WIN: A Summer Gift Pack from F.H. Prager

CLOSED: Win a variety of iced-coffee, cider, and lemonade from the local cider makers

The Czech Republic has gone cider crazy if you believe this recent Bloomberg article – though we spotted the trend awhile ago with articles on F.H. Prager, Cidrerie, and InCider bar, some of our favorite local purveyors of this refreshing apple-kissed beverage.

Having recently launched a Prague 6 showroom and adding a new iced coffee, Café Zapatista, to its line of ciders and lemonades, F.H. Prager is the name on everyone’s lips these days. (Café Zapatista is also featured in the potent, chili-tequila-iced coffee the Chaac, the must-try summer cocktail at Anonymous Coffee.)

We’re giving away a summer gift pack that includes bottles of Café Zapatista and a variety of ciders and lemonades, sure to quench your thirst for quality drinks and artful design. To enter the drawing for the prize, answer the question below. Winners will be announced Friday, July 3.

Winner is Ondřej P.

, WIN: A Summer Gift Pack from F.H. Prager, Latest News & Articles - Prague and the Czech Republic, Latest News & Articles - Prague and the Czech Republic

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