An art exhibit above Prague's Dlouhá street depicts a fishing net full of plastic waste

Prague stops supporting events involving single-use packaging

Prague City Hall will stop supporting events at which one-use packaging or products are used

Prague, Dec 17 (CTK) – Prague City Hall will stop supporting events at which one-use packaging or products are used, the city will no longer use them either and it will call on the municipal organisations and firms to follow suit, Deputy Mayor Petr Hlubucek has told journalists.

The goal of the measure is to curb the production of plastic waste, Hlubucek (Mayors and Independents, STAN) said after the City Council meeting on Monday.

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By its step, the City Council has identified with the EU’s waste restriction directive from June.

“The organisers of events, who would keep an unfriendly approach to the environment in failing to prevent the use of one-use plastic packagings and dishes, will receive no form of support from Prague any more,” Hlubucek said.

To be eligible for support, the organisers have to replace plastic bottles of water with jugs or carafes. They will have to use ceramic dishes and classical cutlery instead of plastic products.

They can no longer use packed cream, packed sugar or capsule coffee machines, and have to replace plastic cups in vending machines with recyclable ones.

The city-run organisations and firms have to ask and enable their staff to sort waste.

In June, the Assembly of Prague declared the city’s climate commitment to reduce CO2 emissions by 45 percent by 2030.

Furthermore, Prague wants to become carbon free by 2050.

It has also decided to introduce the principles of circular, waste-free economy.

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