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UK studying Czech plan of emerging from coronavirus lockdown, says The Guardian

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is reportedly watching steps taken by the Czech Republic as the country lifts its coronavirus measures

As the Czech Republic begins to emerge from its coronavirus quarantine, with small shops opening today, outdoor areas of restaurants by May 11, and all restaurants and shopping centers by May 25, the country may become a case study for others to follow.

The United Kingdom is reportedly studying the Czech approach to emerging from the lockdown, The Guardian writes today, with Chancellor Rishi Sunak following steps taken so far by the Czech Republic.

“Many shops outside shopping malls are reopening in the Czech Republic after the government brought forward its five-stage lockdown exit plan, amid reports that the British government is closely watching the country’s back-to-business strategy,” European affairs correspondent Jon Henley writes for The Guardian.

“Under increasing pressure to lift parts of the UK’s lockdown and limit the damage to the economy, the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, is understood to be studying the Czech Republic’s approach to lifting the tight restrictions it imposed earlier than most countries further west, which have helped it limit cases to 7,400, with just 221 deaths.”

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Two weeks ago, the Czech Republic announced a complex five-step plan of re-opening shops, services and restaurants throughout the country, starting with smaller facilities on April 20 and ending with the opening of most establishments on June 8.

In a surprise move on Thursday, however, the Czech government announced that their five-step plan had become a four-step plan, with most establishments in the country now expected to open by May 25.

Decreasing daily rates of coronavirus in the Czech Republic have been credited with the government’s decision, with an rise in cases following the Easter holiday weekend never occurring.

Czech measures taken to curb the spread of coronavirus have been widely praised in foreign media, with a video appeal to wear face masks appearing on CNN and The Washington Post declaring the country a model of anti-coronavirus measures.

From today, April 27, shops outside of shopping centers under 1500 square meters in size have been able to open.

On May 11, shops within shopping centers, outdoor areas of restaurants and services including hairdressers and barbers will be able to reopen in the Czech Republic.

And from May 25, restaurants, hotels, theaters, and other shops and services will be able to open. Click here for a full list of dates and establishments.

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