Trees line a rural road in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic will plant 10 million trees over the next five years

Under the Trees for the Future project, one tree will be planted for every citizen in the Czech Republic over the next five years

The Czech Republic is renowned for its expansive national parks. But over the next few years, the country is preparing to get a whole lot greener.

The Stromy pro budoucnost (Trees for the Future) project, an initiative from the Institute for Active Citizens supported by the Czech Ministry of the Environment, calls for ten million new trees to be planted across the country over the next five years. That’s roughly one tree for every citizen in the Czech Republic.

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“We want to bring together all active people who will plant 10 million trees in five years,” says Miroslav Kundrata of the Partnership Foundation, an environmental organization that is also supporting the event.

“One for each inhabitant.”

According to the Czech Ministry of the Environment, ten million trees can provide enough oxygen for thirty million people, and can lower temperatures by up to three degrees celsius for an area of 200,000 square kilometers (three times the size of the Czech Republic.)

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The new initiative won’t rely on government officials to plant the trees. School, companies, social organizations and private individuals are all invited to plant trees and register their activities with the initiative’s official website.

“We cooperate with dozens of entities – authorities, schools, companies,” Czech Minister of the Environment Richard Brabec told local media.

Do you want to participate in the Trees for the Future project in the Czech Republic? You can register through this Google Doc, and include the location you would like to plant the tree and permission from the local landowner. Organizers will help choose a tree that fits your selected location.

A recent survey of more than 1,000 people concluded that nearly three quarters of Czech citizens were in favor of planting trees at the expense of parking spaces, and also found that the majority of citizens believed the state should invest more in health, clean water, and sanitation.

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For more information about the Czech Republic’s Trees for the Future project, visit the official website.

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