New Letná Children’s Library Shares Space with Historic Sweet Shop

New Letná Children’s Library Shares Space with Historic Sweet Shop

Prague is world-renowned for its stunning libraries which include the Strahov monastery and the Baroque Clementinum. It’s also one of the most library-dense countries in the world with ninety libraries per 100,000 residents.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better on the book-borrowing front, library-going Letná families are in for a treat.

After being shuttered for more than four years, a branch of the Municipal Library has returned to Prague 7’s Letná district and, according to the library’s website, the space is intended primarily for kids with a rich selection of children’s books and special opening hours to suit school schedules.

But it gets even better.

The new branch, located in the Letná Palace, a functionalist gem just below Letenské náměstí on Milada Horáková street built by architect Eugen Rosenberg in 1937, shares space with a classic Czech sweet shop. 

Erhartova cukrárna, the pastry shop on the ground floor of this historic building, has been in operation for 80 years. It is notable as the only functionalist interior in Prague that still serves its original purpose.

Photo via Wikipedia Commons

The new library opened this past Monday, October 8; a wide selection of reading materials can be also found at the Sedmička branch in nearby Holešovice.

For more on Prague’s vast selection of libraries, many of which offer English-language titles for young and old alike, see our libraries article archive.

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