Pumpkin Season In Prague and the Czech Republic

Pumpkin Season In Prague and the Czech Republic

Pumpkin season is here and whether you celebrate Halloween or simply seek out the good gourd as a symbol of autumn, your chances of finding one in Prague are excellent. Here, everything you need to know in order to deck your doorstep (and table) with the fruits of fall: 

Czech Pumpkin Lingo

Dýně = Pumpkin
Tykev obecná = Field pumpkin, classic Halloween pumpkin for carving
Dýňobraní/Dýňové slavnosti = Pumpkin festival
Dýňové pyré = Pumpkin puree
Máslové dýně = Butternut squash
Muškátová dýně = Muscat squash
Japonské dýně = Hokkaido and varieties

Photo: OnaDnes.cz
Photo: OnaDnes.cz

Buying a Pumpkin In Prague

Most varieties of pumpkin, from decorative to edible are available at florists, supermarkets, and garden centers—these are the some of the most popular places among expat readers for picking a pumpkin:

Photo: www.trees.cz
Photo: www.trees.cz

Chládek Garden Center
Thier annual pumpkin celebration (October 7-8) is a hit with expat families for its fun-filled afternoon of carving, fairy-tale theater, and costumed revelry.

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Just outside of Prague in Černý Vůl, Trees is home to an impressive collection of squash sculptures, hanging art, and a “treasure trail” for kids. Their annual exhibit begins September 30; the autumn pumpkin workshop is October 7.

Prague Farmer’s Markets
Pumpkins should be on sale at Prague markets now; check their schedules closer to Halloween for pumpkin-themed weekends.

Visiting a Pumpkin Patch In the Czech Republic

It’s possible to catch the autumn spirit in Prague though if you want the traditional pumpkin farm experience, complete with corn mazes and hay rides, you may have to travel a bit.

Photo: www.dynovysvet.cz
Photo: www.dynovysvet.cz

Prague Botanical Garden
Pumpkin autumn at the Prague Botanical Garden begins September 23; their annual pumpkin carving day is October 21-22.

Pumpkin World (Statek u Pipků)
Pick your own pumpkin or choose one from the giant pile! This charming little pumpkin farm’s opening day is September 23.  

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Bykoš Pumpkin Farm
Family-run farm near Beroun grows 15 kinds of pumpkins and has a menagerie of farm animals; bring extra money for sampling the pumpkin soup and grilled pumpkin. 

Buying Pumpkin Products In Prague and the Czech Republic

Every year the same question pops up on our message boards: Where can I buy canned pumpkin/pumpkin spice in Prague? Some tips for stocking up on your favorite tastes of autumn:

Photo: www.candy-store.cz
Photo: www.candy-store.cz

Canned pumpkin can be purchased seasonally at Candy Store (available now), and Marks & Spencer.

Also available at Candy Store, pumpkin spice (sold as Schwartz Mixed Spice), although many of us have learned to make our own through the years (recipe here). FYI: cinnamon – skořice, ginger – zázvor, nutmeg – muškátový oříšek, allspice – nové koření, cloves – hřebíček. 

Fresh pumpkin puree can be found at DM, and via Georg, an online stockist of organic pumpkin condiments.

Frozen pumpkin chunks are available at online via Rohlik grocery delivery service.

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What about Pumpkin Pie and Pumpkin Spice Latte?

For some people, autumn wouldn’t be complete without the arrival of the Pumpkin Spice Latte, now available at a Starbucks near you (and there are currently plenty to choose from in Prague). 

For a more authentic and less cloying fall treat, Bake Shop Praha makes a seasonal pumpkin pie or use this tried-and-tested expat recipe for pumpkin pie from our archive.

Happy Pumpkin Hunting!



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