Twelve Signs It’s Spring in Prague

Shed your outer layers, grab a seat at an outdoor café, and get ready to welcome spring to Czechia!

People start sunbathing topless at Stromovka & Riegrovy Sady

The legality of which is questionable! Yoga and tai chi start up in Karlovo náměstí, dogs and frisbee golfers, rollerbladers and kids, overtake Parukářka and Ladronka. 

The metro is suddenly way less crowded

And many of those on it are carrying watering cans and rakes, heading to or returning from their garden colony or chata

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Twelve Signs It’s Spring in Prague

Peruvian pan pipes return to Anděl

The busking scene heats up throughout the Czech capital in early March & April, culminating in a June busking festival

Dog poo no longer freezes to the sidewalk

Not the most welcome aspect of the spring season, but at least a reprieve from the toe-stubbing, frozen winter variety?

Twelve Signs It’s Spring in Prague

Twelve Signs It’s Spring in Prague

Community gardens beautify the city

Guerilla gardeners and community plotters are already hard at work at Kokoza, Prazelenina, Vrsovicka Zahrada, and Zahrada Smetanka.

Bear garlic and white asparagus appear on menus

The blink-and-miss-it bear garlic season is from early April; also when Prague restaurants begin sending out white asparagus.

Twelve Signs It’s Spring in Prague

Náplavka comes alive

Farmer’s markets, cyclists, and boaters can be spotted on both sides of the river, outdoor venues like Containall, Stalin, Žluté lázně open for the season.

Photo: Pražské náplavky / Facebook
Photo: Pražské náplavky / Facebook

Twelve Signs It’s Spring in Prague

The beer gardens open!

Official opening dates for beer gardens come in late March/early April; some tips for where to raise your first glass of the season

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