie Bryan, International Secretary of Democrats Abroad, and Czech author Petra Hůlová; puppet and musical performances are planned with MC honors going to local casting director Nancy Bishop.


Civil March for Aleppo

The Civil March for peace from Berlin to Aleppo, a peaceful demonstration against the war in Syria, left the German capital on December 26, following the “refugee route” in the opposite direction.

It entered Prague yesterday morning, where it made stops at the Syrian Embassy, Russian Embassy, and John Lennon Wall.

In case you missed it, a candle lighting ceremony is being held today at 5.30pm at Hradčanské náměstí. The group will stay in Prague from January 16 until January 17 when it heads to Ricany from outside of the National Museum, continuing through the Czech lands to the Syrian border.

“This war can be ended with a few strokes of a pen. But even if we still have to wait for that, we can’t wait and see the suffering of the people of Aleppo. No one deserves what they are going through. It’s no longer a normal war, if children’s hospitals become the targets.”

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According to the site, organizers are looking for people to join the Civil March even for a few hours or donate funds to support the marchers on their journey.


Remembering Jan Palach

On this day in 1968, Czech student Jan Palach set fire to himself in protest of the Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia. He died on January 19. Beginning today, Charles University is organizing a week-long commemoration including a ceremony under its memorial plaque devoted to Palach today at 17:30 and a free screening of the 2013 film Burning Bush tomorrow.

Today also opens an exhibit devoted to the Czech hero at the church of St. Nicholas in Old Town Square. The exhibit runs through Feb 2; Lidovky.cz reports that students are organizing hunger strikes throughout the country in his honor.

Elizabeth Haas

Elizabeth Haas is the editor of Expats.cz. She has lived in Prague for 12 years working as a writer and editor of cookbooks and travel guides. Her work has appeared in both Czech and American publications.

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