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Czech government votes to reopen farmers markets from April 20

Operators of farmers markets will have to provide spacing between vendors and ensure there is no overcrowding

Farmers markets will be held from Monday, April 20 according to a decision by the Czech government. Organizers must ensure safe separation of people and provide disinfection, among other things.

“The reopening of farmers markets is especially important for smaller farmers, many of whom sell most of their produce at the farmers markets,” Agriculture Minister Miroslav Toman (for ČSSD) said.

The markets will operate under strict rules. “In recent days we have been in intensive contact with the Czech Association of Farmers Markets, which has prepared a model for the functioning of farmers’ markets with specific rules. These include, for example, a ban on selling snacks for direct consumption, safe spacing between stalls, available hand disinfection at each counter, and more,” Toman added.

However, farmers will not be allowed to sell snacks on the markets for immediate consumption. Each stand will have to be disinfected on hand. The stalls will also have to be far enough apart.

The market operator will be responsible for compliance with the sales regulation, and in particular, ensure that there is no violation of general rules adopted by the government, such as the ban on excessive crowding.

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The government decision to reopen the markets followed a consensus between the Ministries of Agriculture, of Industry and Trade, and epidemiologists from the Health Ministry.

This is another step in the gradual loosening of sales rules. Hobby shops and some other stores were allowed to reopen ahead of the Easter holidays.

The fruit and vegetable market in Prague Market was also allowed to reopen for pickups of orders placed in advance, due to an April 9 agreement between the Health Ministry and Prague Public Health Authority.

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Farmers markets were closed the government along with other shops in mid-March due to the novel coronavirus.

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