Sharing Is Caring: Prague Welcomes New Community Refrigerator
Illustrative photo via People’s Fridge Brixton / Facebook

Sharing Is Caring: Prague Welcomes New Community Refrigerator

Its vacation season and if you find yourself overstocked on perishables and about to take off on holiday, or just want to do a good deed, you can now head to the Czech capitals newest community refrigerator and contribute.

Taking its cues from successful projects in the UK, Germany, Belgium, and France, electronics manufacturer Samsung has installed a public fridge at the Kotlaska community center and garden in Prague 8.

Two more refrigerators should be operational in Žižkov and Holešovice this summer; if the pilot project is successful, it will be extended to other cities in the Czech Republic.

“The average Bohemia throws around 80 kilograms of food worth 20,000 crowns a year, but also increases the number of people who can not afford to buy quality food, especially seniors and single mothers, says Veronika Doubnerová, Managing Director of the Samsung Bezezbytku project.

She says the goal is to connect these groups of people while reducing waste and saving natural resources and the environment.

Prague has seen several public works refrigerators in the past, however, this is the first refrigerator where a coordinator will be responsible for ensuring food safety as well as the ongoing security of the appliance.

What can you donate? Closed, packaged, originally labeled foods before the date of consumption, fresh produce and bakery items, unopened pasteurized milk, yogurt, and cheese, unopened fruit juices, fresh eggs and canned and unopened food are all welcome contributions. is a comprehensive and popular portal for the English-speaking community, offering a wide range of information geared toward foreigners living and working in Prague and the Czech Republic.

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