Prague Is One of the World’s Favorite Cities Says New Index

Prague Is One of the World’s Favorite Cities Says New Index

We know that in 2017 it’s one of the top 10 most-visited summer destinations, as well as the most culturally vibrant—now yet another ranking has included the Czech capital among the leading cities in the world for visiting, living, and working.

Breaking into the upper half of the annual Ipsos City Index for the first time ever, Prague came in at #30 on its list of most attractive global cities, edging out Chicago, Boston, and Dublin.

People in 26 countries worldwide were asked from a list of sixty global cities which they felt were best to live in, do business in, and visit. The scores from the three questions were then added together to create the index.

Prague placed 27th, 15th, and 39th, respectively, across those categories.


The Czech capital ranked among the top three cities in the world for housing by three percent of those surveyed, six percent in terms of tourist attractions, and two percent for employment opportunities, earning eleven index points total. 

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Another interesting category in which Prague ranked relatively high was that, in a survey of Russians, it was chosen as the #6 place Russians said they’d like to live.

In a separate ranking of EU cities, Prague came in #14; London grabbed first place.

The best place to live, according to the survey is Zurich, in terms of tourist attractions, Paris, and for job opportunities, New York which came in as the world’s most favorite city overall.   

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