City Cherry Orchards Ripe for Harvest in July

Don’t miss the final weeks of open cherry season; here’s where to pick for free in Prague
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Now is the time to stock up on cherries (třešně) for making compotes, jams, and cakes—and you needn’t leave the city to do so; there are orchards right here in Prague that let fruit lovers have their fill for free.

Kateřina Kubánkova, co-founder of the on-line fruit-picking map Na-Ovoce, recently told that in Prague and the surrounding areas you will find more than a hundred full-grown cherry trees (36 orchards in total that belong to the city) just waiting to be harvested.

She suggests Třešňovka at Braník, cherry trees in Dolní Měcholupy, Třešňovka Park at Vysočany or nature park Smetanka.

According to Kubánkova, a good ladder and a special sack with a telescopic handle (česáček na ovoce) for fruit-picking are a good investment (find them at Bauhaus or Hornbach). She recommends that you avoid climbing trees for safety reasons.

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Prague has also recently replenished some of its older, once-neglected orchards where cherry trees are excpected to flourish in a few years’ time. Kubánkova mentions Hrdlořezy at Havlín (a hill in Zbraslav), Lysolaje, and Vokovice.

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But hurry, cherry season only lasts through July. For a detailed map of where to pick in Prague and the surrounding countryside see here. If you’ve missed out on cherry season, head to Petřín hill for plums.

Tip: Visit Food & Drink for great tips on Prague restaurants, Czech cuisine, and more

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