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Czech Health Ministry unveils new strategy against coronavirus

The Czech Health Ministry has a new strategy against the coronavirus spread, demanding more targeted testing in places of new incidence

Prague, April 30 (CTK) – The Czech Health Ministry has a new strategy against the coronavirus spread, demanding more targeted tests in the place of its new incidence, thanks to which testing is to be more efficient, Health Minister Adam Vojtěch (for ANO) told journalists today.

Deputy Health Minister Roman Prymula cited the West Bohemian Cheb and Domažlice areas as the examples.

“These are the localities neighboring with Germany. This is why we have to deal with commuters, retirement homes and infection in health facilities,” Prymula said.

The accumulation of cases may be connected with a single shop in Napajedla in the Zlín Region, south Moravia, he added.

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“The reasons may vary. This is often the question of a single infected person who may spread it in a healthcare facility,” Prymula said.

As a rule, the commuters infect their family and the disease then spreads on.

“This is why we keep insisting on the tests,” Vojtěch said, adding that talks on the conditions were still underway.

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“The rest of the country is in an absolutely calm situation,” Prymula said.

Health Information and Statistics Institute (UZIS) director Ladislav Dušek said the situation could be watched on the district or even lower levels.

Prymula said more targeted testing would be part of the smart quarantine to be launched in all regions on May 1.

“We have the last day for training. On Wednesday and today, public health officers were trained in the Pardubice and Hradec Králové regions, which was to close the system,” Prymula said.

At present, the testing capacity is over 13,000 tests per day in 98 laboratories.

“Fewer positive cases are recorded and the interest in the tests is diminishing,” Vojtěch said.

At present, there are roughly 7,500-9,000 tests a day.

The testing covers not only people with symptoms, but also with contacts with the infected or with the risk of an infection.

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