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Czech Republic reports 227 COVID-19-related deaths, 3,120 recoveries

Since last Wednesday, there have been fewer than 100 new cases daily; on Monday, the number rose by 41, the smallest figure since March 13

Prague, April 30 (CTK) – A total of 227 people suffering from COVID-19 have died, while the number of the cured has increased to 3,120, which is over 40 percent of the infected, according to the data of the Czech Health Ministry released at 8:30 today.

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Since the beginning of the infection, the ministry has recorded 7,581 cases. On Wednesday, there were another 75 new ill and laboratories carried out over 7,000 tests.

At present, 4,234 Czechs have COVID-19, 348 of whom were hospitalised.

On Wednesday, the daily increase was bigger than in the previous days, but it was under 100 for the eighth day in a row.

The proportion of newly recorded COVID-19 cases in the number of tests was 1.07 percent, while it dipped under 1 percent in the two days before.

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In early April, the indicator oscillated at around 5 percent.

“The number of the recoveries is rising, which is very good news,” Health Minister Adam Vojtěch (for ANO) told journalists today.

There have been over 3,100 recoveries, accounting for over 40 percent of all the infected.

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On Wednesday, 7,023 COVID-19 tests were carried out. On working days, labs were usually making 7,000-8,000 tests, but the figure is roughly halved at weekends.

In all, over 240,000 samples have been tested, including the repeated ones in the same persons.

Experts cite the number of COVID-19 hospitalised as one of the key indicators for the control of the epidemic. It has been falling, the latest figure standing at 348. Of them, 68 are in a serious condition or requiring intensive care.

So far, 643 persons have been released from hospital as cured or into home quarantine. It is over 55 percent of the hospitalised.

Since last Wednesday, there have been fewer than 100 new cases daily. On Monday, the number rose by 41, the smallest figure since March 13.

On Tuesday, the daily increase was 59 and on Wednesday it rose to 75.

March 27 is the day with the most new infections, 373.

Out of regions, Prague is hit most, both in absolute and relative numbers, while South Bohemia is the least affected

In Prague, 82 people with COVID-19 have died. It is followed by the Moravia-Silesia Region with 28 and Karlovy Vary Region with 22 deaths. Only one person with COVID-19 has died in the Zlin Region

The crushing majority of the victims are the elderly who often suffered from other serious diseases before they contracted coronavirus.

Experts say the Czech Republic is coping well with the coronavirus epidemic as it has been losing momentum in past days and there are only tens of new cases.

The Czech Republic has started returning to normal life, though still with a number of lockdown limitations that may continue for weeks or even months.

Daily numbers of tests and growth in positive cases in past week:

Date: Number of tests (Number of new cases of infection)
April 20: 6,494 (154)
April 21: 8,301 (133)
April 22: 8,815 (99)
April 23: 7,899 (55)
April 24: 7,073 (86)
April 25: 4,411 (79)
April 26: 3,358 (52)
April 27: 7,667 (41)
April 28: 8,665 (59)
April 29: 7,023 (75)

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