Amadeus String Trio / via Praha 3

Music may be coming to a Czech street or courtyard near you

Initiatives such as #hrajemedooken and #kulturunezastavis is placing entertainment under people’s windows

While many concerts and festivals in the coming months have been canceled or postponed, there is still a way to see live entertainment.

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The project #hrajemedooken (we play to windows) puts musicians a safe distance from listeners, who watch from the windows of their won homes.

“We bring concerts to you, to the courtyards, in front of the house, but also to hospitals and homes for the elderly. We connect musicians who have no one to play for with an audience that remains responsibly at home,” the organization states on its website.

The #hrajemedooken website offers help to people who want to organize a concert. It lets people chose a time and date, and helps to promote the event.

People can also donate money to support the project, as the participating musicians are paid. There is also an email address for musicians to contact the group. Groups so far participating range from classical to rock.

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Response has been very positive. Classical group Amadeus String Trio is set to play a facility in Průhonice, where residents have not had visitors in a long time. “We are a home with a special regime; we have 138 clients, most often diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. We are very affected by government measures. … Many patients last saw their loved ones last saw in February. Any change from the ordered isolation is welcome,” Markéta Šalíková from Alzheimercentrum Průhonice said on Facebook.

“Under usual circumstances, we live very actively —we organize trips [and] various events take place here — barbecues, campfires, dance meetings, spiritual meetings, etc.,” she said. Now that all of that has been canceled for the time being, having an event to look forward to makes a big difference for the people there, she added.

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There are other efforts to bring entertainment to people, including ArtParking, which offer concerts and films that people can see from their cars, similar to a drive in.

The Prague 3 district has also been organizing concerts in the central courtyards of buildings and on sidewalks for people to watch from a distance.

Prague-based troupe Cirk La Putyka has been performing in streets and courtyards using the social media hashtag #kulturunezastavis. “We were on the streets again yesterday! And not only those in Prague! We are very happy not only for your feedback, and also for the fact that more and more artists join us every day, who find the #kulturunezastavis project meaningful and want to spread it with us to all corners of the Czech Republic! We’ll come to more homes, windows, balconies and especially spectators! Join us!” they said enthusiastically on Facebook.

As for large public events, some have already been rescheduled or canceled. The Metronome Festival, which had been set for the end of June, has been rescheduled to September 17–19. The Febiofest film festival has also been rescheduled to September 18–25, and Prague Fringe to October 23–31.

Rock for People, which had been set for mid-June in Hradec Králové, is also being rescheduled though no date has been set yet.

Colours of Ostrava will make an announcement by May 1 concerning the situation with the festival.

Some bands who had concert dates for the spring and summer have already shifted their tours to next year. These include pop star Harry Styles, now playing on February 23, 2021, at O2 Arena; prog rock band Yes, on April 24, 2021, at Forum Karlín; German band Einstürzende Neubauten, on May 14, 2021, at Forum Karlín; Pet Shop Boys, on June 8, 2021, at Forum Karlín. Avril Lavigne has not yet set new dates for her tour.

Other big concerts such as Eric Clapton, 5 Seconds Of Summer, System of a Down, Kiss, Guns N’ Roses, Aerosmith and Patti Smith still remain scheduled on their original dates, though this is subject to restrictions on large gatherings being lifted.

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