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40% of known coronavirus cases in the Czech Republic have now recovered

A total of 226,255 samples have been tested in the country from the beginning of the outbreak

Prague, April 29 (CTK) – Forty-one new COVID-19 cases were confirmed in Czechia, two patients died and 100 recovered yesterday, which means that there have been 7,486 infections, 2,942 recoveries and 225 deaths since the onset of the epidemic in the country, according to data on the Health Ministry’s website.

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The number of people who are currently ill with COVID-19 stands at 4,319.

The daily number of newly confirmed cases has been under 100 since April 22.

A total of 226,255 samples were tested in the country from the beginning of the outbreak to this morning.

The proportion of the number of new COVID-19 cases in the tested samples was as low as 0.53 percent on Monday, which is the lowest share since the March 1 outbreak of the coronavirus in Czechia, except for March 4 when no new case was confirmed.

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This indicator has kept below 2 percent since last Tuesday, while in early April it still stood close to 5 percent.

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According to the morning data, 359 people with COVID-19 stay in hospital, including 71 in a serious condition or demanding intensive care.

Among the 14 regions, COVID-19 has spread in Prague the most of all, which registers 1,702 cases and 125 per 100,000 inhabitants. This proportion is the second highest in the westernmost and smallest Karlovy Vary Region, where there are 356 cases and 121 per 100,000 inhabitants. South Bohemia has been afflicted the least of all, with 27 per 100,000.

Prague has also seen the highest number of deaths of COVID-19 patients, 82. Moravia-Silesia follows with 28 and Karlovy Vary with 22 fatalities.

The vast majority of the deaths, 202 out of 225, concern people over 65.

Health statistics experts and epidemiologists said Czechia has coped well with the epidemic so far and should now focus on a controlled return to normal life and the health sector’s restart. The government has announced the timetable of a step-by-step lifting of its package of anti-virus restrictive measures.

People still must have their mouth and nose covered, for example with face masks, outside their homes. They may stay in groups of up to ten members and keep a distance from others. The state of emergency is to expire in the country on Friday, but the government wants to extend it again, until May 25.

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