The Weirdest Czech Baby Names Registered In 2016

Looking for baby-name inspiration? New data reveals the most popular names now and 100 years ago plus a few unusual choices

The Czech Statistical Office has released its annual data showing the most popular baby names among Czechs this year. 

There were no big surprises in 2016—the top three names for boys have remained unchanged since 1999—though in the category of unusual names there were definitely a few stand-outs.

But first the favorites: Jakub is the most popular name among Czech parents by a boy followed by Jan (2) and Tomáš (3).

Eliška (1), Tereza (2), and Anna (3) rule the roster of girl names, though parents are reportedly getting more creative when it comes to naming their girl babies—Emma with two “Ms” has cracked the top 20!

Of the 9,000 children born in January, 619 girls and 517 boys were given the top names.

A few, however, were sure to make the matrika grumble: Barnabáš, Diviš, Mikeš, Attila, Geralt, Lionel, Jeroným Iskandar and Taigo Ryu (boys); Adléta, Aleška, Josefa, Klotylda, Adel, Aurelia, Rihana, Salome, Amélie Perla and Nina Anuška (girls).

The data also gave the most popular names by region (in Prague that would be Anna and Jakub) and by year—1916 was a good year for Ludmila and Frantíšek.

Czech publication Deník put the stats together in a handy infographic that also compares the Czech Republic with the rest of Europe. In neighboring Slovakia, Adam and Sofia are the most popular names, while in Britain Oliver and Amelia are favorites.

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