Coronavirus outbreak at Prague nightclub now linked to 158 COVID-19 cases

The infections have been traced back to a single party at Prague club Techtle Mechtle in mid-July


Written by ČTK
Published on 29.07.2020 12:37 (updated on 29.07.2020)

Prague, July 29 (CTK) – Public health officers have registered 158 COVID-19 cases traced to a single party at the Techtle Mechtle night club in Prague so far, Prague public health office director Zdeňka Jágrová told public Czech Radio today.

Out of the infected, 90 persons took part in the party itself in mid-July, the rest are their family, friends, and other contacts.

Jágrová said the epidemiological situation in Prague is also influenced by summer camps, with one of them recently reporting 19 infected. She also mentioned a Prague senior home, which reported three infected staff members and three clients.

She added that although individual cases appear from time to time, most Prague cases come from known outbreak locations.

“Although the number of reported cases is very high, only 20 percent of all reported cases can be traced to community spread,” Jágrová said, adding that health officers are now considering implementing the duty to wear face masks inside all public buildings.

On Tuesday, public health officers reported that the daily increase in the number of new coronavirus cases was the highest since the start of the epidemic in the country in March. The number of COIVD-19 infections in the Czech Republic in the past seven days has reached 24 per 100,000 persons.

Currently, wearing face masks is mandatory in the Prague underground, in hospitals, pharmacies and surgeries. Earlier, public health officers said that if the situation does not improve, wearing face masks will probably be mandatory in other means of public transport, such as trams, trains and buses, as well.