Videomapping at the National Museum in Prague (Illustrative image)

Prague landmarks will light up in support for those affected by the pandemic

Several Prague buildings will display a projected heart as part of the global Giving Tuesday movement

The National Museum, Černínský palác and Petřín Tower will all light up on the evening of May 5.

The Historical Building of the National Museum will stage a short videomapping from 9 pm to 11 pm, ending with a three-color heart and the lighting of the fountain in front of the building in the national colors.

The event, part of the People to People (Lidé lidem) project, will express support for those most affected by the coronavirus crisis. It is also held in conjunction with the global event Giving Tuesday.

“The Czech art scene via the Lidé lidem project thanks people in the front line. However, it is far from being only rescue workers. They also point out how difficult the current situation is for all those who have lost their jobs and entire companies that have to deal with the loss of security. The pandemic has affected many professions, and the environment of the art scene has not escaped it. And it is the artists who want to thank everyone who is trying to meet this difficult challenge together through several events,” the National Theater said in a press release.

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Czech artists working with Lidé lidem also have made a video to thank everyone who helps or who simply manages the best they can. This video, filmed with the participation of dancers in white costumes on the roofs of Prague, will be accessible on social networks.

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Petřín Tower in red, white and blue/ via THMP

The lookout tower on Petřín Hill and the Foreign Ministry headquarters at Černínský palác will be lit at 9 pm as part of a global gesture showing support for generosity shown during the coronavirus pandemic.

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This is also part of the international movement Giving Tuesday, which has been staging annual events for eight years in late November to support charities as a response to the spending on Black Friday.

This year, the movement is also making an extra appeal for generosity and solidarity because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

May 5, 2020, has the social media hashtag #GivingTuesdayNow and is intended to be day of support and unity in reaction to the pandemic.

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