WIN: Cheese-Tasting Jury Spot

CLOSED: Are you a cheese connoisseur? You could judge the Great Cheese Showdown & win a hermelín cookbook

Nakladaný hermelín is a Czech delicacy with many devotees. If you count yourself among them, you will want to win a place on the judge’s panel of The Great Cheese Showdown, held at Containall on June 17. Fifteen participants will enter their best version of the Czech classic marinated hermelín and, with the other jurors, you will help to taste and choose the best!

To win a coveted spot on the Great Cheese jury, share your first experience eating pickled hermelín below. The best story will be chosen with help from the promoters of the event. Our lucky winner will also win a hermelín cookbook with many delicious variations on the traditional recipe. and the promoters of the event will choose a winner on June 13.

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