Spring 2014 Photo Competition: Send us Your Best!

CLOSED: Enter now to have your work featured on Expats.cz and win a La Sardina camera

Expats.cz is pleased to announce our spring 2014 photo competition. While last year’s competition called for photos that framed Prague in a whole new light, this year we want pictures that show off its more playful side. Think unforgettable faces, odd scenarios and scenes, random and unusual beauty, or anything that will make us laugh. We are looking for spontaneity not slick professional photography.

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15 top entries will be selected by our team, with help from Analogue camera shop owner and the Czech Republic’s lompgraphy ambassador Radovan Pavlišta, and published later this month. Expats.cz users will vote to name a winner and two runners up.


1st Prize: Lomography La Sardina & Flash Orinoco Ochre, 2,390 CZK
Go wild with the La Sardina Flash Orinoco Ochre! Prepare to be amazed with its multiple exposure capability and Fritz the Blitz Flash. European Consumers Choice 2014

The winner is Joana. 

2nd Prize: SHARAN STD-35e, 490 CZK
Folding paper pinhole camera from Japan. Asian cousin of the legendary Dirkon. Simply fold it and shoot!

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The winner is Guillaume. 

3rd Prize: Camman 135 Camera Model Kit, 290 CZK
Build your compact lomo camera for photo film! The kit contains 44 parts of the camera. Simple foťáček fits in any pocket and is immediately ready for use.

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The winner is Freddie.


Please submit your photo (one submission per contestant) to cs@expats.cz with the subject line: “PHOTO CONTEST”. Include a photo caption, the photographer’s name, and relevant contact details. Photos should be a minimum size of 675×380 pixels and submitted as a jpeg files.


Monday, May 31, 2014

Disclaimer: By submitting your photos, you agree that you are the author of the photos and you own or have the necessary rights to all copyrights or other proprietary rights. You retain ownership of the photos, and if your photos are displayed on Expats.cz you will be attributed using the information you provide. However, by submitting your photo in this competition, you grant Howlings s.r.o. a worldwide, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, and display your photos on Expats.cz

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