Are Mustaches Considered Good Luck In Czech Culture?

Czech snowboarder Eva Samkova took a bronze medal in PyeongChang sporting her trademark patriotic fake mustache

A broken glass, a shoe tossed over the shoulder, and spiders in the house all signify good fortune according to Czech folk customs. But a Tom-Selleck-style ’stache?

At least one successful Czech considers it an effective good-luck charm.

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Since 2011, Olympic medalist Eva Samkova has been sporting a painted-on mustache in the colors of the Czech flag before hitting the slopes.

Samkova debuted the red-white-and-blue fauxstache at the 2011 Snowboarding World Championships in La Molina.

When asked why she started rocking the colorful pencil-thin the 24-year-old Vrchlabí native told reporters, “I wanted to have fun.”

Samkova’s gender-bending antics have been the subject of multiple articles in the international media, especially during coverage of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

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It certainly worked for the snowboarding dynamo back then—Samkova raced to a gold medal in the snowboard cross at Sochi.

And it seems to have done the trick once again. Before taking home a bronze today in the same event at PyeongChang, Samkova painted on her trademark handlebar mustache.

New Olympic champ, Italian Michela Moioli took gold with a bare upper lip.

To watch coverage of the 2018 Olympic games from PyeongChang see here.

For more Czech superstitions see here.

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