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England, Scotland will no longer require quarantine for incoming travelers from the Czech Republic

The UK countries have removed the COVID-19 quarantine measure for visitors from more than 50 countries, including the Czech Republic

Both England and Scotland will no longer require a mandatory 14-day quarantine for incoming residents of the Czech Republic as of this Friday, July 10, officials from both countries have announced.

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England will cancel the quarantine measure for a total of 59 countries, while Scotland will cancel the measure for residents of 57 countries.

Restriction-free travel to both countries will now be possible from many European locales, including the Czech Republic as well as France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, and Poland.

Outside of Europe, both countries will now allow restriction-free travel from Australia, Japan and Vietnam, among other locales.

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Notably, Slovakia has been left off the list of countries from which residents are able to visit either the UK or Scotland without a quarantine, despite the inclusion of neighboring Czech Republic.

COVID-19 cases have been significantly lower in Slovakia than the Czech Republic since the start of the epidemic, though there has been a spike in recent days.

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While Spain and Serbia are on the UK list of countries from which residents are able to visit without a quarantine, they have been left off Scotland’s list.

First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon stated that the decision to keep the quarantine mandatory for residents of Spain and Serbia was based on the latest data regarding the number of new cases in both countries.

The four countries that make up the UK – England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland – have been easing their coronavirus restrictions independently. Restrictions for incoming Czech residents to Wales and Northern Ireland remain in place.

The UK has surpassed Italy and Spain as the European state most affected by the coronavirus crisis, with a COVID-19-related death toll of 44,517 as of this morning.

These are the 59 countries from which residents may now freely travel to England.

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