The Czech Republic’s Butter Crisis In Memes

Butter prices in the Czech Republic have skyrocketed—cue the highly spreadable maslo-as-luxury-item memes!

A number of factors have been given for the recent butter shortage including a lower milk supply and higher demand by consumers who are starting to show a preference for butter over margarine again.

While butter prices across Europe are on the rise, according to the Czech Statistical Office the price of fresh butter rose by 45.5 percent in August 2017.

Earlier this year, it was reported that some stores were even limiting customers to five packages of butter in a run on maslo in the lead-up to the holiday baking season.

As prices are expected to increase, cue the butter memes and keep a hand free for scrolling as you learn to churn your own.

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Mezitím v obchodních centrech. #maslo #pandora

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